Exactly who from Love Island 2022 actually applied to be on the show and who was scouted

Ekin-Su applied, she wasn’t scouted!


Hundreds of thousands of people applied to be on Love Island 2022, but in the end, you’ll probably not be at all surprised to know the majority of the final cast was scouted by producers. Only three of the original Islanders in the lineup this year went through the application from start to finish, without once being approached by someone from the show.

So who was scouted for Love Island 2022 and who actually applied to be in the cast? Here’s the breakdown.

Who was scouted and who applied to be in the cast of Love Island 2022

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Who from Love Island 2022 applied to be on the show?

There were just three Islanders in the original lineup who applied to be on the show. According to Mail Online, they were Paige, Andrew and Dami.

Casa Amor Islander, Jack Keating, has revealed he too applied for the show – but only after the producers tried for two years to scout his sister, Missy. Missy has been among the rumoured cast lists for years, with producers apparently desperately trying to sign her up. She’s never been interested, and Jack said after a couple of drinks the siblings decided he’d apply instead.

Dami and Paige both applied to be on Love Island 2022

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Probably the most shocking revelation of them all is that the winner, queen Ekin-Su, wasn’t scouted by producers – she applied online. In a TikTok video, she said she “didn’t get approached” and instead applied to be on the show.

And who from this year’s cast was scouted?

The majority of the Islanders this year were scouted. Shock news – producers were keen to sign up a well known person, so Gemma Owen was scouted, and Davide, who would go on to become the winner, was approached by producers when he was in a nightclub.

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OG Islander Ikenna was also scouted, casually whilst he was out with his friends. “We were in Boxpark Shoreditch and I was approached by one of the casting team,” he told Ok! Magazine. The show also approached Indiyah, Tasha, Luca and Liam. Whilst Liam was in the villa, the person running his social media accounts said Liam was approached in January this year. Original Islander Amber Beckford was also approached by producers at first, but after this decided to use the application process.

Before the show started, producers were rumoured to have “lined-up” a number of contestants already, and some of these did end up being in the final cast. Among the rumoured contestants before the show were Casa Amor bombshell Josh Le Grove and bombshell Jacques O’Neill. They were both on the radar of producers before the show, and are believed to have been scouted. Before the official cast was announced, it was reported bosses wanted Josh to be the “new Tommy Fury” saying he is “a perfect fit for the show.” Jacques was also “signed up” by producers.

This year, Islanders had management BEFORE the villa, and they did their applications for them

This doesn’t really count as being scouted or applying – one Islander this year has said she had management set up before her stint in the villa, and it was them who set up her application. Danica said she was approached by Neon Management back in January and the company “arranged my application and interview with Love Island and made the dream come true.” I guess this counts as being scouted, by managers though?

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