From wake-up to lights out: This is the exact daily routine for Islanders on Love Island

Going in the pool all day is a strict no


Have you ever wondered what the average daily routine looks like for someone who is on Love Island? Like, we see them every single day, but how much do we actually know about what their villa lives are like? What time are they getting up? When do they eat dinner? How long do they spend getting ready for an evening of chatting in their own garden?

Interviews with ex-Islanders, plus research carried out by wellness experts at Eden’s Gate, has definitively put together what the daily routine looks like for Islanders whilst they’re on Love Island. From the time they wake up, to when they go to bed – here’s exactly what they’re getting up to.

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The Islanders wake up around 9am

The Islanders aren’t treated to huge lie-ins, because they are woken up at around 9am to get going with filming for the day. Kady McDermott, who was on the show’s second season and is then came back as a 2023 bombshell, said: “The days were very long, and the producers never let us sleep in past 9.30am [because] that wasn’t entertaining. They used to wake us up through speakers.”

ITV told The Sun waking up time “varies depending upon what has happened the night before.” For example, if there’s been a dumping the previous night, Islanders are allowed a bit more sleep as they may have been filming later, and want to get over one of their mates leaving!

After being woken up at the same time each morning, to start the day, the girls usually head to the dressing room and get ready while the boys make a cup of coffee or tea for the girl they are looking to impress.

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Then it’s chat time

During breakfast time, the Islanders are often encouraged by producers to head outside for “chats” in the morning and start talking about any dramas that are occurring in the villa. With the Spanish heat rising as high as 40 degrees, there tends to be plenty of time for relaxing around the pool before any instructions or challenges get underway.

But, actually going in the pool isn’t part of their daily routine most days

You might think that if you were on Love Island, you’d spend every day in the pool. However, the Islanders don’t because they simply aren’t allowed. Going in the pool means taking your mic off, and when you’re making a TV show, that’s a big no-no.

The daily routine for Islanders on Love Island

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What time do the Islanders eat at?

Every morning, it’s down to the Islanders to make their own breakfasts, which is just simple things like fruits, cereal and toast which they make in the kitchen area.

Dinner and lunch are cooked for the Islanders. A catering station is on the villa’s grounds, with chefs there to prepare food for the Islanders as well as the entire production staff, which usually consists of salads and barbecued meats. Executive producer, Mike Spencer, said on Reddit: “They have a real mix of foods, everything from lovely fresh salads to roast dinners on a Sunday!”

2021 Islander, Georgia Townend, said in an Instagram Q and A that dinner for her cast was mainly meat, fish, salad and picky bits. She added they would eat their meals on fold away tables and chairs in the kitchen area. And you might be wondering what time they eat dinner? About 3am apparently, because they have no concept of time in the villa.

In the afternoon, it’s usually time for a date or a challenge

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After lunch, one of the Islanders might receive the classic “I’ve got a text” and that sets up what will be happening for their afternoons. Following their catered lunch which is enjoyed off camera, the afternoon can lead to anything from a text with instructions, a date, or a challenge for the whole villa to partake in.

Getting ready for the evening takes hours

Ex-Islander, Amy Hart, has previously said the girls usually spent around two hours getting ready for an evening in the villa. The boys have to wait until the girls are ready before heading outside, and this can be delayed further because there is almost always a shower queue. This is why we often see a couple of Islanders opting to shower in the outdoor shower in the garden.

The Islanders start getting ready for the evening once it starts to get dark, as this is when the filming for the night tends to kick off.

The daily routine for Islanders on Love Island

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After a long evening not doing much drinking, the Islanders head to the Beach Hut before bed

There are strict alcohol restrictions on the Islanders, and they’re allowed a max of two alcoholic drinks in the evenings. They then do their usual chatting and discussing the day and dramas, before there might be something like a recoupling or a dumping.

Before hitting the hay, Islanders all go to the Beach Hut to discuss any events of the evening before they start to get ready for bed. They then have to make their way to their allocated bed which was shared in their couples, or use one of the outdoor beds if they wanted to change up the pairing.

Equally to the Islanders getting up early to make the most of filming, they go to bed really late too.

The villa is cleaned once a week

Cleaning definitely isn’t part of the daily routine for the Islanders on Love Island. They don’t have to do any of their own cleaning, although watching them run around with feather dusters would be fun, as the villa is cleaned once a week. A cleaner will come in and do things like washing the sheets, general cleaning and their laundry is done for them.

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