‘It was a mistake’: The three current Too Hot To Handle cast who were arrested after filming

Beaux said, ‘I’m sorry to everyone and nothing like that has ever, ever happened again’

Just a reminder that after filming season three of the show, it was revealed three of the newest Too Hot To Handle cast members were arrested on their flight home. Since the incident, the three cast members have commented on what they are calling a “drunk mistake” and have apologised for what happened.

In May 2021, it was announced three cast members from the show had been arrested on their returning flight, and later fined £3,000 each for abusing British Airways staff. At the time, filming for both season two and three of the show had just concluded, and the public were unaware of the cast members for the latest season. However, it has now become clear that those involved in the incident were season three cast members – Beaux, Harry and Jackson.

Three of the current Too Hot To Handle cast members were arrested after filming the Netflix show

Harry Johnson and Beaux Greenslade, via Netflix

Matthew “Jackson” Mawhinney told staff to “look up who my mum is” after being refused alcohol on the flight back from the Turks and Caicos Islands. Mawhinney is the son of a former attorney general, Baroness Scotland. He was arrested alongside two other cast members who were on the same flight, Harry Johnson and Beaux Greenslade – Beaux uses the last name Raymond in the show and on her social media accounts.

Jackson allegedly spat at crew on the flight, and BA staff reportedly asked Harry and Beaux to tone it down after they were seen “kissing and behaving intimately” in their seats. According to a witness, people believed they were “going to perform a sex act” in their seats. It is then said they began to behave aggressively and were reminded to wear face masks and refused any more alcohol.

In court it was heard Matthew “Jackson” Mawhinney said to a member of the crew: “Go and fucking look up who my mum is – Baroness Scotland, I’m a gold card holder – go and get me a drink.” He had received a written warning from the captain, which he then screwed up and threw across the cabin. The court also heard that during the flight, Mawhinney got into the aisle and started doing press-ups, despite the fasten seat belt sign being on.

Three of the current Too Hot To Handle cast members were arrested after filming the Netflix show

Matthew ‘Jackson’ Mawhinney, via Netflix

Beaux Greenslade is said to have began to get abusive when she was refused any more alcoholic drinks on the flight. She told the stewardesses: “Take my fucking tray away, don’t you know I’m a fucking secretary, I will take your job away from you.” When a fellow passenger attempted to intervene, she told them to “shut up you fucking cunt”. Harry Johnson called a staff member a “bitch” when she refused him alcohol.

The three of them have since spoken about the incident and have apologised for what happened. Speaking to the Sun, Harry said: “I hope when people do watch the show, they realise that our characters aren’t what’s been portrayed and obviously it just was a drunk mistake.

“Filming a TV show, it was really hard work and you’re limited to two drinks a day. And it’s very stressful, to be honest, and you’ve got to stick to time and stuff like that. So I think obviously when we all got on the plane, we felt like it was our chance to kind of let loose and relax.”

Beaux added: “Definitely. I’m sorry to everyone and nothing like that has ever, ever happened again. It’s really embarrassing talking about it again. It’s out of character for us, obviously. It’s never nice when drinks are involved, it can escalate very quickly.” Jackson has also spoken about it, saying: “Our behaviour was immature and irresponsible and it’s weighed heavy on all us, and we’re just really looking to move forward from it as quickly as possible.”

Three of the current Too Hot To Handle cast members were arrested after filming the Netflix show

via Netflix

In court, Mawhinney, Greenslade and Johnson all admitted failing to obey the lawful commands of a pilot for refusing to put on a face mask and a further count of using threatening, abusive or insulting words and behaviour. In a letter to the court, Mahwinney apologised and said he is “deeply ashamed” of his behaviour, adding: “This is the most shameful and embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. I make no attempt to excuse what happened.”

Each defendant was fined £1,500 and ordered to pay £500 each to two cabin crew members. They were also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £150 and £85 costs for their abusive behaviour. They were ordered to pay a further £100 for refusing to put on their masks when told to by the captain.

The Tab has contacted Netflix, who refused to comment.

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