Meet Yasmine Zweegers: The 23-year-old Master’s student who’s now on Made in Chelsea

She has a drama degree, nearly 200k TikTok followers AND her own brand

The last couple of seasons have seen a lot of new people join MIC, and a lot of them date Miles. Yasmine has recently joined the Made in Chelsea cast and yep, you guessed it, she’s been on a couple of dates with the SW man of the moment himself.

Yasmine is a Master’s student, who also has her own brand, and has still made time for brunches and champagne parties in Chelsea. It’s looking like she’s going to be on the show for a while, as on Instagram she was in Bali with fellow cast members when they were filming for the next overseas special season. So, here’s everything you need to know about Yasmine Zweegers, as she joins the gang on Made in Chelsea.

Yasmine Zweegers who has joined cast of Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @yasmine_myz

New Made in Chelsea face Yasmine is 23, and from London

Yasmine Zweegers was born in May 1999, so is 23. She has Dutch and Syrian heritage, and lives in London. She works as an actor, model, entrepreneur and influencer. She went to Ibstock Place School, a private school in southwest London.

On her LinkedIn, Yasmine lists herself as a self-employed content creator on TikTok. She says she has an international audience, and has been working in content creation for two years. She currently has 184.2k followers on TikTok, and her videos have had nearly 4million likes.

Yasmine Zweegers who has joined cast of Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @yasmine_myz

She has a drama degree and is currently studying for a Master’s

Yasmine is an actress, and has a degree in drama and theatre from Goldsmiths. She achieved a 2:1, and whilst at uni was a member of the drama society. Yasmine is currently studying for a Master’s in acting at Rose Bruford College in London. Her Goldsmiths graduation was two years delayed due to Covid, but in January this year she finally posted to say she had her ceremony to celebrate.

via Instagram @yasmine_myz

Yasmine apparently knows Made in Chelsea royalty

Yasmine apparently lives next door to previous MIC cast member Stephanie Pratt, and the pair often go on walks and coffee dates together. Casual!

And Yasmine has been on reality TV before!

You might have seen Yasmine on TV before, as she has also appeared in an episode of Rich Kids Go Skint. In the series, she moved into a couple’s council flat for a week. She moved in with a young family who survive on £520 a month, after they fled from Mexico to escape violence and drug cartels. The episode saw Yasmin struggle with the budget, and using a washing machine for the first time.

Yasmine Zweegers who has joined cast of Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @yasmine_myz

She also has her own brand

On the side of her studies, Yasmine has her own brand. She is the co-founder of MYZ London, a luxury home and lifestyle brand. According to the brand’s website, it was founded by Yasmine’s mum, “Dutch-born Marianne Z, living in London for over two decades, graduated in interior design and art of history at the famous Inchbald School of Design in London.”

The brand specialises in its own collection of luxury scented candles. “We believe that scent and quality are the most important parts of our dreams and memories,” the website reads.

via Instagram @yasmine_myz

Straight after joining Made in Chelsea, Yasmine has been put in a bit of a triangle with Miles Nazaire

It’s now just a rite-of-passage that if you’re a straight female who joins Made in Chelsea, you date Miles. And Yasmine has done just that, albeit in a bit of a messy fashion. When she was first introduced as joining the cast, it was said she’d been on a date with Miles and they’d agreed to a second. But of course, we were still in the process of seeing Miles getting to know Ella May Ding on the show.

Ella came all the way over to London from Australia to meet Miles, and they looked good together when they went on a few dates. But, in true Miles fashion, that came to an end and Ella headed back to Aus. At the same time, Miles had been messaging Yasmine about meeting up.

Miles messaging Yasmine was one of the reasons it didn’t work out between him and Ella, and she left the show to head back to Australia on a bit of a sour note after finding out he’d been texting Yasmine too. I guess we’ll have to watch this space here!

Yasmine Zweegers who has joined cast of Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @yasmine_myz

Yasmine has 12.8k followers on Instagram

By the looks of her Insta, Yasmine likes gorgeous holidays, hanging out in Battersea Park, and London hotspots such as Sexy Fish. She currently has 12.8k followers, and if you want to add to that, her handle is @yasmine_myz.

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