Emily Miller says ‘all the cast knew’ they were going on Too Hot To Handle

The entire idea is that the cast have no idea what show they’re actually on

You can’t help but think the cast of Too Hot To Handle might know the big secret of what show they’re on, but now season two star Emily Miller has confirmed it. She has revealed the whole cast knew they were taking part in the Netflix show, despite the whole show being focused around the cast having no idea what they are actually taking part in.

On Too Hot To Handle, we watch the cast members think they are on a regular dating show and ready to have a summer of sex and partying, before being shocked when Lana turns up and it is revealed what show they are actually on, and that they have an enforced sex ban.

However, season two star Emily Miller has said she and the rest of her fellow cast members knew exactly what show they were appearing on. Speaking on TikToker Grace Barry’s podcast, Emily said: “I actually knew I was going on it. Yeah, I knew it was going to be Too Hot To Handle.”

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Emily goes on to say she was also being interviewed for Ex On The Beach at the same time, and when she was talking to Netflix about not being able to decide which show’s offer to take, Netflix told her its show was too big of an opportunity to pass on. “Obviously they [Netflix] couldn’t say what show it was,” she said. “But they were like ‘Emily, I’m just gonna tell you this would be the biggest mistake of your life if you go on Ex On The Beach’. So, I was like hmm this is must be a big show for them to say that.”

She continued to say her fellow cast members also knew what show they were going on. “We all played dumb,” she said. “But I do believe we all kinda knew.” Emily also explains that, despite it looking like the cast are told quite early on what show they are actually on, they in fact had a few days of thinking they were on a different dating show. “For the first few days we did have a fake host,” she said. “The premise was kinda changed and we were hooking up with people. For the first few days it was kinda like a different show.”

So, is it all a lie or?????

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