Wait, Love Island’s Antigoni is in music videos with Miles Nazaire and Jack Fowler?!

I won’t apologise for thinking both of these songs are bops

We’ve just welcomed a new bombshell into the Love Island 2022 villa in the form of singer Antigoni. She’s dated some of the guys, and managed to already drop into conversation that she’s a singer and loves playing her guitar. So naturally, her music is being dug up. But one thing you might not expect to come across are music videos featuring Antigoni cosying up with Miles from Made in Chelsea and Jack from Love Island 2018. Yep, they exist.

Antigoni’s song “This Aint’t Love” was released last year and the video features her prepping for a boxing match. But wait, who is her opponent? Miles Nazaire! She straight up punches him in the face a few times, and I’m getting the feeling it metaphoric for how their relationships feels like a fight and a battle.

Love Island cast member Antigoni is in music videos with Jack Fowler and Miles Nazaire

via YouTube

The song is a bit of a bop, it has to be said, and deserves way more than the 10k views it currently has on YouTube. After the boxing match, Antigoni and Miles move onto a game of poker and then go racing in some sports cars, naturally.

Okay, you just need to watch the music video with Antigoni from Love Island and Miles from Made in Chelsea here:

But that’s not all. When it was announced Antigoni was joining Love Island, it was said her ex is Jack Fowler – and she is in a music video with him, too! Last year, three years after he was in the villa himself, Jack Fowler briefly made some music. One of his songs is called “Foolish” and features Tom Zanetti. The premise of the music video is pretty simple: It’s a pool party.

Love Island cast member Antigoni is in music videos with Jack Fowler and Miles Nazaire

via YouTube

His video has done a little better, and has nearly a million views. Antigoni can be seen cosying up and dancing around the pool in a bikini with Jack, and later on is dancing inside the house in a pink co-ord.

Now watch her in a music video with Love Island 2018’s Jack Fowler:

Sorry, but both songs from these music videos deserve to be chart hits, and Love Island bombshell Antigoni is giving the most. End of. Adding them to my summer playlist right away.

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