Reality TV moments Victorian child into a coma

These undeniably iconic reality TV moments would send a Victorian child into a coma

No one can ever forget Sam’s vajazzle x

Reality TV is the gift that keeps on giving with some of the most chaotic moments in history. No one can ever forget Ekin-Su crawling across the terrace to kiss Jay or even when Chloe Ferry started trying to fight a tree, there is never a dull moment on any British reality TV show. The latest TikTok trend people have hopped onto is listing certain things that would send a Victorian child into a coma, like eating a Haribo tangfastic for example. There is no doubt that there are a fair share of reality TV moments that would send a Victorian child straight to A&E. From Geordie Shore to The Traitor, here are all the British reality TV moments that would put a Victorian child into a coma:

The Only Way Is Essex

The Only Way Is Essex has been a staple for over 10 years and has had its fair share of iconic moments. The main thing we should be grateful for when it comes to TOWIE is the icon that is Gemma Collins, who has provided us with non stop laughs for well over a decade.

Amy giving Sam a vajazzle

There was no better episode than when Amy Childs gave Sam Faiers a vajazzle and it became the one and only thing people could talk about. Salons across the UK began offering the beauty treatment so fans could replicate the look. Very Essex chic.

Lucy swilling Mario with red wine at a white party

Despite being one of the most wholesome relationships on the show, Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone’s relationship soon became sour. After cheating accusations are thrown around, they eventually break up and while at an all-white party, Lucy swills a glass of red wine at Mario. Probably not even worth the dry cleaning bill.

When Gemma held an exorcism

Gemma Collins had enough of her GC persona during her time on TOWIE after she became known as a diva. So in one episode, Gemma decided to have an exorcism to get “the GC” persona out of her body. Just your everyday episode of The Only Way Is Essex really.

Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore was a show like no other. The idea is simple, the house all go out to work and then go clubbing and get absolutely plastered on national TV and get paid for it. There’s truly nothing more you could ask for. For the most part, the Geordie Shore cast are usually always drunk so there’s definitely a fair share of chaos.

Charlotte weeing on Gary

Charlotte wetting herself and in turn accidentally weeing on Gary has got to be in the Geordie Shore hall of fame moments of pure chaos.

Chloe Ferry trying to fight a tree

Too iconic to critique tbh.

Holly trashing the entire Geordie Shore house after a night out

All of that chaos is a direct trip to accident and emergency for a Victorian child.

Made in Chelsea

Our favourite show of posh Londoners can do no wrong, especially since it introduced us to Spencer Matthew and Jamie Laing.

Spencer and Louise on the bridge

One of the most insane Made in Chelsea moments is Spencer telling Louise he can’t respect her because she allows him to cheat on her. Gobsmacked!

James telling Maeva to get up when she proposed

In April 2022, Maeva proposed to James and it didn’t all go as planned because he asked her to get up. The cringe alone would send a Victorian child straight into a slumber.

Love Island

Love Island is arguably one of the most successful reality TV shows and it has produced some of the very best memes and one-liners like no other. The dating show has had its fair share of iconic moments that would definitely send a Victorian child into a coma.

Curtis’ heart rate challenge dance

I don’t think an elaboration is needed. It just would.

Anna screaming two days at Jordan

A moment that will go down in history is Anna screaming at Jordan: “two days” repeatedly. Iconic.

Emma and Terry having sex in the villa bedroom

When Emma and Terry had sex without caring that every other Islander was in the room with them, it was a moment. Meanwhile there’s a Victorian child on its 20th day of a coma.

Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother

Big Brother and its celebrity version has created memes that’ll last a lifetime and for that everyone should be forever grateful. However, all these moments would be a direct trip to A&E for a Victorian child.

Megan McKenna’s meltdown

The fact it was over mashed potatoes is what makes this moment so great.

Lateysha Grace twerking and ripping her dress


Alison Hammond breaking the table when trying to spy on security

Alison attempted to spot the security guards but her plans later backfired when she broke the outside table. But it’s Alison Hammond! Icon!

David’s dead debacle

This will be forever etched in my memory forever.

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