Ranked: Who from Love Island 2022 has the most Instagram followers so far?

Right now, the most followed Islander is coupled up with the least followed Islander

When Love Island comes on, we all spend weeks going from hating each Islander, to loving each Islander, to be undecided on them all to being outright obsessed with them. And naturally, we want to follow everything about their lives on Instagram. Obviously the best bits come when the Islanders have their phones back and are posting on socials themselves, but seeing who has already got the most followers is an easy way to gauge who everyone’s favourites are.

So, here’s a ranking of where each Islander is on follower count, as we get into the third week of them being in the villa.

Jay Younger – 21.5k

Who from Love Island 2022 has the most Instagram followers so far

via Instagram @jayyounger_

In last out of the current Islanders at the moment is Jay. He has 21.5k followers. He entered the villa as a bombshell, so maybe hasn’t had enough time for people to learn his personality and want to follow him?

Danica Taylor – 32k

via Instagram @_danicataylor

I’m not at all surprised that Danica is near the bottom of this list. She’s only really just got onto the show, and hasn’t had much air time. The dancer does have a fun Insta though, it’s basically everything you would expect from an influencer-style account. Posed outfit pics wall-to-wall.

Antigoni Buxton – 34.4k

via Instagram @antigoni

I’m impressed, because Antigoni has only just graced our screens and she has a pretty impressive Instagram following. She’s already verified, has pictures of her hanging out with Anthony Joshua and her feed is a vibe. Yes, I’m jealous.

Dami Hope – 91.4k

Who from Love Island 2022 has the most Instagram followers so far

via Instagram @damihope

Up next is Dami, who is just about to conquer the 100k mark. Out of all the Islanders, his account looks as though it’s posted probably the most Love Island content since he started on the show.

Andrew Le Page – 90k

via Instagram @andrewlepage

Andrew currently has just over 90k Instagram followers. Whoever is running his account whilst he’s in the villa has been posting a lot, and has done a Q&A story highlight of getting to know Andrew.

Davide Sanclimenti – 149k

via Instagram @davidesancli

Up next is Davide, who has a pretty impressive 149k followers already. Most of his pictures are him topless, naturally.

Jacques O’Neill – 158k

via Instagram @jacques9oneill_

Bombshell Jacques is sitting pretty in the mid-table area, currently with 158k followers. If he sticks with Paige and doesn’t go too rogue in Casa Amor, I reckon he’ll see his follower count sky-rocket.

Indiyah Polack – 169k

Who from Love Island 2022 has the most Instagram followers so far

via Instagram @1ndiyah

You can’t deny Indiyah is slowly carving herself into a Love Island icon. A million followers is what she deserves. Right now she has just under 200k, but we will get her there, I’m sure of it.

Tasha Ghouri – 209k

via Instagram @tashaghouri

Tasha Ghouri has also seen a big rise in her follower count since she entered the Love Island villa. The dancer now has over 200k followers and references having a management in her bio.

Paige Thorne – 267k

via Instagram @paigethornex

Just outside the top three is Paige Thorne, who is quickly becoming a fav on the show this year. The Welsh paramedic currently has 267k Instagram followers.

Luca Bish – 277k

Who from Love Island 2022 has the most Instagram followers so far

via Instagram @lucabish

It looks as though Luca is the most popular male Islander right now, with 277k Instagram followers. He only has 21 post on Instagram so far, but let’s hope he ups his game after the show.

Gemma Owen – 450k

via Instagram @gemowen_1

No surprises that Gemma is very high up on this list, because she had nearly 100k followers before she had even stepped foot in that villa. She now has 450k and already has a management listed in her bio. Gemma is a girl who is ready for the influencer life.

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu – 452k

Who from Love Island 2022 has the most Instagram followers so far

via Instagram @ekinsuofficial

Ekin-Su has the most followers out of all the Islanders so far. She’s coupled up with least followed Islander Jay, so I think we know who is carrying the relationship here. Also, Ekin-Su’s handle has “official” in it, which is a huge flex to say she knows she’s a big deal.

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