Love Island Gossip Column: Lucinda has a boyfriend at home?! Plus Hugo is being dragged over his ex

Meanwhile, Ofcom has had over 1,500 complaints over Danny

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2021 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Lucinda is apparently still with her ex and he’s at home looking after her dog

Sit down for this one, because apparently there’s a lot going on with Lucinda at the moment. For some context, when she entered the villa it was said that her ex is Premiership footballer Aaron Connolly, and he was less than impressed that she was going on the show. It was reported that they broke up after he publicly cheated on her, but they had been in contact just before she left for Love Island, and they’d been seeing each other a little bit.

Now, it’s been reported that they actually got back together before she came on the show and he’s waiting at home for her and looking after her dog whilst she’s away?! According to the Sun, 21-year old Aaron Connolly “considers Lucinda to be his girlfriend” and even took Lucinda to the airport for her flight to Majorca.

An insider said: “Lucinda and Aaron reconciled before she went on Love Island. It was meant to be a big secret because there are strict rules about it. No one wants to watch a dating show where the stars are really pining for lovers back home. Aaron was only too happy looking after Lucinda’s dog. It makes him feel like they are still the couple they are.” I am CONFUSED.

Ofcom has had over 1,500 complaints over Danny

Love Island Gossip Column: The latest news and updates from the 2021 cast and villa

via ITV

It’s pretty clear that nobody has taken well to new arrival Danny. Him saying racial slurs on Instagram surfaced when he entered the villa and Women’s Aid has issued a statement over his “manipulative” behaviour. The charity said: “Last night, we saw the development of Danny and Lucinda’s relationship and became increasingly concerned with his behaviour towards her on screen, including what looked like gaslighting, possessiveness, and manipulation. This is not what a healthy relationship looks like. These are all tactics used by perpetrators of abuse.”

Love Island has since been hit with more than 1,500 Ofcom complaints after casting him in the show. The Mirror reports that regarding the episode on July 15th, in which Danny entered the villa, there were 1,081 complaints to Ofcom. The show was hit by another 426 for the episode on July 18th. It’s thought some of the later complaints could be due to Love Island choosing to open the show to Kanye West song N***** in Paris, in light of everything that has happened.

People are coming for Hugo over his past relationships

In a Facebook group, someone is claiming Hugo was “punching” with the girlfriend he broke up with shortly before the show began. The post explains that up until recently, Hugo was seeing Millie Simmons, who he met at uni. He is then said to have broken up with her to go on Love Island, before starting to text someone else too.

via Facebook

It’s since been reported by the Sun that Hugo sent “flirty texts” to 21-year-old Kathryn Burrows, after he had broken up with Millie. A source said: “Hugo was in contact with both Kathryn and Millie right up until he got the call-up for Love Island at the last minute. He and Millie had ended their relationship, but she was hopeful they would get back together, because they were still talking. Meanwhile, he was very interested in Kathryn and had been texting her. Hugo knows he’s a good-looking lad and he plays to his sensitive side when it comes to attracting women. He loves being the centre of attention.”

A source close to Hugo said: “Millie and Hugo decided to mutually split before the show started.”

It looks like Faye and Teddy are everyone’s new favourite couple

Love Island Gossip Column: The latest news and updates from the 2021 cast and villa

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Step aside Liam and Millie, everyone seems to be giving all their love to Faye and Teddy now. Last night they went on a cute together, so it’s final, they’re endgame.

No but still, Millie and Liam can still take the £50k now, I love them.

Brad has responded to Lucinda cracking on with Aaron

Since Brad left the Love Island villa saying he would wait for Lucinda, literally days ago, it looks like she’s saying Brad who? and cracking on as much as she can. She’s coupled up with Danny, but has been chatting to and kissing Aaron as well. In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK, Brad addressed Aaron and Lucinda getting close, saying, “I think Lucinda at the minute is just doing what she’s got to do. I wasn’t surprised [by Aaron making a move so fast.] In there, me, Aaron and Hugo were all fighting for Lucinda. So as soon as I was out the scene, Aaron was going to be straight back on it.”

Love Island Gossip Column: The latest news and updates from the 2021 cast and villa

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He continued: “No one’s playing a game but, going off my experience and the conversations I had… I think [Cind’s] just doing what she’s having to do. When I was in there, obviously, she had no interest in Aaron. She went for me and told me she had no interest in Aaron. And no obviously she’s… getting to know Aaron.”

Wait, Casa Amor isn’t even ready yet?!

Love Island bosses are said to be “frantically building” Casa Amor in a desperate attempt to spice up the series. The twist in the show usually comes around now, but this year it will take place in a new villa which is reportedly causing set backs. A source said: “Everyone is working around the clock to make sure it looks the part, but it’s just not quite ready yet. As soon as it’s done, they’re going to have it on screen.” Apparently producers want it ready before the end of July.

Tonight, two people will be dumped from the villa

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Last night we saw the three girls and three boys with the lowest number of votes from the public at risk of being dumped from the villa, and tonight two will go. Chloe, AJ, Lucinda, Danny, Toby and Teddy received the fewest votes and in tonight’s episode Millie receives a text which reads: “Millie, Liberty, Kaz and Faye. You must now decide which boy to dump from the island.” Shortly after, Aaron receives a text which reads: “Aaron, Liam, Jake and Hugo. You must now decide which girl to dump.”

So, who will go? 👀

Who do the new bombshells have their eyes on?

As well as a shock dumping, tonight’s episode brings three new bombshells into the mix. Enter Georgia, Abigail and Tyler. Georgia has her eyes on Hugo, Abigail says she wants to steal Toby from Chloe and Tyler has his sights on Kaz.

Love Island Gossip Column: The latest news and updates from the 2021 cast and villa

Georgia, Tyler and Abigail

Brad has been in contact with his long-lost sister since leaving the villa

Dumped Islander, Brad McClelland, has revealed that he has met the younger sister he’s never known since leaving the Love Island villa. Appearing on Lorraine on Tuesday, he said he had tried reaching out to his 15-year-old sister before appearing on the show but had never been able to make contact. However, since leaving the villa they have been in touch and he has FaceTimed the sister with whom he shares a father.

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On Lorraine he said: “I grew up with my nana, my dad wasn’t on the scene. I always knew I had a younger sister, I tried to get in contact with her for years, searched for her on social media, all I had was her name. She reached out to me and I FaceTimed her a couple of days ago.”

He continued: “If anything has come from my Love Island experience…. I found love in a different way. She’s 15 and that’s the first time I’ve ever seen her. It means the world to me. I’m one of six and my brothers and sisters are massive for me. I try to spend as much time as I can with them. To have another sibling is a massive thing.”


Anton has said everyone he went on Love Island with is up their own asses, naturally

Ending on some news from previous Love Island series, 2019 Islander Anton Danyluk has said he’s no longer in contact with any of his fellow contestants and that they are all “up their own asses”. On the CASA spin podcast, he said: “What you need to remember about Love Island… People come off the show, get their blue tick, get their million followers and go so far up their asses it’s unbelievable.”

He added: “They forget where they came from. It’s quite sad but at the same time I always appreciate the journey I had with the people in there.” He posted loads of pictures with his fellow Islanders straight after the series, but admitted that now he is only “very close” with Anna Vakili.

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