Introducing the jilted exes of the Love Island 2022 cast

One guy apparently told his ex to watch out for him rubbing his ear on the show, as it’s a secret symbol he’s thinking of her

The jilted exes of the cast of Love Island 2022 have been out in full-force since the show began. From revelations that current Islanders have dated loads of famous people, to exes coming out and having very harsh words to say about their former flames, the drama has been on top form.

As we see the future love lives of the Islanders taking shape, we’re getting a deep dive into their pasts too – and in parts, it’s messy as hell. It’s time, here are the jilted exes of the Love Island 2022 cast members.

James Lock – Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu’s ex boyfriend

The jilted exes of the Love Island 2022 cast and who their ex boyfriends and girlfriends are

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When Ekin-Su was rumoured to be a contestant on Love Island 2022, it was noted she had a few famous Instagram followers, including TOWIE star, James Lock. Now it’s been reported the pair shared a “passionate fling” before James got with former Islander, Megan Barton-Hanson.

According to The Sun, Ekin-Su and James Lock were together in October last year. A source said: “They met through friends and dated for a short time last year. It was a very passionate fling while it lasted but fizzled out. That was when James moved on to Megan.”

Ems and Mal – Jay Younger’s ex girlfriends

The drama that has been going on with the jilted exes of Jay Younger since he entered the Love Island 2022 villa should be a whole TV show in itself. They’ve come out and publicly slated Jay, gone out for drinks together to discuss him and even commented on what he’s been like inside the villa.

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One of his exes, Ems, claims Jay told her he was going on Love Island just for the opportunity because he had already found love with her. They met on Hinge, but now she has said “he sold me a dream and I was left devastated”. He apparently told her he will rub his ear on the show, as a hint to her back home that he’s thinking about her.

A second ex, called Mal, said she dated Jay for six months and described him as “brutal, cutthroat and selfish”, warning the Love Island girls to watch out. She described how he has a “pristine and structured” lifestyle, comparing him to Joe Goldberg from YOU – all but the bit where he murders people, of course.

The jilted exes of the Love Island 2022 cast and who their ex boyfriends and girlfriends are

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Mal added: “He falls quite fast and is 100 percent very jealous” and said the way he dumped her was “brutal”. The girls found out they were both Jay’s exes, and met up in London to “compare notes”.

In an interview with The Sun, Mal said Jay was destined to clash with Davide over Ekin-Su, because the two boys are very similar and even look alike. She said Gemma is his type looks wise, but she doesn’t believe he would go for someone that young.

Saffron Barker – Luca Bish’s ex girlfriend

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Luca used to date YouTuber and Strictly Come Dancing star, Saffron Barker. He has confirmed they were once an item, but said they “didn’t work out”. He added: “She had just come out of a relationship and we just sort of hit the ground running. We still remain really good mates.”

Luca confirmed in an interview that this was his most recent relationship, and only ended around six months ago, after they dated for several months. The pair seem still close, Saffron wrote on the post announcing he was in the Islander lineup: “Good luck Luca ❤️.”

Sophie Floyd – Luca Bish’s ex girlfriend

The jilted exes of the Love Island 2022 cast and who their ex boyfriends and girlfriends are

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Luca clearly has a type, because his other ex-girlfriend is an influencer too. At the start of the show, Luca said he was previously with someone for four years, and Sophie is believed to have been this relationship. Speaking to The Sun, Luca said: “Soph Floyd is her name on Instagram. Her name is Sophie and she is an influencer. I was 18 when I got with her and we were together for four years.”

He explained she is the reason behind most of his tattoos, adding: “My ex was a tattoo artist so I was like a drawing book for her.” The pair split up around a year ago. Sophie is a YouTuber, tattoo artist and influencer, and has over 350k Instagram followers. It looks like Saffron, Sophie and Luca may all be from the same friendship group in Brighton – as there are old pictures of Sophie and Saffron hanging out on Sophie’s Insta page.

Robert Van Tromp – Tasha Ghouri’s ex boyfriend

The jilted exes of the Love Island 2022 cast and who their ex boyfriends and girlfriends are

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Just three months before she headed into the famous villa, Tasha was dating Robert from season two of Too Hot To Handle! According to reports, Tasha started dating Robert in October last year and the pair were together for five months. Tasha apparently ended it just three months before she was announced for the ITV2 show.

“Robert is gutted after seeing Tasha on Love Island,” a source told the MailOnline. “She ticks all his boxes and he had hoped to reconnect with her after regretting their breakup. Tasha is the one that got away and he believes he let a gem go, watching her on the show this summer won’t be easy for him.”

Robert became famous after appearing on season two of Netflix dating show Too Hot To Handle, which he left in a relationship with Christina. It was announced in September 2021 Christina and Robert were no longer together, with Robert saying their relationship had grown to be “challenging and uncomfortable”.

Giovanni Pernice – Tasha Ghouri’s ex boyfriend

The jilted exes of the Love Island 2022 cast and who their ex boyfriends and girlfriends are

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Tasha has at least a couple of famous exes, because she also dated Giovanni, the Strictly Come Dancing pro. It’s been reported she “secretly dated” Giovanni Pernice after he won Strictly with Rose Ayling-Ellis. Apparently the pair connected through Instagram after Giovanni won the show with Rose and then he took Tasha for dinner!

A source told the Mail: “They have a lot in common, both being dancers, and he had just learned a lot about the deaf community performing with Rose on Strictly, who Tasha really admires. Tasha was impressed by how gentlemanly he was, taking her out to top London restaurants and offering to send cars to collect her, but she’s independent and always made her own way to see him.” Giovanni also dated Love Island 2019 star, Maura Higgins.

Jacques O’Neill and Gemma Owen

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Love Island 2022 decided to throw one of the jilted exes of the Islanders actually into the villa, and now Gemma Owen and Jacques O’Neill are awkwardly living together, watching each other crack on, and calling their new love interests each others’ names, apparently.

When Jacques entered the villa, Gemma told the girls “oh my god, that’s my ex” but proclaimed she had no intention of getting back with him. On the show, Gemma said she and Jacques split up around a year and a half ago, with Jacques adding they were together for around eight months. According to a now edited version of Jacques’ Wikipedia page, he was 20 when he dated a 16-year-old Gemma.

This isn’t the first time Love Island has thrown in an ex, the producers have used this tactic a few times to stir up drama!

Cameron Green – Gemma Owen’s ex boyfriend

For a short amount of time, straight after Jacques entered the villa, it was rumoured a second previous boyfriend of Gemma’s was going to be entering the villa. That was Wrexham footballer Cameron Green, who was said to be “waiting in the sidelines” to be on the show. It’s since been said he’s not appearing on the show, but the 23-year-old did date Gemma.

According to The Sun, Cameron met Gemma’s family and hung out at their house when they were together. He also modelled for Gemma’s beachwear brand and appeared on a promotional post on dad Michael Owen’s Instagram account.

Amber Beckford’s ex boyfriend

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The Love Island 2022 jilted exes are on fire, because Amber has a famous former flame too! Speaking to The Sun before the show, Amber said: “Have I dated anyone famous? Yes, but I’m going to keep that to myself for the moment. Obviously that relationship didn’t work out, as I’m going on Love Island.

“It didn’t end because I’d cheated or been cheated on though, to the best of my knowledge I’ve never been cheated on, though I suppose you never really know. I think I will talk about my ex in the villa if people ask. I’m definitely an open person, so I’d be happy to.”

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