All the items the Islanders are banned from having in the Love Island villa

Strictly no fake tan allowed!

Being on Love Island looks like a walk in the park, and let’s be real, once you’ve got past the application and actually made it onto the show, it’s not bad to think about two months in the sun in a luxury villa ahead of you. But what the Islanders might not have expected is to find there are a bunch of items they are banned from taking in with them to the Love Island villa.

From beauty products to WiFi, there are quite a lot of rules the Islanders have to follow. Beside the obvious restricted items you wouldn’t be allowed to have on you anywhere, here are all the items that the Islanders are banned from having in the Love Island villa. And yes, some of these seem quite rogue.

All the items Islanders are banned from having in the Love Island villa

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Fake tan

In an interview with KissFresh Radio, 2021 Islander Chloe Burrows said that fake tan is strictly banned, because of the crisp white bedsheets in the villa bedroom. “Yeah you’re not allowed fake tan because of the bedsheets,” she said. “Cause obviously imagine that on TV – you can see bright pink stains everywhere from where I’ve been laying.”

Eyelash extensions

2021 was a fairly mixed up year for the Islanders, who weren’t allowed to have glam squads in the villa like previous years have, because of Covid. During this time, eyelash extensions were banned. “Mine had all fallen out, so I had no lashes,” said Chloe Burrows.

All the items Islanders are banned from having in the Love Island villa

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Makeup wipes

In a recent interview, 2020 Islander Shaughna Phillips revealed that makeup wipes were among the items banned in the Love Island villa. In the past there have been reports that Islanders have discarded thousands of makeup wipes whilst on the show, so maybe they have clocked onto this and now give them an alternative? In a report in 2020, it was said Love Island had “finally ditched makeup wipes — which are terrible for your face and the planet — and instead they’re [the Islanders] using reusable makeup-removal cloths.”

Mobile phones

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A bit more of an obvious one, but Islanders have no contact with the outside world so have their phones taken off them from when they are in “lockdown” before the show. They are then replaced with the Love Island phone whilst in the villa, which is very limited to what use it has – it’s basically for taking selfies and getting texts from producers.

Beauty products

According to Vera Clinic, since Boots is sponsoring this year’s show, it will be stocking the villa with a range of beauty, skincare, sun cream, and male grooming products for the Islanders to use. The products tend to be on display for promotional purposes so the contestants do not need to bring their own beauty products with them.

Branded clothes

Love Island has strict partners and sponsors each year, so the Islanders can’t be seen as endorsing any old brand. The Islanders are lucky enough to be given a continuous flow of new clothes to wear as part of partnerships with the show’s sponsors – this year’s being eBay. When they wear their own clothes, they can’t wear anything identifiable, with slogans, or with logos.

All the items Islanders are banned from having in the Love Island villa

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Obviously because they are not allowed access the outside world, WiFi is banned and not available in the Love Island villa. The phones they are given have no access to the internet.

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