Dumper Islander Remi has said he didn't get on with fellow Love Island 2022 cast member Jacques

‘I don’t know what’s his problem’: Dumped Islander Remi has been going IN on Jacques

He straight up said he ‘hates Jacques’ 😬

Last week, Remi became the second Islander to be dumped from Love Island 2022. He had a short but sweet time in the villa, after entering as a bombshell alongside Jay Younger. But one thing we definitely didn’t see transpire was an apparent rift between Remi and fellow Islander Jacques, whilst they were together on Love Island.

Since leaving the villa, Remi has said in interviews that he straight up “hates” Jacques and has shared why they didn’t get on. Speaking on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast, alongside fellow dumped Islander Afia, Remi said Jacques “made Love Island shit” for him. He said they got into lots of arguments in the villa, which ruined Remi’s experience.

Remi then does an impression of Jacques who he says would imitate his accent all the time, which he described as “jarring”. “You can’t treat anyone like that. I would be the only person to stick up for myself,” Remi said. Remi added that Jacques would often use his rugby persona as an excuse to wind people up.

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On TikTok, the podcast host shared a short behind the scenes clip with Remi, where he asks him who his three favourite Islanders are. Remi replies that it’s Jay, Indiyah and Ikenna. Then he’s asked “Who do you hate?” and Remi says “Jacques” whilst shaking his head.

In a further interview, which has been shared to TikTok, Remi is talking about Jacques again and who in the villa “plays up” to the cameras. “I don’t know what’s his problem,” he says. “I don’t know why he gets so brave on the cameras.” The interviewer then asks what happened between the two of them, and Remi replies: “Yeah he would just take the mick out of everyone. Everyone says it’s ‘just banter’ but like, it’s banter to a certain point but I think when someone constantly does something, you’re going to get annoyed.

“I gave him three strikes. After the first strike I was like, ‘you’ve got to stop now’. I’m trying to find someone, and I know what you’re doing, you’re trying to cause commotion.”

Dumper Islander Remi has said he didn't get on with fellow Love Island 2022 cast member Jacques

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Just to clarify even further, in a Q&A on his Instagram story, when asked “someone you really didn’t get along with in the villa”, Remi said: “Jacques the muppet”. Yikes!

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