Inside the hugely successful Islander businesses making Love Island contestants millionaires

Kem Cetinay is making BANK from his restaurant


Love Island has had 10 series now, and a fair few of the Islanders have gone on to become millionaires following the fame they found on the show. Lots of the most successful Love Island contestants go on to set up businesses after their time on the show, hugely profiting off their own names and brands using their platforms.

From restaurants, to beauty brands and fitness businesses – the Islanders are making mega bucks. Some of them have property empires whilst others have new TV ventures. It really is impressive. Here’s a rundown of all the businesses which are owned by the millionaires of Love Island.

Davide was a millionaire before he even went on the show

Net worth: £1million

Love Island millionaires with successful businesses

via Instagram @davidesancli

So, let’s just address it straight away – Davide was a millionaire before he’d even stepped foot in the villa. He is the owner and director of a shisha company. It doesn’t look like he owns an actual shisha bar, but works more in the supply of shisha equipment to bars and clubs. He owns S Deluxe Shisa, which, according to its website, provides “only the finest electronic shisha devices accurately selected from the best manufacturers in the world. A unique addition to any of your special occasions and social gatherings.”

It adds: “S Deluxe Shisha is a premium service offered in some of the most exclusive hospitality venues located in North West, England. We have partnerships with the most exclusive restaurants and nightclubs around the UK, carrying a wide selection of top quality hookah products in different shapes and sizes. We offer catering-service, with the highest quality of luxury electronic shisha and the purest French made e-liquids. High quality ingredients combined with the latest technology on the market.”

Molly-Mae has four businesses, which have made £2million of her overall fortune

Net worth: £6million

Love Island millionaires with successful businesses

via Instagram @mollymae

Molly-Mae is the blueprint of how to go on Love Island, launch businesses, and make shit loads of cash. All together, she now has four companies registered in her name, that have been valued as being worth £2million. Her biggest is probably fake tan brand, Filter by Molly-Mae. The others are MMH International, FMM Cosmetics and MMH Group Holdings.

As well as this, Molly-Mae has made millions from her influencing and brand work, as well as being Creative Director for PrettyLittleThing.

Kem Cetinay’s restaurant Array

Net worth: £1.5million

via Instagram @kemcetinay

Whilst most of his money has been made from brand deals and TV appearances, Kem is also the owner of Essex restaurant Array. It’s a celeb hotspot, and yes, it’s very expensive. The most expensive bottle of wine there is over £500 and a Cote de Boeuf meal costs £62. This year, it was revealed Kem knows 2022 Islander Tasha, because she has been a dancer at his restaurant.

Kem has also made himself a millionaire through being on Dancing on Ice and later presenting backstage with the show and he also had one of the biggest Love Island brand deals in history, working with Primark. His businesses are said to have pocketed him £698,624, and overall he is worth £1.5million.

Megan Barton-Hanson’s MBH Productions

Net worth: £2million

Love Island millionaires with successful businesses

via Instagram @meganbartonhanson_

Megan Barton-Hanson is believed to have made most of her money after the show from becoming a hugely successful OnlyFans creator. She joined the site during lockdown, and was able to buy a house later that year. Her business, MBH Productions, has over £256,000 in reserves.

Gabby Allen’s fitness business

Net worth: £1.3million

via Instagram @gabbydawnallen

After being on Love Island, Gabby Allen has become very successful and has put her name to businesses. She founded her own fitness app, which at one point became the number one downloaded app in the App Store. Gabby released a book with her fitness guide, too. Right now she has a new membership fitness and nutrition plan, called Shape Up With Gabby.

Dani Dyer’s business, I Want It, I Got It

Net worth: £3.1million

Love Island millionaires with successful businesses

via Instagram @danidyerxx

2018 winner Dani Dyer has a business called I Want It, I Got It – which is worth an impressive £260,945. According to Companies House, this business is registered for all her work in TV and broadcasting. She’s been in TV adverts and a host of shows, including some alongside her dad, Danny Dyer.

As well as her business, since the show, Dani has written a book, gained more than 3million Instagram followers and secured huge clothing collections with In The Style. She had a huge £500k deal with In The Style to design and model her own range, and it resulted in being one of the best selling ranges of all time for the online brand. Off the back of that, she’s launched another collection with the brand. All this has made her one of the richest Love Islanders of all time.

Wes Nelson has a hugely successful music career and a property business

Net worth: £1million

via Instagram @wes.nelson

Wes Nelson was in the villa in 2018, and then said he had become a millionaire by 21. He’s now 24, and among the most successful people who started out on the show. He has two businesses under his name – WN Property Investment Limited and WN Events Limited – both are worth a combined total of £262,110. He’s said one of the things that helped him become a millionaire so quickly after the show were “wise” business investments and buying “a lot” of properties.

Straight after Love Island, he reportedly raked in over £300k from club appearances, then had a huge brand deal with BoohooMAN. He’s appeared on TV shows such as Dancing On Ice and Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins. Most recently he’s launched a successful music career, with his single Nice To Meet Ya going viral on TikTok.

Olivia Attwood owns a fashion brand, and is now a TV presenter

Net worth: £1.2million

Olivia is the CEO of FOOLISH, a luxury clothing company which specialises in loungewear. Olivia is a majority share holder, with the other half of the business split between two other people.

After being on the show in 2017, Olivia is now an ITV staple face, having appeared on a show with Chris Hughes when they left Love Island together, TOWIE and Olivia Meets her Match. She’s also gone into presenting, recently heading up a documentary about making money on platforms such as OnlyFans, called Getting Filthy Rich. She reportedly earns up to £3,000 per Instagram post and had two major deals with I Saw It First, with the first reportedly bringing in £500k.

Amber Gill is now a fully-fledged businesswoman

Net worth: £2million

via Instagram @amberrosegill

Just from her business ventures alone, Amber Gill has made £264,000. She’s a published author and has had huge brand collabs during her career, including a £1million deal with MissPap, straight after her stint in the villa. Amber also launched a health and fitness brand, and has made loads of money through influencing and paid advertising.

Kady McDermott has multiple businesses

Net worth: £1.3million

via Instagram @bodygoalsbykady

It’s believed 2016 star, Kady McDermott, is worth £1.3million. After Love Island, Kady launched her own fitness and beauty brands. She has also become a cast member on TOWIE. She currently owns Body Goals By Kady, a fitness and lifestyle app which contains recipes and fitness planners. Kady is also listed on Companies House as owning Kady McDermott LTD, set up for her “television programme production activities”.

The Bowens have a brand together

Net worth: £5million

Love Island millionaires with successful businesses

via Instagram @ab_bowen

The Bowens are further Love Island stars cashing in on their businesses. They are officially the show’s richest couple and this comes mainly from brand deals, TV appearances and their joint fashion brand, Exempt Society. Exempt Society specialises in unisex and essentials clothing, including tees, hoodies and caps. Since the couple had their baby, the brand has also started stocking baby grows, which are mega cute.

Alex’s has also launched a coaching business too. He has an app for fitness and lifestyle advice, tips and training.

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