From school besties to neighbours: How Love Island 2022 cast members know ex-Islanders

Tasha was best friends with Georgia Steel?!

Love Island producers keep their circle small – a whole bunch of the Love Island 2022 cast members are either already mates with ex-Islanders, or know them in some way or another.

From being best mates at school to working together, this year the Islanders should have been pretty clued up on what the villa would entail, given how much they know previous contestants. Here is every Love Island 2022 cast member who is connected to someone else who has been on the show, and how they know the ex-Islanders.

Tasha and Georgia Steel

All the Love Island 2022 cast members who know an ex-Islander

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Finalist Tasha Ghouri has been described as “inseparable best friends” with Georgia Steel, as the pair went to school together. According to reports, they went to Thirsk Secondary School in Yorkshire and a local dance club together. Apparently the friendship broke down after they had a huge bust up, and decided to go to different performing arts colleges.

“Tasha and Georgia were honestly inseparable and just best friends throughout school,’ a friend told The Sun. “Things got a bit competitive towards Year 11 and then when Tasha got accepted into a better dance college than Georgia things turned bad. Stuff happens when you’re young but we hope they patch it up because they could be a huge support for each other.”

Tasha and Kem Cetinay

2017 winner Kem has a connection to two of the Islanders this year. Firstly, he knows Tasha professionally, as she is a dancer in his restaurant! Kem owns Array in Essex, and said in the Love Island Reddit: “I really like them [Tasha and Andrew]. Tasha actually dances at my restaurant! She never told me she was going on until a new dancer showed up. She’s such a nice girl.”

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Ekin-Su and Kem Cetinay

Also on the Reddit, Kem said he knows Ekin-Su quite personally, as they’re neighbours! While taking part in a game of snog, marry, pie, he said:  “Snog Gemma, marry Paige and pie Ekin-Su! I don’t need that drama in my life. I’m joking. I know Ekin well, we’re neighbours!”

Antigoni and Jack Fowler

All the Love Island 2022 cast members who know an ex-Islander

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As soon as she walked into the villa, it was revealed Antigoni’s ex was 2018 Islander, Jack Fowler. What’s more, the pair were in a music video together.

Last year, three years after he was in the villa himself, Jack Fowler briefly made some music. One of his songs is called “Foolish” and features Tom Zanetti. The premise of the music video is pretty simple: It’s a pool party. Antigoni can be seen cosying up and dancing around the pool in a bikini with Jack, and later on is dancing inside the house in a pink co-ord.

Antigoni and Joanna Chimonides

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Antigoni is extremely well connected, and is hanging out with celebs in loads of her Instagram pictures. Over on her TikTok, she’s shared a video of her at a JD party, where she’s hanging out with Joanna from 2019!!

Davide and Jamie Clayton

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Remember Jamie Clayton who was briefly on the winter version of the show? According to The Sun, he and Davide met on the Manchester club scene not long after Jamie was dumped from the 2020 series.

The pair are now really good mates, spent Christmas together, and there are photos of them hanging out on Instagram. Jamie told The Scottish Sun: “Davide’s a really, really nice and genuine guy. He’d do anything for his mates. He’s part of my ‘Italian boys’ group of friends.

“We’d go out runs and walks during lockdown. And I even spent Christmas Day with Davide. I couldn’t get back up to Scotland so him and the boys had me round for Christmas. He phoned me the day before he was flying out for the show and that’s the last I’ve heard from him. I told him good luck and I’ll see him when he’s back.”

Jamie this year knew three other Islanders

All the Love Island 2022 cast members who know an ex-Islander

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The producers like to keep their circle small, because bombshell Jamie, who left the show with Danica, knows three ex-Islanders. A source told The Sun: “Jamie knows Michael Griffiths socially, and he has mutual friends with Aaron Simpson and Dennon Lewis who’ve both been on the show – Aaron and Jamie played at Dover but during separate seasons, and Dennon played in the same league a few years back so that’s their connection. They definitely would have spoken about going on the show and how to play it.”

Remi and Jack Fincham

Dumped Islander Remi already knew 2018 winner, Jack Fincham. There are a whole bunch of photos on Remi’s Instagram of them at a shoot together and Jack has commented “My guy”.

Afia and Montana Brown

All the Love Island 2022 cast members who know an ex-Islander

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Bombshell Afia already knew 2017 contestant, Montana Brown. There’s a picture on Afia’s Instagram of the pair of them together. Montana owns a swimwear brand, called Swim Society, and in the slide show of pictures it looks as though Afia may have modelled for the brand.

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