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Gemma Owen says she has ‘no regrets’ about this year after Luca breakup and Love Island

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Love Island’s Gemma Owen has revealed she has no regrets about anything she has done this year, including breaking up with her Love Island co-star Luca Bish. Gemma starred on the latest season of Love Island this summer and left the villa with Luca, who she soon started a relationship with before breaking up three months later.

Following their breakup, Gemma admitted she was having a “challenging” time following their breakup. She said: “These last few weeks, as going through any breakup, it’s not nice. It’s not a nice time. Having to deal with the press and other people’s opinions, and people thinking that they know what’s going on when they’d don’t, it’s been challenging.”

However, she has since reflected on 2022 with Tatler, and despite her short-lived relationship with Luca, she said she doesn’t have “any regrets”. Speaking with the magazine, she said: “It’s been a really good year that I definitely won’t forget. I don’t have any regrets, which is important.”

Gemma opened up about being in a relationship in the public eye and said her life was “under a little bit of a microscope. “People question decisions or think they know what’s going on in your life when they perhaps don’t know the full story.”

It was reported that Gemma apparently dumped Luca after they went on a make or break holiday to Dubai. A source told OK magazine: “It was Gemma who ended things. Things had been rocky for weeks and the split didn’t come as a shock. It had been going on for weeks and they had brushed over things and then they went to Dubai and nothing really changed so things came to an end. On the outside after a couple of months it didn’t work out.”

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