All the strict rules the Islanders have to follow whilst in the Love Island villa

Just so you’re sure, this is NOT a holiday ❌


Despite what it might look like to us on the telly, Love Island isn’t just an eight-week holiday, and the Islanders have a number of rules they have to live by so all runs smoothly in the villa.

From making sure they don’t fight, to things they aren’t allowed to bring in their suitcases with them – the process is thorough from start to finish. And, in the past, Islanders have been sent packing for not doing as they’re told.

So, here’s a rundown of all the rules the Love Island cast have to abide by whilst in the villa filming the show.

All the rules the cast of Love Island have to follow in the villa

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Islanders aren’t allowed social media accounts whilst in the villa

One of the biggest changes to the rules on Love Island recently is that, whilst they are in the villa, the social media accounts of the Islanders will remain dormant. Usually, friends and family take over their socials and post for them, but this hasn’t been for the past few series, apart from All Stars – where socials have been back on.

The social media rule is in place to stop online harassment of Islanders and their families. Islanders have also received behaviour training before the villa, in an attempt to prevent bullying and discrimination.

No smoking inside the house or on the villa grounds

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In the first few seasons of the show smoking was allowed, and Islanders were encouraged to gather in the smoking areas in the villa and have a good gossip. Now, Islanders are not allowed to smoke at all on camera, after the show was criticised for glamourising the habit.

Instead of being given cigarettes like they were in previous seasons, Islanders now have to ask if they want to smoke, and it is never shown on camera.

No drugs

Love Island has a zero tolerance policy for drugs, including steroids, and contestants are drug tested during the casting process. Prescription medication is allowed as long as it is pre-approved by production.

No nudity in front of other Islanders

There are strict rules with Islanders being able to see each other naked casually around the villa, and this includes people being able to see each other in the shower.

All the rules the cast of Love Island have to follow in the villa

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There are loads of rules to do with the Love Island cast having sex

Given the show is focused around relationships, there has to be a number of rules in place regarding sex. Nudity and masturbating is banned for contestants so others are not made to feel uncomfortable in the villa. There is also no drunken sex allowed, to avoid ambiguities regarding consent.

Condoms are provided for contestants, and must be worn, no unsafe sex is allowed. Therapy is provided to all contestants who have sex in the villa, and the therapist is also available to provide emergency contraception if needed.

There are strict rules towards violence and aggression

All the rules the cast of Love Island have to follow in the villa

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The Islanders aren’t allowed to be aggressive, or fight with one another whilst in the villa, and ITV has lots of measures in place to make sure nothing can get out of hand whilst they’re there.

A spokesperson for Love Island has previously confirmed there is security around the villa 24-hours a day. So, if anything does kick off between the Islanders, there are people on hand straight away. Producers have also been known to ask Islanders to apologise to one another in the past to diffuse situations, and they will invite Islanders to the Beach Hut to cool off if things get heated.

Islanders are made aware that certain rule breaks will result in them being removed from the villa

In recent years, ITV has really cracked down with telling Islanders what sort of behaviour will result in them being removed from the villa. Past Islanders who have been removed include Malia in season two, and Sherif Lanre in 2019, who was made to leave after accidentally kicking Molly-Mae.

Islanders are pre-warned that behaviour such as fighting, being sexually forceful and saying racist slurs will end in them being told to pack their bags.

There are a whole bunch of items banned from the Love Island villa

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Besides the obvious restricted items you wouldn’t be allowed to have on you anywhere, there are a number of rogue things the Islanders aren’t allowed to take into the villa with them. These include: Fake tan, makeup wipes, chewing gum, mobile phones, beauty products and branded clothing.

No, the Love Island cast can’t just sleep all day in the villa

One of the rules Love Island producers are quite strict with is allowing Islanders to nap in the villa during the day. It’s been reported the tannoy system in the villa has told people off for falling asleep, as they’re trying to film a TV show. One time an ex-contestant went to have a nap upstairs and just as they fell asleep, the voice said: “Hello, we’re making a TV show, it’s not a holiday.”

Previous Islander Georgia Harrison revealed the one instance Islanders are allowed a bit more nap time is if they’re not filming any challenges or dates that day.

Alcohol is restricted too

All the rules the cast of Love Island have to follow in the villa

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If you watched previous Love Island series, you might think Islanders used to get a lot more drunk. And that’s because that pretty much is the case. There is a strict two drink limit a night for the contestants, and the first is usually something communal like the bottles of prosecco we often see them with.

There’s a limit on what the Islanders can drink, with only beer and wine on the menu – apart from the communal fizz bottles. Drinks are pre-poured for the Islanders too, so there is absolutely no risk of anyone going over their designated amount.

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