All the evidence so far that Love Island 2021 is staged

Hugo and Amy’s kiss was filmed FIVE times


There has been talk for many seasons that Love Island could be staged – and 2021 is no different. People have long wondered how much input producers really have, if conversations between Islanders are dictated for them or filmed more than once and if the show is so highly edited that what we see is even real.

This year has seen quite a few ~questionable~ moments. There have been clips where Islanders have magically moved or swapped places in the blink of an eye, editing glitches and even rumours an Islander had a boyfriend at home the entire time. Here is all the evidence we have so far that the 2021 series of Love Island has been staged.

Kaz and Sharon took bags on their dates and then they mysteriously disappeared

All the evidence that Love Island 2021 has been staged

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When new boy Danny arrived he chose to take Sharon and Kaz on dates. Both of the girls left the villa clutching handbags which you couldn’t really miss, they looked a lot like a white toolbox and were quite weird. But then as the girls walk down the steps into the date area, the bags are nowhere to be seen.

Did the producers take them off them? Is there a big bit in between leaving the villa and arriving at the date where Islanders prepare? Were the two scenes filmed completely separately and just made to look like they left the villa and arrived at the date in normal, chronological order? Were they even bags or were they actually something else? Who knows.

Kaz just randomly appeared on the day beds during a conversation

In a clip, Liam Hugo and Aaron are chatting and all seems normal. Then out of nowhere, Kaz appears! The conversation was clearly edited so huge segments are missing where Kaz would have appeared from, or it’s been reordered and showed to us different to how it actually played out. The clip has been posted on TikTok with the caption “She appears out of thin air!” and she really does.

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Chloe has two phones????

One of the most mysterious things about Love Island is the phones – apparently the Islanders can text each other and the producers on them – and it’s a huge piece of evidence that the 2021 series is staged. The main purpose of the phones is to declare when Islanders “have a text!”, but they don’t even just use their own phones? Or they potentially have more than one? In a clip, Chloe says she has a text and is sat next to two phones, before picking up and reading the message off the phone next to the one labelled “Chloe”. Is Chloe a criminal mastermind with a burner phone??? WHAT IS THIS???

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If there’s any proof that Love Island 2021 is staged, it’s the fact that Lucinda apparently had a boyfriend at home the entire time

If you needed some big ol’ evidence that there’s something at least a little staged about Love Island 2021, it’s the rumours that Lucinda had a boyfriend at home waiting for her all along. The entire premise of the show is single people looking for love, so this really goes against any legitimacy it has. When Lucinda entered the villa it was said that her ex is Premiership footballer Aaron Connolly, and he was less than impressed that she was going on the show. It was reported that they broke up after he publicly cheated on her, but they had been in contact just before she left for Love Island, and they’d been seeing each other a little bit.

It’s since been reported that they actually got back together before she came on the show and he’s waiting at home for her and was looking after her dog whilst she was away. According to the Sun, 21-year old Aaron Connolly “considers Lucinda to be his girlfriend” and even took Lucinda to the airport for her flight to Majorca.

Hugo moved across the villa in seconds

All the evidence that Love Island 2021 has been staged

via ITV

One episode left everyone very confused when Chloe was sat next to the pool watching Hugo swimming and said: “You’re very good at swimming.” Just seconds later, he’s sat up on the day bed, completely dry and with fresh hair, even with his shoes on. The editing here is baffling.

Ok, Lucinda’s eyelashes actually just disappeared?!

Right, here is some big evidence that Brad’s dramatic exit was filmed more than once. If you watch the following video closely, when Brad and Lucinda are stood next to each other about to tell the Islanders their decision she has a full face of makeup. Then, when they all jump up to console them, Lucinda’s eyelashes are gone. It’s almost as if… she’s already been crying and has filmed the entire shock reaction again.


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The Islanders are magically switching?!

All the evidence that Love Island 2021 has been staged

In one clip from the night Georgia, Abi and Tyler arrived, a number of the Islanders are chatting to Georgia about how she feels towards Hugo. At first we see Teddy and Faye sat closest to the camera, and then the shot changes for a split second to show Georgia’s facial expressions and when it returns to the further shot, it’s now Faye in another seat completely and Liam there too?! This either means this conversation was filmed more than once, or a huge part of the conversation was edited out – enough so that Faye could move and Teddy could completely leave and Liam join the chat all in that time.

Watch the full clip here:

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And just for good measure, here’s another time where the Islanders swapped mid conversation

Another clip doing the rounds on TikTok shows Liam, Hugo and Aaron chatting on the day beds. The camera moves to show Toby approaching and then when it comes back Aaron has switched places, Liam is gone and now Teddy is there. Magic! In the comments someone said: “So is any of it real? At this rate I’d believe you if you told me the couples were staged”.

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Mary’s hair went from being down to up in a matter of seconds

In the episode where Toby couldn’t decide if he wanted Mary, Abi or Chloe there was yet another continuity glitch. The camera looked at Mary then Toby was chatting to the boys about her, and her was down, then Abi came over and the camera looked at Mary again and her hair was up! Come on now!! The clips simply cannot have been as close together as they were portrayed as being.

Hugo and Amy’s kiss was filmed FIVE times

via ITV

Nothing says Love Island 2021 is staged more than what seemed like a euphoric and natural kiss moment actually being filmed over and over again. According to the Daily Mail, producers grew tired of the PE teacher after his kiss required five takes before they got it right. An insider added that the producers thought Hugo would be a big character, but then he “faded into the background”. “It took Hugo five attempts to film his first kiss with Amy and his ‘job done’ comment gave the game away,” they said.

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