Erm so there’s a lot of messy drama happening between Love Island’s Jay and his exes

One of his exes compared him to Joe Goldberg loooool

Jay Younger has only been in the villa for one day and he’s bringing all kinds of drama. This man is chaos – he’s currently being dragged by not one but two exes and it’s messy.

The 28-year-old bombshell was savagely compared to Joe Goldberg from You by one ex who called him a “psycho”. She says his lifestyle is very similar to Joe’s except without the murderous tendencies. She also described Jay as “brutal, cutthroat and selfish” whilst warning other girls to watch out. Here’s a rundown of exactly how this drama came out and how Jay’s two ex girlfriends ended up going out for wine with one another.

Jay and his ex Mal apparently split before Christmas

Okay so Mal told The Sun she and Jay split before Christmas. This was the end of what she called an “intense” six month relationship. She was apparently getting ready to spend Christmas with his family but Jay returned home from a work trip to London and ended their relationship.

During their relationship, Mal recalls a conversation she had with Jay and their flatmate. Jay apparently joked saying she would do well in the Love Island villa. She says: “He said ‘if you went on that show Mal, you’d be the nation’s sweetheart’. He quote on quote, said that to me and I was like ‘obviously that wouldn’t happen because we’re in a relationship’. So the irony, that he’s now dong it, what the fuck?”


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Mal says she would have jokes with her flatmate comparing Jay to Joe Goldberg. She told The Sun: “Me and the flatmate would always joke ‘Jay’s like the guy from You.’ The guy Joe, from the show, is very methodical, he’s a serial killer murderer, obviously Jay’s not, but the way he’s so pristine. We would always joke, saying ‘you never see Jay with a cap on because he’s Joe from You.'”

Mal posted a TikTok reacting to Jay entering the villa

Mal posting this TikTok is what truly makes the story get wild because she’s received a message from another one of Jay’s exes, Ems. The pair then agreed to meet up for wine in London after connecting on TikTok.

Mal told Ems she and Jay apparently slept together on April 1 – the same day as Ems and Jay had their first date after meeting on Hinge.


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Ems told The Sun she’d never usually do this kind of thing, “I am all about live and let live and positive energy but when I found out from Mal he had slept with her the day of our first date I saw red. I don’t owe him anything after the way he treated me.”

Jay’s brother has spoken out against all the accusations

He said: “It is very hurtful to see others mischaracterise Jay and label him with defamatory, unkind remarks that he has no ability to response to right now. Everything here is completely inaccurate. We’re looking forward to Jay showing viewers the kind, funny and intelligent guy his friends and family know and love.”

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