Another of Gemma’s exes wants to go into the Love Island villa and win her back

The 27-year-old has said Luca isn’t Gemma’s type and he could turn her head 👀

One of Love Island 2022 star Gemma Owen’s exes has come out the woodwork and said he would love to go into the villa as a bombshell and have the chance to win her back.

27-year-old entrepreneur, Neil Farrugia, has said Luca “isn’t Gemma’s type” and if he had the chance he would enter Love Island this year in a bid to “turn Gemma’s head back in my direction”. He dated Gemma for four months and they broke up last November. Neil has said they ended on good terms so, given the chance, he could definitely make things work between them again.

The pair met in Dubai, and then got to know each other of social media. During their relationship, Neil says they “travelled a lot together” but he never met Gemma’s dad, Michael Owen. “We went travelling a lot together and got really close, despite it only being for a short period of time,” he told OK! Magazine.

He added: “I would definitely try my best to turn Gemma’s head back in my direction if I joined the show as a bombshell. I think I could make that happen.If I had to predict who she’d end up with, I would never have imagined Luca – Davide is definitely more her type!”

One of the exes of Love Island 2022 star Gemma Owen

via Instagram @neilfarrugia1

Describing Gemma, Neil said: “What can I say? Apart from her drop dead stunning looks, Gemma has a super personality. She’s a cute character but also really mature and outgoing. There are so many goals in life she wants to achieve. Gemma ticks lots of boxes – we felt really comfortable together straightaway and just got on really well. I loved how close she was to her family as well, especially her mum.”

He said they split because of long distance because he lives in Malta and Gemma is in the UK. It was shortly after this he heard she was going on Love Island. Neil still thinks there’s a chance of them getting back together. “I wish Gemma all the best during her time on the show and I hope she finds the perfect man for her,” he said. “But on the other hand, I believe Gemma and I had a lot of potential and I still think we could be a good match if reunited in the future. Who knows?”

One of the exes of Love Island 2022 star Gemma Owen

via Instagram @neilfarrugia1

He said Luca is “a very nice guy, but he’s just not Gemma’s type” and that Davide is more suited to her. But, he added he and Gemma “still have positive vibes between us. I think I could make things interesting in the villa…”

“Gemma is very mature for her age and she knows exactly what she wants,” Neil added. “She is quite straightforward and that can sometimes throw people off. But the more you get to know her, the more you realise that she’s a genuinely amazing person. And she’s strong, so I don’t think negative comments would faze her.

“I believe Gemma definitely has the potential to win as she already seems to have so many fans. But, who she’d win alongside – that I’m not so sure about…”

Ofc, if Neil did enter the Love Island villa he wouldn’t be the first of Gemma Owen’s exes to do so – Jacques is already in there. Can you imagine how much of a mess that would be?!

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