Enter the chat Antigoni, the singer who’s ready to cause a stir in the Love Island 2022 villa

She has a famous parent AND an Islander ex!

Right, I’m pretty sure we say this every day but I mean it now, Love Island 2022 is FINALLY heating up and providing some drama. Islanders are being dumped, couples are breaking up, arguments are happening and now we have a new bombshell. Enter the Love Island 2022 villa, Antigoni!

We’ve been teased a new Islander at a very crucial time. Popularity votes have started happening, recouplings are regular and frictions are starting to occur. So, let’s just say, a bombshell could very much stir the pot more than ever right now.

Here’s everything you could possibly need to know about new Love Island 2022 bombshell, Antigoni.

A full profile of new Love Island 2022 bombshell Antigoni Buxton

Antigoni in her Love Island 2022 promo shoot

New Love Island 2022 contestant Antigoni is 26 and from London

Antigoni Buxton is 26 and from London. She’s shared that the pronunciation of her name is An-tigga-knee, if you weren’t sure.

When asked why she wants to be on Love Island, Antigoni said: “I’ve been single for almost a year and a half and for the whole of the last year my goal has been to have as many different experiences as possible. I really just want to say ‘yes’ to things. Why not? It’ll be fun. I’m a Cypriot girl and I love being in the sun. I’ve got nothing to lose!”

A full profile of new Love Island 2022 bombshell Antigoni Buxton

via Instagram @antigoni

She’s a singer and songwriter

Before heading to the Love Island villa, Antigoni has been working a singer/songwriter, and released a new single called Hit List just weeks before entering the villa. She has said singing is her biggest talent, and when asked what she might do to impress people, she said: “I would sing! I would grab my guitar and play a song.” I can picture the awkward serenading dates on the show already.

via Instagram @antigoni

Here we go again! Antigoni has a famous parent!

Step aside Gemma Owen, Antigoni’s mother is celebrity chef Tonia Buxton, who’s a regular guest on Sunday Brunch. She is the host of the Discovery Channel Travel & Living series My Greek Kitchen and My Cypriot Kitchen. Not to flex, but she’s also the consultant chef at The Real Greek restaurants.

Speaking of her daughter entering Love Island, Tonia posted on Instagram saying: “I can not believe that my Antigoni is in the Love Island villa, she mentioned she would be sunbathing this week I didn’t think she meant in Mallorca! We are all so excited for you and know you will be amazing! You have always been an island girl, so I know you will fit right in! Hoping you all love and support my girl, I know she will make us proud! ❤️ Tune in to my stories every night where I will be commentating the show, or trying to! #LoveIsland”.

A full profile of new Love Island 2022 bombshell Antigoni Buxton

via Instagram @toniabuxton

Antigoni is one of four siblings.

Antigoni used to date ex Love Island star Jack Fowler

According to reports, Antigoni’s ex-boyfriend is 2018 Islander, Jack Fowler. Speaking of her past love life, Antigoni said: “I’ve only ever been in love once – I don’t think I’ve been in love since. I think I fall in lust and infatuation quickly.”

And does she think she’s a good girlfriend? “When I’m into somebody, I’m very much all about them,” she said. “My culture is a very open, generous culture and I like to think I carry that trait as a girlfriend. I really put 100 per cent into somebody when I like them. I would also like that back!”

via Instagram @antigoni

Antigoni says she will bring positive energy to the Love Island villa

“I think I’m going to bring a positive energy – I’m a very positive person,” Antigoni said when asked what she’ll bring to the Love Island villa. She added her friends and family would describe her as “energetic, the organiser and planner”. “I’m the one who books all the family holidays and the girls trips,” she said. “They would say I’m a bit of a party animal and I think they would say I’m a fierce friend – I’m very loyal and protective over the people in my life.”

What gives her the ick?

Antigoni said the type of person who gives her the ick is someone who is stingy. “It’s not about money but I think being stingy is a character trait and it coincides with someone who is quite selfish with their time,” she said.

She has 33k Instagram followers and she is… connected!

A full profile of new Love Island 2022 bombshell Antigoni Buxton

via Instagram @antigoni

Her Instagram is FUN. All her pictures are vibey, bright colours, nights out and will basically make you want to be her best mate. She also has loads of pictures with famous people, including Anthony Joshua, Chunkz and Yung Filly. She looks as though she is almost always on holiday, oh, and she’s verified already. No biggie. Her handle is @antigoni.

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