Which Love Island 2022 contestants are actually still mates? An investigation

Antigoni and Paige are best friends now, sure

This year, the Islanders left the villa and had hardly even got settled back home before there were reports of them all falling out and publicly saying they had beef with each other. But, it looks as though some people did actually leave the show and are still friends, as a fair few of the Love Island 2022 cast members have been interacting with each other online and are still meeting up.

A lot of them are hating on each other, but a small few are sharing the love. Here’s a rundown of all the cast members of Love Island 2022 who are still friends and keeping in touch, since they left the villa.

Ekin-Su, Davide and Adam Collard

Who from Love Island 2022 are still friends now

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Obviously Ekin-Su and Davide are still mates, they’re love’s young dream and I’m obsessed with everything they do. Buuuuut, a strange addition into their relationship appears to be a certain bombshell, Adam Collard. He is always the first to comment on pictures of Ekin-Su and Davide together, with the three of them sharing a lot of love in the comments section.

Antigoni and Paige


Obviouslyyyy had to teach my hunny buns the You Can Have Him dance 🍯💅🏼 only 4 days till its out!!! 🥹💋 #YouCanHaveHim #YouCanHaveHimDance #cute #hunnybuns #antigoni #paige

♬ You Can Have Him – Antigoni

Did I miss something? Because since when have Antigoni and Paige been best mates? Since leaving the villa they’ve been hanging out ALL the time. They went to Notting Hill Carnival together, have posted loads on Instagram and are even now making TikToks together to promote Antigoni’s new single. A lot is going on here, and I’m a bit confused I won’t lie.

Dami and Jacques

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Surprise, surprise! Dami and Jacques have kept in touch. They’ve posted Instagram stories of them hanging out together in Manchester and Dami has been commenting on Jacques’ Instagram posts saying he’s “Doing big things”.

Tasha and Indiyah

Who from Love Island 2022 are still friends now

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Tasha and Indiyah are still besties, and honestly, this makes my heart so full. Not only are they ALWAYS commenting love on each other’s posts, but they also bumped into each other at an airport recently, and had a cute reunion. They shared videos on their Instagram stories of them being all cute when they saw each other, calling one another “my girl” and getting soppy. You love to see it.

Tasha is basically still mates with everyone who isn’t Jacques

After Remi accused Jacques of bullying, a lot of Islanders made the step to unfollow Jacques on Instagram and no longer associate with him. Tasha and Andrew were two of the people who did this. Other than that, Tasha has been very active with commenting and liking all of her fellow Islanders’ updates.

She’s commented twice on Paige Thorne’s most recent Instagram post, saying: “Ohhhh sexyyy gal” and “The second one ARE U JOKING”. She’s also the top comment on Gemma’s recent picture, saying: “😍😍😍 gorgeousssss”. We love a supportive friend.

Ikenna is still friends with basically everyone from Love Island 2022

Ikenna didn’t have much of a lasting impact on the show, but he’s clearly made some great mates from it. He’s been posting on Instagram hanging out with everyone. He’s been out with Liam Llewellyn, Josh Le Grove, Dami Hope and Deji Adeniyi.

Loads of the Casa Amor Islanders have kept in touch since the show

There’s been a lot of bad blood between some of the Casa Amor Islanders, with people like Coco and Summer having a huge public spat which ran over into the reunion show. But, some of the Casa Amor lot from Love Island 2022 are still friends.

Who from Love Island 2022 are still friends now

via Instagram @coco_lodge

Coco posts loads with her fellow Islanders, including Cheyanne, Billy and Josh Le Grove. Casa Amor Islander Billy Brown has also been hanging out with bombshell Adam Collard.

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