This is what the cast of season two of Too Hot To Handle are all up to now

Melinda is now hosting a different Netflix dating show, and Carly is married!!


Too Hot To Handle is one of the best dating shows on Netflix, so it’s never not a great time to check in with the cast of season two, see what they are all up to, and what life has been like since the retreat.

Season two saw a few couples leave the island together and Marvin take home the prize fund. But what are they all doing these days? Who is still together and who is in new relationships? Here are the latest updates of what the cast of season two of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix are up to now.

Cam Holmes and Emily Miller

I can’t keep up with Cam and Emily. They’re together at the moment, but have been subject of a lot of news stories saying they’ve split up. Emily seemed to confirm they had split in a TikTok where she called herself “single AF”, but she’s since been talking about Cam in a podcast, and they’ve been posting with each other on Instagram again.

The split news came after it was reported Cam had been cheating on Emily whilst she was on a trip to Thailand. She is said to have discovered Cam in bed with someone else and they ended things. After the show, the couple had moved in together in London and looked like they were living the dream.

What the cast of season two of Too Hot To Handle are up to now

via Instagram @emilyfayemiller

Cam has been doing branded work with BoohooMAN and has also done sponsored Instagram posts with Fashion Nova and Spotify. Cam is now the richest person from Too Hot To Handle, with a net worth of £750k. Emily has also been keeping busy since the show, she had her own range with Simmi Shoes and has worked with clothing brands such as Boohoo and Oh Polly.

Carly Lawrence

via Instagram @carlylawrence_

Carly might not have the one on Too Hot To Handle, but she’s one cast member who has moved on and is in a new relationship now! Carly left the show in a relationship with Joey Joy, but they split in August last year when it was revealed Joey had been cheating on her.

Carly since started dating Bennett Sipes from Love Island USA season two and they look super loved up. The went official on Christmas day and have just announced they’re now married! Speaking to People Magazine, an insider said: “They originally were going to get married in Vegas and the plan was in place and at the last minute, [they] changed their mind. They were there with friends and everything.” Apparently a few Too Hot To Handle co-stars made it to the big day.

via Instagram @carlylawrence_

Carly also hosts a podcast called Now The Fun Starts and has been doing loads of branded Instagram posts with clothing brands.

Marvin Anthony

What the cast of season two of Too Hot To Handle are up to now

via Instagram @marvin.anthony_

Parisian model Marvin left Too Hot To Handle season two with Melinda, and bagged the $55,000 prize money. The pair have since split up and Melinda claimed he had ghosted her after the show. Since, Marvin has continued a career in fashion and fitness. He is also now an ambassador for a charity called OR BLEU which improves access to drinking water to all. He is also currently working as an actor and TV host, with his Instagram saying he’s worked with Prime Video. Marvin travels a lot, recently checking into London, Dubai, Milan and Paris.

Melinda Melrose and Peter Vigilante

via Instagram @petervigilante

After announcing she had split from Marvin, it came as a big shock that Melinda and Peter were an item after the show. They haven’t posted together in a while and it looks as though Melinda has deleted all her posts with him, so they may have since split.

Peter splits his time between LA and New York, working as a personal trainer and model. Melinda has spent a lot of time travelling and has done some modelling and branded content. Melinda has just been announced as the host of a new Netflix dating show, Dated and Related, where people date alongside their siblings. Melinda hosting a dating show? I’m there!

via Instagram @melinda_melrose

Chase DeMoor

Since not finding love on the show, Chase has become a fully-fledged internet personality. He seems to spend a lot of time commenting on the other cast member’s posts and getting involved in loads of beef and drama with cast members from other seasons of the show too. He’s posted with other cast members Kayla, Marvin and Carly who he is still in touch with, but also with Chloe, Francesca and Harry from season one.

What the cast of season two of Too Hot To Handle are up to now

via Instagram @chasedemoor

He’s also just hit one million Instagram followers and has a YouTube channel where he shares vlogs of his trips and insights into his life. He’s done some modelling work, launched an OnlyFans and is still a football player. Next up, Chase is appearing on Netflix challenge show, Floor Is Lava, alongside Too Hot To Handle season one cast member, Harry Jowsey.

Christina Carmela and Robert Van Tromp

To pretty much everyone’s surprise, when season two aired Christina and Robert announced they were still together. The bombshell couple got booted out the villa for breaking rules and at first kept their long distance relationship going. However, it was announced in September 2021 they were no longer together, with Robert saying their relationship had grown to be “challenging and uncomfortable”.

Distance had been a problem in their relationship, and now Robert is back in London and Christina is travelling all over the place, as she is still working as a pilot. As well as her pilot career, Christina is an influencer, working with brands such as FashionNova and Boux Avenue.

Robert has launched a podcast called Lipstick Stained Passport, which discusses everything dating, relationships, sex and mental health. So far his guests have included fellow Too Hot cast members Emily, Cam, Melinda, Marvin, Carly, Peter, Tabitha, Chase and Nathan . As well as having them speaking on the podcast, it’s clear from Instagram that Robert hangs out with his fellow cast members a lot. He recently visited New York and met with Melinda, and went to California and saw Nathan. He’s also been doing some modelling work and has worked with fashion brand NovaMen.

What the cast of season two of Too Hot To Handle are up to now

via Instagram @robertvantrump

Nathan Webb

via Instagram @kayleighrockofficial

Nathan was the Englishman living in the US in season two, and just seemed to be an all round nice guy. He might not have found love, but he sure found some pals because he still catches up with his fellow cast members now. He’s posted with loads of them, including Carly, Chase and Marvin. His Instagram looks like he spends a lot of time working out, modelling and taking photos of himself, which is fair.

But, in the biggest post Too Hot To Handle news ever, Nathan is now a dad! He’s with a woman called Kayleigh Rock, and they welcomed daughter Kynlei Niyle in February 2022.


Larissa Trownson

What the cast of season two of Too Hot To Handle are up to now

via Instagram @larissa_trownson

Larissa was everyone’s favourite lawyer with the motto that you can “be intellectual and wear a bikini too”. The Too Hot To Handle season two cast member still stands by that now, with her Instagram bio saying she is a lawyer, and her feed being primarily bikini pics. She also has her own website where she posts photos for subscribers only, basically the same as an OnlyFans.

Tabitha Clifft

via Instagram @tabitha.clifft

Tabitha was seeing Chase after the show, but they called it quits shortly after. Since, she’s been modelling and influencing. Tabitha has launched her own brand Glow by Tabitha, where she shares fitness and nutrition tips, saying her aim is “to make girls fall in love with themselves again”.

Joey Joy

What the cast of season two of Too Hot To Handle are up to now

via Instagram @joeyjjoy

Joey broke up with Carly after the show, but he hasn’t deleted any of their pictures together like she chose to. He now has over 400k Instagram followers and travels a lot, when not splitting his time between Miami and LA. Joey has launched a YouTube channel and hangs around with loads of YouTubers and influencers.

Kayla Jean Carter

via Instagram @kaylajean.official

Kayla was the first cast member from Too Hot To Handle season two to leave the villa, and now, she’s keeping it quite low-key. She’s still modelling and working as an influencer, mainly with clothing brands.

Elle Monae

What the cast of season two of Too Hot To Handle are up to now

via Instagram @elle.monae

Elle was a bombshell entry to season two, and since the show ending has travelled a lot and done some modelling. She modelled as part of the SS22 new swim collection with Manish Vaid and has worked with brands such as FashionNova.

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