Love Island Gossip Column: Lucinda and Brad are an item! And Chloe wants Toby back too?!

I’m voting Toby and Chloe to win

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Lucinda and Brad are officially back ON!

This weekend, Lucinda and Brad have confirmed they’re back on!!! I can’t keep up!!! Lucinda has had a pretty wild Love Island journey. It was said she had a boyfriend back at home the whole time, she was with Brad and he got dumped, Danny fought for her and then she left with Aaron saying they’d see where it went. Then, before they even had a chance to touch down back in the UK after being dumped, Aaron and Lucinda said they’d called it quits.

Brad and Lucinda have made it pretty clear they’re back on now, after being pictured holding hands as they left nightclubs in Brighton together. The pair visited The Arch and Shoooshh in Lucinda’s hometown and looked extremely loved up.

Brad is keeping busy, because he has his first tragic club appearance tonight

As well as getting back with Lucinda, Brad is loving freedom day restrictions being lifted because he’s back on the tragic personal appearance grid!!! For tonight and tonight only, you can catch Mr Brad McClelland at Bushwackers in Worcester. You’ll get to have a photo with the man himself – it’s the event of the season I’ve heard.

Toby thinks you can manifest your shoe size, naturally

In an unseen clip, Toby tells some other Islanders that he truly believes that as a child you manifest your shoe size. Honestly, this guy is a 12-year-old stuck in a 21-year-old’s body and he needs his own TV show immediately.

It’s the “ooookay, interesting” and “well that’s cool” responses for me.


Last night we saw the absolutely jaw-dropping scenes that was Toby deciding he doesn’t want Mary, nor Abi but he wants to go back to CHLOE. But, now it looks like tonight Chloe confesses she wants Toby back too!!! I cannot. I simply cannot.

According to the Sun, in tonight’s scenes, Chloe will tell Hugo and Liberty that she is open to rekindling her romance with Toby. “We had a chat the other day. It’s hard man because I actually think I have more feelings there,” Chloe says “So what, you want to go back to Toby?” Liberty asks. Chloe hits back: “Well I’m not saying that, Jesus Christ I’m just saying like, when you go from one extreme to another, you don’t get over it in a matter of days.” Chloe is said to decide she’s “open” to going back to Toby.

Right, so we’re all agreed that we’re voting them to win ok?

All the latest Love Island 2021 gossip news and updates from the cast and the villa, Toby and Chloe

Me right now

Dumped Islander Shannon apparently ‘kicked off’ over alcohol before the villa

Remember Shannon? She was only in the villa for two days, but is said to have “kicked off” at the producers over alcohol before entering the villa. In an interview with Closer, fellow contestant Sharon Gaffka has spoken about the two-week quarantine period before entering the villa which included an initial alcohol ban.

She said: “My chaperone and I got on really well. It was better when we were allowed alcohol. I was drinking alcohol and watching the Euros.” The Islanders were only allowed alcohol in the second half of their quarantine period, and Sharon added that this was only after Shannon “kicked off and was like ‘I’m not doing this, if we’re not allowed alcohol’, so yeah, we were allowed it halfway through.”

People are commenting on Lillie’s Instagram posts claiming she was a bully at school

Lillie really has caused a stir this year, she’s the bombshell Islander we didn’t know we needed until we had her. But over on her Instagram, she’s caught up in a whole other kind of drama – people are commenting on her posts saying she was a school bully. One comment read: “You were a bully in school and now here you are with more drama. You have no class”.

via Instagram

The Tab has reached out to Lillie’s Instagram profile for comment.

Teddy is a real life Prince!!!!

On Unseen Bits this week, Teddy revealed he’s a prince!!! Not just because he is the prince of our hearts, but he is an actual real life one!!! He was discussing his name and said he’s half Nigerian, before adding he was once a prince of a village there. “I’m going to say something so shocking, I’m actually a Prince of one of them,” he announced. He continued: “It’s like a village, it’s within the Delta State village. So, my grandad who has obviously passed away, so I’m actually no longer a prince, I was a prince, but yeah.

Faye then said in the Beach Hut: “Teddy was once a prince! Are you joking? I mean I’ve definitely got to stop with burping now, I might have to just stop and lay off the swearing so much but I think I’ve got this y’know.” Back with the group she said: “Hang on, I just need to go and grab my tiara guys!”

Side note: Look at this lovely pic of all the Islanders together!

All the latest Love Island 2021 gossip news and updates from the cast and the villa

via ITV

A little bit cute.

Liam’s beautician has come out and said she fancies him, but are we surprised?

The 53-year-old beautician, who styles Liam’s eyebrows every fortnight in his hometown, has gone to the Sun to announce that she fancies him. Obviously. She told the publication: “To be honest, we all fancy him rotten. He’s a beautiful man and none of us can take our eyes off him when he comes in. Even though I’m 32 years older than him, I think he’s gorgeous and I really fancy him.”

Ok, so did Hugo and Amy do the deed or did they not?

via ITV

After the Casa Amor bumper recoupling we saw the Islanders all move into their new living arrangements, which pretty much saw beds being added to the villa all over the place. As the lights went out the camera panned over all the couples and it looked like Hugo and Amy were getting to know each other… a little. Twitter lost its head, but did they or didn’t they?

There’s only one way to settle it, vote here:

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