Love Island 2021 rich list: How much the cast are predicted to earn a year after the villa

We’ve got a fair few millionaires in the making here

We don’t need to pull the wool over our eyes anymore, we know the cast of Love Island 2021 are all in it for the same things: loads of Instagram followers, sky high earnings from sponsored posts and a potential collab with PrettyLittleThing or BoohooMAN.

New data from leading UK coffee retailer Coffee Friend has looked at how many followers each contestant is predicted to have on Instagram by the end of the show – and therefore how much money they could potentially make.

The methodology for the research is quite simple: Ovie Soko had the highest percentage follower growth from any finalist in 2019 (3188 per cent) – so the research applied this same percentage growth to each of the Islanders this year, and then multiplied this by the average Instagram post cost for that number of followers and how many times Islanders with those amounts of followers tend to post sponsored content. From this, the estimated annual income from Instagram posts was worked out.

Here are all the predicted Instagram earnings of the Love Island 2021 cast:

A ranking of the Love Island 2021 cast predicted earnings after the villa from sponsored Instagram posts

Leading the way is bombshell Lucinda Strafford, who is predicted to make over a million pounds a year, just from Instagram posts. Kaz is a close second, expecting to rake in just under a million and then it takes a jump to Liberty in third who is expected to make around £550k a year from sponsored Instagram posts. Lucinda and Kaz are both expected to surpass the three million followers count.

Lucinda Strafford Love Island Instagram

via Instagram @lucindastrafford

The highest earning boy is predicted to be teacher Hugo Hammond, who is expected to come out of the villa with 1.7million followers and from that earn around £500k a year. In fifth is Faye, who is predicted to charge around £6k per post to her projected 1.5million followers and earn around £438k a year.

A ranking of the Love Island 2021 cast predicted earnings after the villa from sponsored Instagram posts

via Instagram @liamreardon1

Surprisingly, right down the bottom is everyone’s favourite couple, Millie and Liam. However, they both started out with among the lowest followers out of everyone, so using the predicted growth percentage they would come out with less followers too. Still, Millie could earn around £100k and Liam £83k – but if they win the show like many are predicting, their follower counts will me much, much higher.

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