All the Love Islanders who desperately applied to get on the show multiple times

Jess had been trying for years… and then won!


A lot of people want to be Islanders, and you can see the attraction. Even if you’re not looking for love, the show is a springboard into a career of influencing and fancy PR events, and can completely change your life. This lifestyle has become so desired by some, that Love Island stars have admitted to having applied to the show multiple times, in a desperate bid to get on.

In the first few seasons of the show, nobody really had any idea of how successful it would be. But as the show has gone on, more and more people have admitted to giving the application a spin a few times, before finally walking through the villa doors.

Here’s everyone who has spoken about how they applied to be on Love Island multiple times before getting accepted into the cast.

Toby, 2021

Love Island stars who applied to be on the show multiple times

via ITV

Toby was a huge name in the 2021 series, but he wasn’t actually scouted by producers. He applied to be on the show twice, first trying his luck for the show before the Covid pandemic. “The one that didn’t go ahead, I applied for that,” he said in an interview. “So I applied again, and luckily I’m here.”

Danica, 2022

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Speaking on the Fancy a Chat? podcast hosted by Toby Aromolaran, 2022 Islander Danica Taylor told Toby she originally applied to be on his series, in 2021, before getting on the show a year later.

Ahead of the 2022 villa, Danica already had herself set up with a management, who helped her with her second application. Danica said she was approached by Neon Management and the company “arranged my application and interview with Love Island and made the dream come true.”

Will, winter 2023

Love Island stars who applied to be on the show multiple times

via ITV

After appearing on the winter series, farmer Will revealed he applied to be on Love Island a couple of years before then, but producers rejected him because his audition was a major flop.

Speaking to Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing on his Private Parts podcast, Will said he actually did his Love Island audition a couple of years ago, but it was so bad the producers straight up rejected him at the time. “I actually did an audition two years ago,” he said. “When I was fresh on TikTok, social media and things like that, I did an interview. I flopped it.”

Will went on to say he “wasn’t ready” and “wasn’t mature enough” for the show, and that’s why producers rejected him at the time. He added producers got back in touch, and he did the application process again for a second time around.

Samie, winter 2023

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Samie is another winter 2023 Islander who has spoken about getting on the show, and admitted she tried three times before being successful. She first applied aged 21, two years before the series she ended up getting onto.

Despite not getting far the first time round, Samie didn’t stop and applied to be on the 2022 season, too. She made it quite far in the application process for that year, with a phone call and Zoom call from producers. Although admitting it was a massive “confidence knock” not getting on the show last year, Samie tried one last time and later entered the South African villa as a bombshell.

Jess, 2023

Love Island stars who applied to be on the show multiple times

via ITV

Jess, who ended up winning Love Island 2023, had been trying to get on the show for years, and even reached out to previous Islanders to get their best advice on how to be successful. It’s believed she applied for the show multiple times, and got so caught up on the idea of being a cast member, she contacted Alexi Eraclides – who appeared in Casa Amor on the show back in 2020, and asked him exactly how he got on.

Alexi told The Sun: “She reached out to me a couple of years back. She wanted to know how I got on Love Island, if I was scouted or applied. She was obviously really keen to get on the show and very much had it at the forefront of her mind. I’m happy she got what she wanted. She wanted to change her life and get that exposure, which she has now.”

You have to respect the graft.

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