RIP Made in Chelsea (2011 – 2021): It was fun, but it’s time to call it a day now

Maeva’s back must hurt from desperately carrying this show for the last seasons


Let’s get one thing straight before we begin here – I am the biggest Made in Chelsea fan. I think I’m one of the only members of the population who has stuck it out with this show for so long, so it pains me to say it but Made in Chelsea is over.

Series 876 has just started, and to be honest, they should have probably bit the bullet and not bothered coming back. It’s been 10 years now, and if the creators of the show had any ounce of respect for what used to be a national treasure they should see that it is a good time to let it go.

The entire premise of the series has fallen apart, there’s a strong lack of drama and I’m convinced the cast members themselves don’t even care anymore. RIP. It was fun while it lasted.

After 10 years it is time to admit that Made in Chelsea is over

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The cast aren’t even from Chelsea anymore

The whole purpose of Made in Chelsea is to watch a bunch of 20-something rich socialites going for brunch and causing chaos in the fancy area they are from, Chelsea. The synopsis for the show is: “Meet the heirs and heiresses of the Chelsea social set, the nattily dressed, fiercely ambitious, nightlife-loving 20-something residents of West London and South West areas of Belgravia, Kings Road and Knightsbridge.”

But the thing is, these days they’re not from Chelsea. They literally are not “made in Chelsea”, so what’s the point??? Here are a few to prove my point. Sophie Habboo? From Warwickshire. Liv Bentley? From Oxfordshire. Emily Blackwell? From Surrey. Alex Mytton? From Hampshire. Sophie Hermann is from Munich and Maeva is from Paris. I could go on, because literally none of the new cast members are from Chelsea, but you get the idea.

There is literally no drama like there used to be

Made in Chelsea, Inga and Tiff

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You really want me to invest in the drama between Reza and Ruby when I’m used to the kind of full scale breakup scandals we used to get with Spencer, Jamie, Alex and Sam? I don’t want Liv and Tristan fighting, I want Spencer and Louise! I want Millie raising a glass declaring “here’s to friendship” not Tiff attempting to stir drama between people we know have no real interest in one another.

You can tell that not a single person in that house last season cared about Inga and Miles, and neither did we. Nor will anyone care about the “drama” between Tristan and the new girl Nicole. They just don’t make it like they used to, and that’s final.

The only good thing about the most recent series was Sophie and Tom, and they’ve split up now anyway

Sophie and Tom on Made in Chelsea

My heart hurts just looking at them

I was willing to let some of the god awful storylines go when queen Sophie came in with her new boyfriend Tom Zanetti. These two were a breath of fresh air and a couple I was actually (embarrassingly so) invested in. But now they’ve split up. Fab.

The new cast members are as dry as they come, and you can’t even argue there

I mean, who is this person with Maeva and don’t tell me cause I don’t care

I cannot tell you a single thing about Robbie, Inga or Eloise. I had to Google just to check I’d got their names right to write that sentence. Every series a whole new bunch of faces are added, ever since that tainted year when they added like 12 new faces and now I think the only ones left are Verity and Maeva and that girl Amelia who shows up every now and then. They! Are! Not! Interesting!

And we should have known the show was over when they started drafting in ex-Love Islanders

Who decided to ruin our favourite posho TV series by throwing in a few fame-hungry Islanders? Zara McDermott was a push, annoying at first but then she did provide a lot of tension when everything was going down with her and Sam, so that alone we could have let slide. But then Charlie Frederick? For no reason? What benefit did this casting have? Why was he there? He just went to the gym and moaned a bit. Bad call, seriously bad call.

Leave it out

They haven’t even been filming in Chelsea

I know I know, it’s been a pandemic and the show must go on and all, and I greatly respect how MIC has pushed through and still brought us content to enjoy during lockdown. But, personally, I much more enjoyed spending lockdown watching old seasons, the good ol’ days, instead of watching sub-par cast members cooped up in some manor somewhere forcing drama down us when in reality, it just wasn’t happening.

It’s back in Chelsea this season and I’ll admit, I’m listening. But until I see Jamie and Alex popping for a drink at the Prince Albert, or the girls having a bitching session over brunch at Bluebird, I am bored.

All of the original cast members are settling down and having babies, which is a stark reminder that their play time is over

Made in Chelsea, babies, Millie Mackintosh, Hugo Taylor, children

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Spencer Matthews is settled down with two children, Millie Mackintosh is expecting her second child with Hugo Taylor, Binky has two children and Louise is expecting. We’re old. It’s time to move on and accept it – the once fun and wild Made and Chelsea really is a thing of the past – it’s over.

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