Right, here’s the lowdown on the Islanders getting their hair and nails done in the villa

They look perfect ALL the time


In Love Island there are many mysteries: Is it at all staged? How do the phones actually work? How much alcohol do they really get to drink? But one of the many questions we have about Love Island is whether or not the Islanders are allowed to get beauty treatments whilst they are in the villa. Because you better believe their hair and nails are always looking a little too perfect.

Over the years it’s been discussed a fair bit, and as the show has gotten more popular it seems the Islanders have gotten more pampered. So here’s everything we know about how the Islanders look so good all the time.

Love Island beauty treatments: When the Islanders have their hair, nails and makeup done by professionals in the villa

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Do the Love Island contestants get beauty treatments whilst in the villa?

In short: The answer is yes. “There’s more professional support with hair and beauty now,” narrator Iain Stirling, told Vice. “If you jump on ITVHub and watch the early series, by the end they all look quite scruffy – now they don’t.”

People have noticed in the past that one day female Islanders will have bad roots and the next they won’t, and the girls will have perfectly done nails with no chips or signs of the nails growing out. 2016 Islander, Kady McDermott, told Cosmopolitan of the first time she was in the villa: “We had our nails done once the whole time – I was there for six weeks!” But now, it looks like it’s much more often. Laura Whitmore confirmed in an interview that on a Saturday, when the show isn’t filming, Islanders are a lot more free to do what they want and “their eyelashes and acrylic nails get redone.”

She added: “Apparently in the first series, they left the villa to go to a salon to have their hair done but now, because the show is so big, they can’t, so they have a girl who comes in to do their roots and stuff.”

There was one episode in the 2018 series when Dani Dyer’s hair went from light to dark overnight, and this had everyone wondering whether she’d been out of the villa and had her hair done. At the time, ITV confirmed: “All the girls had hair and beauty treatments within the villa a few days ago. Dani’s hair is the main big difference.” So on this occasion, someone was brought into the villa to give the girls a bit of a pamper. These days, the Islanders are said to have professionals at their disposal who come into the villa every couple of weeks.

Georgia Steel previously told Heart: “The girls needed their nails, their hair doing. You need your hair cut and things, so they had to schedule that in.” Season five Islander, Lucie Donlan, added in an interview with Capital: “Every two or three weeks we’d have nails, hair, that kind of thing done. And we’d get a Maccies as well. Being in there that long, the nights are very long and no one sees how long they are, so you need a bit of a down day and a bit of a chill.”

Love Island beauty treatments: When the Islanders have their hair, nails and makeup done by professionals in the villa

via ITV

Other ex-Islanders have confirmed that it’s a bit of a blessing when one of them works in the beauty industry. 2017 winner Kem was a hairdresser and had some hair scissors in the villa. He was often seen cutting his fellow Islanders’ hair.

In terms of getting makeup done for them, the only time the Islanders have this chance is for the final – when a makeup artist is brought in. Paige Turley, who won the first winter version of the show with Finn Tapp, told Fabulous: “The only night we got hair and make-up artists was the final.”

In the past, makeup has been provided in the villa too – so when the girls get all done up in the evenings they have a huge variety of products to get ready with. Love Island has previously launched its own makeup brand, LoveBurst, which has been in the villa alongside products from LookFantastic. Love Island often does sponsorship deals with products which the Islanders will use on screen in the villa – like the gym equipment this year being clearly labelled as from JD Sports.

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