Lauren Jono Ellie MAFS Australia 2024 reunion

Lauren reveals the shocking axed scenes between her, Jono and Ellie during the MAFS reunion

This changes everything

We were all pretty shocked to see Ellie and Jono so blatantly cackling at everyone’s misfortune last night during the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion, but Lauren has revealed that several axed scenes meant there was a lot more than met the eye.

It turns out that Lauren, Jono and Ellie actually made up at the event and the reason they were always laughing was because she was making them laugh, something producers decided to cut from the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion to make it seem more dramatic.

Via Channel 9

Lauren told PEDESTRIAN.TV.: “I felt like an absolute idiot when they walked in. After that all happened, and me and Jono had words, we actually had a good night together. Every time you see them laughing, it’s because of me. Like Jono and Ellie were in stitches laughing all night because I was making them laugh because I’m funny. I don’t think they’ve laughed that much together so when they finally get to see me they were having a laugh.

“The trailer made it a little bit more sinister but we actually all end up having a good night and we actually could talk about that with the experts on the couch the next day.”

This is actually crazy and really changes the whole dynamic of the reunion and how the three of them were portrayed!

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