How to cope with loneliness during your first term at uni, according to Mind

All the celebs and influencers who are studying at your uni this year

Sorry but imagine turning up to halls and seeing the actual Gordon Ramsay moving his daughter in

Graham Norton announced as host of new ‘Eurovision-style’ drag singing competition

Queen Of The Universe is set to premiere on December 2nd

Okay so who are the ‘hot twins’ from Sex Education that everyone’s talking about??

Omg wait Mr Groff is their REAL dad??

Drag Race’s A’Whora has apologised for comments made about Veronica Green in online video

‘I value Veronica, and devalue myself in this situation’

Emily in Paris season two release date is confirmed and the new season looks SO good

Can’t wait to have my favourite trashy mess show back in my life!!

Parent of Warwick student crashes car into hall of residence while dropping child off at uni

Just a little bit embarrassing

All the huge brand deals the cast of Love Island 2021 have already landed

Liberty is already a millionaire

Here’s where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s terrifying Midnight Mass from

So many of them were in Bly Manor!!

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you if your Married At First Sight wedding will end in divorce

Honestly just give me the divorce papers now

Netflix has confirmed it’s renewing Sex/Life for a second season!!

I still haven’t recovered from season one tbh

Lemon from Drag Race’s rap verse is so good it’s ‘stunting plenty’ on, well, everyone

Lemon is the Canadian Nicki Minaj as far as I’m concerned

Netflix has dropped another trailer for Stranger Things 4 and it looks very, very creepy

It looks so good but so terrifying at the same time

The government is planning to change student loans so grads have to start paying back earlier

Is this…punishing young people for never voting Tory?

A new clip for Bridgerton season two just dropped and wow, I was not prepared for this

The new season looks 🔥

Quiz: Which Sex Education adult are you spiritually aligned with?

Look, we can’t all be Jean

Eight out of 10 students say they don’t feel safe walking home

It comes after the Met Police say the streets of London are ‘safe for women’

These are the vigils being held for Sabina Nessa across the country

Sabina was killed on her five minute walk to the pub

Police share CCTV pictures of man they want to speak to over Sabina Nessa’s murder

The Met has also released a picture of a car they believe the man has access to

Quiz: Who from Sex Education on Netflix would be your ultimate bestie?

We all need an Eric in our lives