Liberty Poole followed by stranger

Love Island’s Liberty says she was followed by a stranger to her car after going shopping

She has urged women to trust their ‘gut instinct’ if they feel unsafe

Love Island’s Liberty Poole has said she was followed to her car by a stranger after she went shopping. In a series of Instagram stories, Liberty said she went to pick up a parcel and do some shopping and was followed in and around a shop by a stranger as well as to her car. Liberty said she was left “shaking” after the incident and told women to “trust their gut instinct” if they feel unsafe.

While in her car, Liberty said: “I’ve gone to pick up my parcel tonight because it’s finally been located and I thought I’d just pick up some shopping while I get my parcel and there was this guy and as soon as he saw me and he basically looked me up and down and then all of a sudden was on his phone and then he started following me and looking at me round the aisles.”

Liberty said she spoke to one of the people working at the shop and told him she felt “really off” about the man who had been following her. “When I was doing my shopping he went outside and waited in his car and then I said to the security guard ‘please may you walk me to my car?’. By the time he had seen me ask the security guard, he left so I thought it was safe,” Liberty added.

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The Love Island star walked to her car after thinking it was safe to do so and said the stranger and followed her to her car. She said: “I had shopping bags and a parcel in my hand so I wouldn’t have been able to defend myself and he said like ‘excuse me’ and I don’t swear but I literally said so loudly ‘no f**k off’, like so so loudly that I think it scared him and he drove off.”

Liberty finished her stories by urging women to trust their gut instinct and to stay safe as well as telling people to not follow young women on their own as they “don’t want the attention and at the end of the day you’re going to scare them.”

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