Quiz: Can you name these mega irrelevant Made in Chelsea cast members?

Never forget Funda, a true legend x

Made in Chelsea cast members come and go as each season passes. It seems like it’s the kind of show that will never end, and with it will come the endless feed of cast members who come on the show for a matter of minutes, make little to no impact, maybe have one argument and then disappear never to be heard of again. But for some reason, those truest to the Made in Chelsea we have always known and loved will remember these irrelevant cast members and take their faces to the grave – which is where the following quiz comes in.

Some may brush these people off and their faces mean nothing, whilst others remember Funda like she was knocking around with Spencer Matthews just yesterday. For every Jamie, Proudlock and Francis, there are five other faces who might have actually just been an Made in Chelsea pipe-dream and are now mixing with the rest of us in Clapham instead.

So, it’s time to truly test you knowledge and see how well you really remember these one-second MIC wonders. Your time is now.

Take this quiz to see how well you remember some of the most irrelevant Made in Chelsea cast members ever:

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Pictures via E4.