Mary Bedford has openly talked about her pre-Love Island cosmetic surgery journey

‘It’s not something you should be ashamed of, so many people have it done’

In a refreshing clip, Love Island 2021 Islander, Mary Bedford, has openly spoken about her cosmetic surgery journey before she entered the villa.

In a video uploaded to her YouTube channel, called Get Ready With Me: Answering Your Questions, Mary does her makeup whilst answering some questions from followers. She had the channel way before she was in the villa, and her followers were people who kept up with her work in the modelling industry.

She has openly spoken about getting breast implants aged 21, saying her boobs used to be a part of her body she was very anxious about. She said she was previously insecure and didn’t want to speak about it, but now is ready to. She said: “Obviously I’m very young. I’m not promoting it to be young, but for me I’m modelling myself every day so I was very thin and had no boobs at the time, so I knew I wasn’t going to get them naturally. It was a huge anxiety.”

Mary goes on to say she was recommended a surgeon by another model she knew through Instagram, before having the procedure done in Birmingham. She said: “I never wanted them big. You could see my ribs and it was a massive insecurity of mine. It’s not something you should be ashamed of, so many people have it done. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. It literally just gave me confidence. In a bikini and everything.”

Mary Bedford talks about cosmetic surgery before Love Island 2021

via Instagram

According to reports, Mary Bedford had also undergone lip filler and had brow lift botox injections before Love Island. Speaking about the lift, Mary previously shared: “If you’ve got an insecurity you’re best off getting it fixed, there’s no point going through life insecure.” She also shared that she had “recently” had 0.5ml of filler in her lips, as well as having Invisalign treatment due to insecurities about her teeth.

via Instagram @mary_bedford

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