Geordie Shore secrets

This is exactly what it’s like to be on Geordie Shore, from the cast who have done it all

‘People on Geordie Shore do the longest hours you’ll ever know’

Geordie Shore was a show like no other. It was the British reality TV series no one had ever really experienced when it first aired and it has been adored ever since. The idea of Geordie Shore is simple, the house all go out to work and then go clubbing and get absolutely plastered on national TV and get paid for it. What more could you want at 20 years old? However, despite how much of a dream it all looks like, there is a lot behind the scenes that fans of Geordie Shore don’t actually know. Over the years, the stars of the MTV show have revealed just how Geordie Shore works and how tiring it can actually be. Here is everything you didn’t know about the behind the scenes secrets of Geordie Shore:

The cast live in the house 24/7 and the work can be ‘really tiring’

In 2019, Vice spoke to Geordie Shore alum Charlotte Crosby and she revealed just how tiring starring on the show can be. Fans see the Geordie Shore stars all live in one house together, and Charlotte said they live there “24 hours of the day”. As well as that, Charlotte said they have to do green screens two days a week, which is “about 70 per cent of the work”.

Charlotte said: “I wouldn’t change that for the world,  because I’ve learned so many skills from doing it. It’s knackering, but not in a physical way, in a mental way. Maybe you have to go back to a time when you’re having a raging argument – so they’re telling you, ‘Be angry, you’ve got to deliver this in an angry manner.'” Charlotte said switching her emotions on and off is mentally “really tiring”.

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Charlotte, who has since left Geordie Shore and now has a child with her partner, said people on Geordie Shore “do the longest hours you’ll ever know”. She said the cast are up “at the crack of dawn” doing their hair and makeup and because there are no make-up artists or styling, they have to do it all themselves. They then have to get changed and do what is needed for them during the day and then go on a night out.

All the alcohol intake is monitored by staff

One thing Geordie Shore is known for is just how drunk the cast members get. Whether it’s one of the cast members vomiting in a corner or Chloe Ferry fighting a tree, you’d think they could drink however much they like. In actual fact, the rules around drinking are very different than some would think. Abbie Holborn revealed in an Instagram Q&A that their drinking is “monitored” on a night out. In response to a fan asking if they have a drinking limit, Abbie said: “Yeah, all of our drinking is monitored. If we’re not too drunk, we can have some more.”

The cast have their bank cards taken away from them

The amount the cast go for drinks and nights out, much is to be assumed that there is a burning hole in their purses but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Abbie Holborn confirmed that MTV pay for absolutely everything. In an Instagram Q&A, Abbie was asked who pays for dates when they go out, and Abbie said: “We don’t have our bank cards, everything is paid for by MTV.” Must be nice!

The cast don’t get paid for the work they do and Anna isn’t even their boss!

One part of Geordie is that they go out and work in the day to pay for their night out. However they don’t actually get paid for the work they do. Gaz Beadle said the work is “just a part of being there”. He said: “You’ve just got to do it, they’re horrible as well. In the first series I genuinely thought I was getting paid. I had no money, so I did four topless parties for Anna.”

Anna is the boss who comes and tells the cast what jobs they’d be doing for the day, but it’s all a lie! Gaz revealed that Anna isn’t their boss and there is someone else telling them what they need to do and where they are going. However, in real life she does the Geordie Shore tours. Marty said: “She’s making a fortune. She’s a baller.”

Their phones are confiscated and they are allowed one phone call every three days

Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry revealed their phones are taken away from from they have have to stay inside the Geordie Shore house for five weeks and can only leave for work and clubbing. Nathan said: “You’re allowed one phone call every three days. If I had a massive argument with Sophie, the first thing I’d do is get my phone, text my friends and bitch about them. So not having your phones, it forces you to confront them and sort it out.”

Geordie Shore secrets

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Sophie Kasaei told The Sun Geordie Shore is like Big Brother, “but you’re allowed a phone call”.

If the boys want to take someone home, the person needs be sober and have their passport as a form of ID

Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers told the Daily Star if they wish to take someone back to the house, the person must show their passport to producers if they want to have sex with them and they cannot be drunk. Aaron said: “They have to have a passport for ID, and they’ve got to go and film a video to agree they are probably going to have sex. Then they have to sign a form. And then it takes them an hour or so to sober up before they can actually meet us.”

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