They’re here! These are the most tragic sponsored posts from the Love Island 2022 cast

Not Luca doing a post-breakup deal with Aldi


Every single year, Islanders leave the villa and scramble to make as much money on Instagram whilst people still remember their names and faces. The cast of Love Island 2022 have taken their time with some sponsored posts and deals, but they are coming through on the tragic scale.

From working with companies you can never imagine them having any interest in, to next-to-no effort going into their posts, the Islanders this year have clearly been taking deals all over the place, and just running with them. And if I had a pound for every time they’ve made a desperate attempt to link their posts back to something that happened in the villa, I’d be making nearly as much money as them too. Here’s a much needed rundown of the most tragic sponsored posts from the cast of Love Island 2022.

Davide – Prezzo

I just want to know how Davide, who calls himself the Italian Stallion, ended up partnering with a standard Italian chain. I mean, the picture and concept is absolutely adorable still. He’s doing his own date nights, called ‘Davi-date Nights’ (awful), where he just comes along and serves couples tiramisu. Random, but you’ll see me there.

Mollie and George – Drayton Manor

Fresh from being dumped from Casa Amor 2022, Mollie Salmon and George Tasker (alongside some poor Drayton Manor member of staff who looks like she’s been roped into this) headed to the theme park to advertise free tickets, on Drayton Manor’s TikTok.

The three of them are sat on Apocalypse, eagerly awaiting when the ride shoots down. You can barely hear a word anyone is saying during the vid, before the member of staff has to scream “YOU GET A FREE RETURN TICKET” over the wind from the ride.

Davide – Boots

This is haunting. HAUNTING. Why do the pics look like this, please????! In the post, Davide says he left his glasses in the villa so needs an upgrade. What’s he like! Even Ekin-Su knows the pics are strange, “First picture baby 🤣❤️love it!” she’s commented.

Nathalia – Ekin-Su’s cosmetic surgeon


Keep your eyes out for what treatments we did on @nathaliacamposofficial #loveislanduk #loveisland2022 #ekinsu #loveisland #nathaliacampos

♬ original sound – Dr Rosh

In a really strange, and quite frankly extremely tragic, turn of events – Nathalia was using Ekin-Su’s name and their ~minimal~ Love Island 2022 drama to try and stay relevant in her sponsored posts. She’s taken her “Ekin-who?” line, and is still rinsing it for all it’s worth.

The post is with Ekin-Su’s cosmetic surgeon, who says: “So did you know that Ekin-Su is my client?” and Nathalia responds with “Ekin who?”. The surgeon replies: “Ekin-Su the winner”, and Nathalia goes onto say: “Ekin the winner? Oh my god so we shared the same villa and now we’re sharing the same doctor. Clearly same personality and same taste. Great minds think alike.” Weird flex.

Coco – Subway

We should have seen it coming that Coco was going to use her few months of fame to cash in on sponsored deals. Nothing but respect. First up is her ensuring us that a new buffalo chicken sub has “waaay” more flavour than anything else we would consider. Note the post includes some mock-up text messages and her predictive texts suggests “Andrew”. Yikes.

Coco – Iceland

Sponsored posts with the cast of Love Island 2022

via Instagram @coco_lodge

Coco’s also been promoting Iceland, naturally. I’m not sure what about Coco from Love Island standing in front of a freezer is meant to be in terms of an incentive to shop there, because that’s literally all this post is. No promo code, no nothing.

Yet again, there are references to the only thing she was known for on the show, because the caption to this post is “or whatever”. Fair play to her though, she got a Love Island pun in there, calling it “Love Iceland”.

Billy – Subway

Another one! Subway has been getting major promo from the slightly irrelevant Islanders. Here is Billy, holding a footlong like a small child, encouraging us all to try the new buffalo chicken sub. If you say so Billy, I shall.

Luca – Aldi

via Instagram @lucabish

The latest in the tragic Instas has come from our very own Luca. He’s teamed up with Aldi, naturally. Wearing a very fetching fleece and trackies combo, he’s captioned his most recent picture with that very common predicament “you know when you only go in for some milk”.

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