Introducing the jilted exes of the Love Island 2021 cast

Chloe’s ex said ‘she’s not over me yet’ 👀

This year, the exes of the Love Island 2021 cast have come out in full force. There have been rumours of old partners waiting at home while their other halves are on the show, angry partners talking out about old relationships and a lot of talk of people previously dating footballers.

It’s just natural now that as we see the future love lives of the Islanders taking shape, we have an urge to delve into their pasts too. So, here are all the known exes that the Love Island 2021 cast have left behind.

Jake Cornish’s ex girlfriend

The exes of Love Island 2021 stars and all their previous boyfriends and girlfriends, Jake Cornish

via Instagram @jakecornish7

Jake’s apparent ex has had quite a lot to say since he entered the villa. Someone claiming to have been seeing him in the past went on Twitter to talk about how he hasn’t been “single for eight months” like he said in his interview and instead was “occupied sucking my toes”. She shared a picture of said toe sucking, in the now deleted post. She went in on Jake, calling him a “fame hungry whore” saying that because he “did her dirty” she was going to do the same.

She’s since made her Twitter private, and after her tweets blew up she posted a full statement titled: “About me and my Love Island tweet.” It said she wasn’t aware he had applied for Love Island, and they had spent time together and got to know one another on a “personal level”. She went on to say that she is “hurting, angry and upset” over Jake’s behaviour and that people calling her out for posting the photo should see she is entitled to share her opinion and story.

She added: “I realise how my comment may be viewed as being damaging, but it’s damaging when you’re being gaslighted. Toxic behaviour, denying and making you question facts and feelings. Being angry doesn’t mean I’m being hateful it means I am loving myself enough to get upset at my own mistreatment. Those of you who want to form an opinion are more than welcome to and I can only blame myself for the response to my post. However, I am a human being who is hurting, angry and upset. I shouldn’t have to keep quiet about it along with anyone else who might feel the same way toward someone.”

A Love Island spokesperson told MailOnline: “Jake has no means of defending himself from these labels, which are no doubt hurtful for his family and friends to read.”

Millie Simons – Hugo Hammond’s ex girlfriend

The exes of Love Island 2021 stars and all their previous boyfriends and girlfriends, Hugo Hammond

via Instagram @millie_simons

Hugo met his ex-girlfriend, Millie Simons, at university and they dated for two-and-half-years. It’s been reported they split months ago, but a friend told the Daily Mail they broke up shortly before he found out he was going on Love Island. “They [Hugo and Millie] didn’t split up that long ago,” the friend said. “He sees Love Island as a way of getting famous and opening up opportunities so had to be single before going in. He asked Millie to run his social media account during his time in the villa but she flatly turned down his offer, unsurprisingly.”

Aaron Connolly – Lucinda Strafford’s ex boyfriend

The exes of Love Island 2021 stars and all their previous boyfriends and girlfriends, Lucinda Strafford

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Lucinda Strafford’s ex boyfriend is probably the most jilted of all the Love Island 2021 cast exes. Mainly because it was reported that he was literally waiting at home for her whilst she was on the show. When she entered the villa it was said that Lucinda’s ex is Premiership footballer Aaron Connolly, and he was less than impressed that she was going on the show. It was reported that they broke up after he publicly cheated on her, but they had been in contact just before she left for Love Island, and they’d been seeing each other a little bit.

It was later reported that they actually got back together before she came on the show and he was waiting at home for her and looked after her dog whilst she was away. According to the Sun, 21-year old Aaron Connolly “considers Lucinda to be his girlfriend” and even took Lucinda to the airport for her flight to Majorca.

An insider said: “Lucinda and Aaron reconciled before she went on Love Island. It was meant to be a big secret because there are strict rules about it. No one wants to watch a dating show where the stars are really pining for lovers back home. Aaron was only too happy looking after Lucinda’s dog. It makes him feel like they are still the couple they are.”

Alex Iwobi – Clarisse Juliette’s ex boyfriend

The exes of Love Island 2021 stars and all their previous boyfriends and girlfriends, Clarisse Julliette

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Love Island 2021 Casa Amor Islander, Clarisse, has a few famous exes under her belt. First, is footballer Alex Iwobi. The 25-year-old ex Arsenal winger, who now plays for Everton, split from Clarisse after four years in 2017. Iwobi is a Nigerian footballer, who also plays for his national team. He began his career at Arsenal and was among the squad who won the FA Cup for the team in 2017.

Justin Combs – Clarisse Juliette’s ex boyfriend

via Instagram @princejdc

Rounding off the famous exes of Love Island 2021 Islander Clarisse, is Justin Combs, the son of the actual P-Diddy. Yes, really. Justin is famous in his own right, as an American actor and footballer. The 27-year-old was also known for his iconic appearance on My Super Sweet Sixteen, alongside his rapper dad. He has 1.7million Instagram followers, and a net worth of a reported $3million. By the sounds of it, they weren’t together for long, as in reports Clarisse and Justin’s relationship is described as a “fling”.


Lewis Fowler – Chloe Burrows’s ex boyfriend

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Chloe Burrows was dating personal trainer, Lewis Fowler, for five years. Their relationship was over when she found out she was appearing on Love Island, but she still rang him to tell him the news. In an interview with the Sun, he described the Chloe he knows as “timid” and “shy” and not like who she is in the villa. He said: “The Chloe on screen isn’t who I’ve known for five years. I know Chloe has been told to play the role of a blonde bombshell trying to tempt the boys away from the other girls. I think the producers have told her that if she acts a certain way she will go far on the show.”

The pair met in 2015 whilst studying together at Liverpool Uni. He then said they “practically lived together” in his flat in London, and have watched previous series of Love Island together. “Chloe told me she knew one of the producers on Love Island, through a work colleague,” he said. “She was obsessed with the behind-the-scenes action and how they manipulate situations and make people have conversations. It’s all fake and set-up. Chloe has been taken in by them, acting all confident and feisty. She’s actually timid, shy and sweet.”

He added: “Chloe’s not looking for clean-cut men. She told me she loves bad boys who she can’t take home to her parents.

“I’ll always be the one that got away for Chloe. We went through too many ups and downs for it to ever work out. I hope she does meet someone on the show but I don’t think it’ll be like that. She used to tell me she loved me and I know she’s not over me yet.”

And we all remember the controversy that hit Chloe when she entered the villa. In her pre-villa interview she admitted to being “partial to a married man” and spoke of “drunk calling” a man “most weekends” even though she’s aware he has a wife and children.

The exes of Love Island 2021 stars and all their previous boyfriends and girlfriends, Chloe Burrows

via Instagram @chloe__burrows

There was later a Twitter uproar when someone claimed that their dad was Chloe’s boss and she’d found out about their “affair” through Chloe going on Love Island – but it was later revealed as just a random girl trying to go viral. Chloe denied any affair claims, and said the comment was taken out of context. She told Digital Spy: “I didn’t have an affair. I think it’s been taken out of context. I met someone at work and obviously really got in my feels about them, thought they were absolutely fantastic. And then I found out he was married and had kids, and then I dumped him because I was like, ‘What the hell?’ So it wasn’t an affair. But yeah. That was what that was.”

Chloe’s real ex, Lewis, waded in on this drama too. He said: “That story was about her boss, who she fancied. It was massively exaggerated. She hasn’t worked with him for years. It’s me she always calls and texts when she’s drunk — I’ve got the receipts on my phone as proof. The producers knew what they were doing with that video.”

Chris Hughes – Mary Bedford’s ex boyfriend

The exes of Love Island 2021 stars and all their previous boyfriends and girlfriends, Mary Bedford

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Casa Amor Islander, Mary Bedford, dated none other than series three finalist Chris Hughes. Last year Mary went on a date with him and they were seen looking cosy kissing at a dinner and then walking the streets together. A source told the Sun: “Chris and Mary went out for a slap-up dinner and looked really close. They were ­kissing and cuddling and were all over each other when they headed out at the end of the evening. They headed off in a cab to the train station together and looked really sweet together. He even tied her shoelaces for her.”

They still follow one another on Instagram, but didn’t post any pictures together. A source told The Tab that Mary has also previously dated a Premier League footballer.

Amy Gibson – Brad McClelland’s ex girlfriend

When Brad was in the villa, he spoke a lot about having one serious relationship in the past. According to The Mirror, this was with Amy Gibson – his childhood sweetheart who he was with for seven years. The pair reportedly split “suddenly” in 2019 and left Brad heartbroken. Brad’s nana, who he lives with, said: “When he and Amy split up he was heartbroken. There’s no other word for it. He was asking me ‘Nana, what will I do?’ and I just had to say there was nothing he could do. He should try to move on and maybe she’d realise she’d made a mistake. They made a nice couple but sometimes these things just aren’t to be and you have to try to get over it.”

Amy is reportedly a keen gymnast and the pair are still friends. She is said to have sent him some birthday presents before he left for Love Island. Brad described her as his typical type in his entry interview to the villa, saying: “My ex-girlfriend who I was with for over eight years was fair skinned, blue eyes, blonde hair.”

Liberty Poole’s ex boyfriend

Not a lot is known about Liberty’s relationship history, apart from an interview one of her friends gave about an ex who cheated on her. Liberty’s best friend, Paige Skinner, said Liberty was blindsided when she discovered her boyfriend of two years was cheating on her.

The exes of Love Island 2021 stars and all their previous boyfriends and girlfriends, Liberty Poole

Liberty and Paige, via Instagram @libertypoolex

Paige, who has known 21-year-old Liberty since they were 11, said: “Lib has had a rocky love life. Her relationship with her ex was very on-off for about two years. He cheated on her last September and that was when it ended. She was heartbroken. I think she found out because the other girl told her. He wasn’t having a full-on affair but he made a mistake and that was enough for Lib. Lib has never really felt loved and that is what she’s looking for on the show.”

Liam Reardon’s ex girlfriend

The final of the Love Island 2021 exes comes from Liam, who has quite openly spoken in the villa about only have one previous girlfriend. Not a lot is known about her, but in an interview Liam’s sister Niamh said: “He has only had one girlfriend. His ex was really bubbly and Millie seems bubbly. He has his wedding song picked already. It’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – the Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell version. So she’s got to like that. He absolutely loves it.”

Liam’s 53-year-old beautician, who in an interview admitted to fancying him, added : “The show seems to be setting him up as a ladies’ man, but nothing could be further from the truth. He’s not a player at all. He’s not the kind of lad you see with a different woman on his arm every night. In fact he’s only ever had one serious girlfriend.”

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