A full rundown of Miles Nazaire from Made in Chelsea’s ever evolving dating history

At this point he’s breaking a heart per episode


Right now it seems as though Miles Nazaire on Made in Chelsea is breaking hearts for fun. Every new face added to the cast has some sort of connection to him, or is joining as his next love interest. So you’re probably quite interested in the colourful dating history Miles has had, and who from Made in Chelsea he’s dated over the years.

As well as being in a few relationships on the show, and famously being with Maeva for a long time before she got with James Taylor, Miles has also had a number of shorter flings, and went on Celebs Go Dating to boost his love life. He’s really trying!

So, let’s go back in time and take a full look at the dating history of Miles Nazaire, including all the people he’s dated on Made in Chelsea.

Maeva D’Ascanio – 2016 to 2019

Probably the most notable entry in Miles’ dating history is fellow Made in Chelsea cast member, Maeva D’Ascanio. They dated for three years, before Maeva joined the show in 2019. Maeva is now engaged to James Taylor, but this hasn’t stopped Miles still being in the picture.

Miles and Maeva still clearly have some unfinished business, and one argument between Maeva and James previously ended in Maeva saying she was just going to go and sleep with Miles again. Casual.

When Maeva joined the show, Miles told MailOnline they still had “love for the other,” and said: “Her joining the show was a shock to me. She just popped up. It made me worried. In fact I think you’ll see a more vulnerable side to me really. It’ll be interesting.” It’s been interesting, that’s for sure.

Tiffany Watson – 2020

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You might have forgotten that back a day, Miles dated Tiff Watson. After she broke up with Sam Thompson, Tiff and Miles briefly dated, but nothing really came of it. They went on a few dates, but Tiff told Miles she was just after a bit of fun and not a boyfriend. Tiff is now married to footballer Cameron McGeehan.

Inga Valentiner – 2021

The dating history of Miles Nazaire from Made in Chelsea

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In the 2021 series of Made in Chelsea, Miles was briefly seeing Inga. Again, nothing really came of it and now Inga is in a relationship with Made in Chelsea co-star, Sam Prince.

Ruby Adler – 2021

The dating history of Miles Nazaire from Made in Chelsea

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There was a lot of back and forth with people wondering if Miles and Ruby were dating. In between breakups between Ruby and Reza, Ruby and Miles sparked a few dating rumours after he told her to “hurry up and breakup with your boyfriend” when talking about Reza, who Ruby had been with for 10-years.

Ruby and Miles always insisted they were just friends, but then Miles finally asked her on a date. We saw them go for drinks together on the show, and on Instagram they were picture at a film premiere. Needless to say, they broke things off. Ruby got back with Rez, but they’ve split up again since.

Chloe Brockett – 2022

The dating history of Miles Nazaire from Made in Chelsea

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After they appeared together on Celebs Go Dating, Miles didn’t find love with a member of the public, but he did briefly date TOWIE’s Chloe Brockett. They went on some dates in London and a mini-break to Essex together, before it all ended.

According to The Sun, Miles had asked Chloe to “fake” their relationship and it was all “orchestrated”. An insider said: “Before the mini-break, Miles was telling everyone he didn’t fancy Chloe. He asked her if they could pretend there was something between them for extra camera time.

Issy Francis-Baum – 2022

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In recent episodes of Made in Chelsea, we’ve seen Miles and newbie Issy together. 20-year-old Issy went on a few dates with Miles, including inviting him round to her massive east London mansion, where he accidentally met her dad.

Issy and Miles met in Mallorca when MIC was filming there, but when they returned to London it all fizzled out. Miles ended things with Issy, and we saw her get quite upset over it all and end up going to Maeva for advice. Messy!

Ella May Ding – 2022

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It really looked like a turning point for Miles when it was said on the show he had been FaceTiming and messaging Married at First Sight Australia star, Ella May Ding. She then came all the way over to London to meet Miles, and they looked good together when they went on a few dates. But, in true Miles fashion, that came to an end and Ella headed back to Aus.

Speaking about her time on the show at a presentation in Sydney, Ella said: “Made in Chelsea was pretty crazy. The show was intense. It was probably harder than MAFS. It’s such a short period of time. I didn’t find love. I should probably learn not to find love on TV.” She confirmed breaking things off with Miles was amicable, with “no bad blood” and said he “just wasn’t for me”.

Yasmine Zweegers – 2022

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Yasmine is the latest person we’ve seen dating Miles on Made in Chelsea. She’s one of a few new faces who have joined the show this season, and she’s been messaging Miles and arranging to go to drinks together.

Miles messaging Yasmine was one of the reasons it didn’t work out between him and Ella, and she left the show to head back to Australia on a bit of a sour note after finding out he’d been texting Yasmine too. I guess we’ll have to watch this space here!

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