Love Island moments Victorian child a coma

Just 19 chaotic Love Island moments that would send a Victorian child into a coma

12. ‘But you’re my girlfriend Lib’

Love Island has produced some of the greatest television moments in history and for that we should all be grateful. The endless memes that TV show has created should be studied and taught in GCSE history. The latest TikTok trend is people listing certain things that would send a Victorian child into a coma, like eating a tube of sour cream and chive Pringles for example. There is no doubt that there are a fair share of Love Island moments that would be sending a Victorian child straight to accident and emergency. From John proposing to Hannah and her saying yes to Ekin-Su crawling across the balcony, here are all the Love Island moments that would put a Victorian child in a coma:

1. When Georgia entered the villa and picked Kem to couple up with

Love Island moments Victorian child a coma

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Nothing screamed drama more than Georgia crashing the villa’s all-white party in a red dress and coupling up with Kem straight away. It was utter carnage and considering how much the Islanders in season three disliked each other, this only added fuel to the fire. This very fuel is what would send a poor Victorian child into a deep slumber from the stress of seeing Amber’s eyes pop out of its sockets.

2. Olivia Attwood jumping into the villa’s swimming pool

A moment we can all remember vividly is when the season three Love Island finalists all jumped into the pool and Olivia did the most awkward jump to ever be done. No one can top her jump and the sheer confusion of it all would never make anyone the same again.

3. Anna screaming at Jordan for cracking on with India TWO DAYS after he asked Anna to be his girlfriend

Love Island moments Victorian child a coma

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No one can beat this level of foolishness than Jordan. The actual confidence to try and get to know another girl just two days after making another your girlfriend is just obscene. But what would tip a Victorian child over the edge is hearing Anna scream at Jordan over and over again. An iconic moment in Love Island moment that’ll go down in history for no one to forget.

4. Ekin-Su crawling on the balcony to go and kiss Jay

It was in this moment that Ekin-Su’s fate as the Love Island 2022 winner was sealed. No one had this much confidence since 2019 when Jordan cracked on with India right in front of Anna’s eyes. The straight up gumption to get what she wanted was unmatched all season!

Love Island moments Victorian child a coma

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5. Hugo saying job done after kissing Amy in Casa Amor

The second hand embarrassment from this would be enough to put another into a deep sleep. I’m still cringing!

6. When John proposed to Hannah in season one and she said yes!

Everyone is still reeling from this moment because it’s just so hard to believe. Of course it didn’t work out but just the fact Hannah said yes despite all the issues they had in their relationship was just so bizarre.

7. Rebecca Gormley’s fredora


Love Island moments Victorian child a coma

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8. The chaldish gang and their skinny jeans

Destiny’s Chaldish truly made a name for themselves and most importantly, their skinny jeans. Nothing screams season five Love Island more than Michael Griffiths and his skinny jeans.

9. Emma and Terry have sex for the whole villa bedroom to see

When Emma and Terry had sex without a care in the world was truly something for the Love Island history books. You’ve got to rate the unbothered attitude they had about it. Fair enough but there’s a Victorian child on its twelfth day of a coma.

10. Belle shouting at Anton all the time

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Belle was the legend of her Casa Amor cohort and that’s simply because she took no shit from Anton. Each time he disrespected her she came down like a ton of bricks and honestly, if Belle starts shouting at you and you don’t cry, you’ve got a heart of steel.

11. Rosie and Megan’s photoshoot to get back at Adam Collard

There was really no need for that photoshoot but they did it anyways. In a bid to get back at Adam Collard for being, well Adam Collard, Rosie and Megan got into some sexy underwear and took some photos. Obviously it made everyone on planet earth cringe and has continued to plague everyone’s mind each Love Island summer.

12. Jake telling Liberty she is his girlfriend

There has been nothing worse than the words: “But you’re my girlfriend Lib” from Jake Cornish. A truly terrible sentence I wish was never said. Not just because Liberty deserved better but just because how utterly cringe it was. Dreadful stuff.

13. ‘I licked her tit or whatever’

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Andrew’s one liner about licking Coco’s tit or whatever will truly never be topped. No one will ever be able to make a nation unite in such a way than Andrew did. The moment wasn’t even cringe, just hilarious and the laughter aches that phrase caused would be enough to send a Victorian child into a coma.

14. The return of Adam Collard in Love Island 2022

Just Adam waddling into the villa saying “surprise” and not so much as getting a hello back would be enough to put anyone into a second-hand embarrassment a coma.

15. Anytime Ovie screamed ‘message’ when someone got a text

I have no bad word to say about Ovie but just how loud he would yell “message” whenever someone got a text in the villa was too chaotic to not include.

16. Eyal saying ‘rah’


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17. Molly-Mae screaming ‘Tommy’ when he makes their doll do a backflip

Every year the baby challenges comes and goes on Love Island and it’s a challenge no one wants to watch because it’s fairly boring until an Islander comes out with an iconic one-liner. When Tommy started making his and Molly’s doll do backflips and Molly yelled: “Uh Tommy”, it stuck in my mind forever. No one will truly ever be the same again.

18. Curtis during the heart rate challenge

Need I say more?

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19. Kady spilling a drink down Malia’s leg and Malia getting ready to fight her

The absolute drama Kady caused by accidentally spilling her drink down Malia’s leg will go down in Love Island history. The chaos that erupted after it happened is next to none. Malia pushing Kady? The boys jumping over the swimming pool? Zara telling Malia to not push girls? Just way too much for a Victorian child to handle!

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