Ex-Islander Zara McDermott reveals way you can *always* tell who’s being dumped

Every time the Islanders gather round the fire pit I’m going to HAVE to look out for this 👀


Love Island 2018 star Zara McDermott has revealed there’s a way you can always tell who’s been dumped from the island, and it’s all in the way the Islanders are stood around the fire pit. It does make a LOT of sense.

In a video uploaded to her boyfriend, Sam Thompson from Made in Chelsea’s, TikTok, he asks her if producers tell the Islanders what order to stand in when they are told the famous words to “gather around the fire pit”. “You get told what order to stand in yeah,” she replies.

Sam then asks her if that means the Islanders know who’s going to be leaving, and Zara pretty much says yes, they know exactly what’s coming. She says looking back it was really obvious, and as an ex-Islander watching the show now, she can always tell who’s on their way out before it’s revealed.

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“You would never stand a vulnerable Islander next to one who’s not vulnerable,” she begins to explain. She then says that when she was voted off, she was next to Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer – who were a solid couple from day one of the 2018 series, and went on to win the show together. Neither Jack nor Dani were ever in the “bottom” of public votes.

“You knew they weren’t going!” Sam says. “Anyone who is stood next to someone definitely not going is who is going”. He jokes that this year, anyone stood next to Gemma Owen right before we find out the results of dumping, is who is off out the villa next. “What an insight!” he adds. You know, I can see it!!!


Its all making sense now 😂😂

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So basically, every time there’s a dumping – it’s all in the position of how the Islanders are standing. The most vulnerable Islanders are always stood or sat next to the least vulnerable. So, if you’re sat around the fire pit next to the most stable couple, or stood in front of the fire pit waiting to hear your fate but stood next to the most popular Islander, the chances are your time is up.

This makes so much sense and I’m going to be on this like a HAWK from now on. 👀

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