‘I need to humble myself’: Remi on his short amount of time in the Love Island villa

‘Getting to know the girls was magical’

Last night, Remi had to exit the Love Island 2022 villa after a recoupling saw none of the girls choose him to couple up with. He had a short but sweet time in the villa, after entering as a bombshell alongside Jay Younger.

Remi is now the second Islander to be dumped this year, after Afia left the villa last week, and in a catch up has shared his thoughts on his journey, now he has made his Love Island exit. Here’s what he had to say.

Remi Lambert has been dumped and is latest Islander to exit the Love Island 2022 villa

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‘I’m a bit disappointed’

When asked how he feels about having to exit the Love Island villa already, Remi said he is disappointed he didn’t get to know people enough. “I’m a bit disappointed – I wish I could stay longer to get to know Indiyah and Danica mostly,” he said. “At the same time, I feel like it was my time to leave. I was getting mixed signals and I wasn’t getting a clear answer from the girls.”

“Walking in with Jay was breathtaking, seeing the girls’ reactions and getting to know them was magical. It was such a memory that I’ll remember forever.”

He was initially attracted to Paige

Speaking of the girls he was interested in, Remi said he was initially attracted to Paige, but as time went on he began to think Indiyah was more his type. “I feel like me and Indiyah had a connection but her and Ikenna were there from the start and they’ve built a strong connection and foundation,” he said. “I just wish I’d had more time with her.”

In terms of friendships, he described Jay as his “guy for life”, adding he thinks Jay is the person he will miss the most. He said: “Jay and I got along so well. I was hoping he could be my personal trainer there. We didn’t get in that many gym sessions but I’m sure we will on the outside.”

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‘I need to humble myself’

When asked what the villa has helped him learn about himself, Remi said: “I’ve learnt that I need to humble myself. Not everyone is going to like me. But now I’ve got to take it easy, I’m going to chill for a bit and then go back on the dating scene – no rush!”

He said he wouldn’t do anything differently in the villa if he had his time again, saying he “stayed true to myself and that’s all that matters.” When asked if he would recommend Love Island to a friend he said he would, saying: “You get to meet people, showcase your game and do challenges which are so fun.”

Remi Lambert has been dumped and is latest Islander to exit the Love Island 2022 villa

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So, who does Remi think will win?

It’s the big question, which couple does Remi think could go the distance and win the entire show? He said Tasha and Andrew! “The strongest connection in the villa has to be Tasha and Andrew,” he said. “They look great together.”

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