Ok so are Miles and Ruby from Made in Chelsea actually dating now?

They look preeeeeetty cosy

One of the main subjects in last night’s Made in Chelsea season finale was the fallout from Ruby and Reza breaking up and the involvement of Miles. It looked a lot like Miles had been hoping for a while that Ruby and Reza were going to call it a day, and now was ready to move in himself.

Reza Amiri-Garroussi and Ruby Adler split up after ten years together, with Ruby saying on the show that she didn’t want to be with him anymore. On the show she added: “My breakup of however many years with the man I love so much has nothing to do with Miles, he’s been a good friend.” Reza had previously been accused of messaging other girls, and the pair were quick to unfollow each other on Instagram after news of their breakup became official.

Miles Nazaire famously told Ruby a couple of times to “hurry up and breakup with your boyfriend” which didn’t exactly go down well, and more than hinted that he was after Ruby for himself.

Ruby Adler and Reza Amiri-Garroussi split on Made in Chelsea

via E4

Despite both of Ruby and Miles proclaiming they are “just friends” until we’re sick in the face, the show ended on them agreeing to go out for a drink, with Ruby asking if this meant Miles was asking her on a date. Miles said he was, and she accepted. So yes, it looks like they are going to see what happens.

Since the show was filmed, the pair have been spending a lot of time together. They sparked dating rumours when Miles posted a couple of photos of them together on his Instagram story, of them attending a premiere together. They were pictured outside London’s Tate Modern, where a screening of Disney’s new Loki series was taking place.

Ruby Adler and Miles Nazaire dating rumours on Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @milesjnazaire

Miles shared a video of Ruby and in the clip he said: “Oooh hello! Someone’s looking beautiful. You ready for this Marvel film?” Later he said that she is “glowing as usual”. Ruby posted a photo of them together, and Miles shared another video of him and Ruby having their photos taken captioned “Found you” with the heart eyes emoji. Make of that what you will. 👀

Ruby Adler and Miles Nazaire pictured together after Made in Chelsea

via Instagram @milesjnazaire

Miles also shared a couple of really cute pictures of them from the night. One was of them looking pretty cosy together, captioned: “Had such a beaut evening with @rubyadler,” with a red love heart. Another was of just Ruby, looking at the camera.

Made in Chelsea: Ruby and Miles out together spark dating rumours

via Instagram @milesjnazaire

The pair haven’t since posted anything else on Instagram, and no pictures of them have actually made it onto the grid. But, you know Made in Chelsea these days – it’s only a matter of time before another series is here and no surprise if the teaser is Ruby and Miles settling down on dates together and everyone arguing over it and picking sides of who they want to support.

I can’t wait x

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