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ITV has banned 2023’s Love Islanders from having social media accounts during the show

Islanders will also receive ‘behaviour training’

After 5,000 complaints were sent to Ofcom last year for misogynistic behaviour and bullying, ITV has announced the new rules in place for Love Island 2023. Beginning with Winter Love Island on 16th January, Islanders will no longer be able to have people running their social media platforms on their behalf.

Usually, contestants have friends, or members of their family keeping their accounts regularly updated. This could be via screenshots from the show, or speaking directly to followers on Instagram Live. All of this will be completely banned under the new regulations.

Islanders are also set to receive behaviour training before they enter the villa – in an attempt to squash bullying and discrimination before it starts.

love island social media

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The social media rule is in place to stop online harassment of Islanders and their families. While they won’t be asked to shut down their accounts altogether, they’re being told they need to put them on pause until the end of the series. Nothing will be posted on their behalf.

Participants will also be sent links to online and video training around “negative behaviour” – such as coercive control and microaggressions related to gender, disability and race. They’ll be trained on using inclusive language, creating safe spaces and being good allies.

Former Islanders (who ITV haven’t named) are also interviewed in one segment of the video training – which will cover issues like how to cope with being filmed 24/7 and how to adapt to life after the show.


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A registered mental health professional will be available throughout the series from start-to-finish, as well as aftercare. All Islanders will also undergo thorough medical history checks via their own GP, in-house doctors and psychologists.

Winter Love Island starts on 16th January on ITV2.

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