These are all the ages of the current Made in Chelsea cast members

When Jamie Laing quit because he felt old, he wasn’t lying


Jamie Laing recently quit Made in Chelsea after 10 years, saying that, aged 33, he felt he was a bit too old for all the reality TV show drama. And to be honest, given some of the ages of the Made in Chelsea cast, he was heading towards looking a bit like their awkward uncle.

Made in Chelsea has always been about rich 20-somethings living it up in London and having loads of money. In recent years a lot of them haven’t even been from Chelsea, but they sure as hell are still mega rich. They’re also getting younger and younger, with some of them seeming to have their whole lavish lives carved out before they’ve even reached their mid-20s. Here are all the ages of the current Made in Chelsea cast members.

Sophie Hermann

Age: 35

Made in Chelsea, cast, ages, how old, age, Sophie Hermann

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German heiress Sophie Hermann is now the eldest member of the regular cast. Heir to Mustang jeans, Sophie Hermann is the granddaughter of founder Luise Hermann. She’s also stepdaughter of famous German actress Uschi Glas.

Olivia Bentley

Age: 26

Made in Chelsea, cast, ages, how old, age, Olivia Bentley

via Instagram @oliviabentleyk

Olivia Bentley is extremely posh, well spoken and seems to have her whole life in check. So you’ll be forgiven for thinking she might be older than just 26. Before the show, Olivia went to the uber-exclusive Bradfield College and has also worked as a photographer.

Tristan Phipps

Age: 24

Tristan Phipps

via Instagram @tristan.phipps

Tristan is currently on and off dating Liv, and is two years younger than her. As well as the show, he works in fitness and as an influencer.

Verity Bowditch

Age: 26

Verity Bowditch

via Instagram @veritybowditch

Verity joined the show in series 17. She graduated from King’s in 2016 with a degree in Biomedical Science and now has her own vegan food brand and runs a pilates studio.

Tiff Watson

Age: 29

Made in Chelsea, cast, ages, how old, age, Tiffany Watson

via Instagram @tiffanyc_watson

Tiffany is the youngest of the Watson sisters, her older sister Lucy is 31. She appeared on the show from series nine to 14 and then rejoined for series 19. Recently, Tiff announced she is engaged to her footballer other half, Cameron McGeehan.

Ollie Locke

Age: 34

Made in Chelsea, cast, ages, how old, age, Ollie Locke

via Instagram @ollielockeworld

Ollie has always been an MIC favourite, having joined the cast in the very first season. He went to boarding school in Romsey, Hampshire, and is now one of the richest names in UK reality TV.

Gareth Locke

Age: 32

Made in Chelsea, cast, ages, how old, age, Gareth Locke

via Instagram @garethplocke

Gareth and Ollie got married at the end of the last season of Made in Chelsea after getting engaged two years previously. Gareth was named in Drapers 30 under 30 back in 2019, when he was aged 29, for his work with luxury clothing brand Holland Cooper.

Emily Blackwell

Age: 26

Emily Blackwell

via Instagram @emily.blackwell_

Emily joined Made in Chelsea back in 2016 and previously lived with co-stars Miles Nazaire and Sophie Habboo. She was 20 when she first started on the show.

Harvey Armstrong

Age: 26

Harvey Armstrong

via Instagram @harveyarmstrong_uk

Before joining Made in Chelsea, Harvey was working as a chartered accountant at PwC. He’s also been playing rugby for years and is a fullback, currently playing for Gibraltar Rugby. He’s done rugby tours all over Europe. Harvey now owns a beer company called Prime Time Lager.

Reza Amiri-Garroussi

Age: 34

Reza Amiri-Garroussi

via Instagram @rezamcfly

Reza attended fancy private school Epsom College, like many other Made in Chelsea cast members. He then went on to study at the University of Kent and then worked in PR before joining the show.

Ruby Adler

Age: 25

Made in Chelsea, cast, ages, how old, age, Ruby Adler

via Instagram @rubyadler

Ruby is a model agent with Storm Management, where she has worked for around six years. Ruby and Reza first got together when Ruby was 16, and they have been on and off together for 10 years ever since. She was born on the 27th of May 1996, which means Ruby is 25-years-old.

Miles Nazaire

Age: 26

Made in Chelsea, cast, ages, how old, age, Miles Nazaire

via Instagram @milesjnazaire

Miles, who is half French, joined the cast in 2018. Since then, he’s been voted the best looking guy on the show ever. Not bad. His birthday is 12th December, 1995.

Fredrik Ferrier

Age: 32

Fredrik Ferrier

via Instagram @fredrikferrier

Fredrik was on Made in Chelsea from series one to four, and then again from series 12 to now. He is half English and half Icelandic and was born in Surrey but raised in Norway. He was born on May 16th 1989 so is 32.

Julius Cowdrey

Age: 28

Made in Chelsea, cast, ages, how old, age, Julius Cowdrey

via Instagram @jlcowdrey

Julius has just returned to Made in Chelsea. He was born in 1993 and has worked as a singer, songwriter and record producer.

Maeva D’Ascanio

Age: 28

Made in Chelsea, cast, ages, how old, age, Maeva D'Ascanio

via Instagram @maevadascanio

Maeva brings all the drama to Made in Chelsea. She was born in Paris, and joined the show in series 17. Her birthday is August 12th, which makes her a fire sign (shock).

James Taylor

Age: 26

James Taylor

via Instagram @jamestaylorldn

James went to Regent’s University London and studied Global Business Management from 2014-2018, achieving a 2:1. He joined Made in Chelsea in 2017 for season 14 and is now dating Maeva. James is 26 and was born on April 9th 1995.

Alex Mytton

Age: 30

Alex Mytton

via Instagram @alexmytton

Alex Mytton attended posh private school Lord Wandsworth College in Hampshire and then studied at Oxford Brookes. He’s been on the show since series five.

Paris Smith

Age: 22

Made in Chelsea, cast, ages, how old, age, Paris Smith

via Instagram @parissmithldn

Paris Smith is a model from London. She attended The Hampshire School in Chelsea before enrolling at The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. She went onto study at The Art Academy in London and completed her degree in Fine Arts in 2018.

Inga Valentiner

Age: 29

Inga Valentiner

via Instagram @i.valentiner

Inga joined Made in Chelsea this season and was introduced as Tiff Watson’s best friend. She’s previously spent four years in Bali and knew Miles and Julius.

Melissa Tattam

Age: 22

Made in Chelsea, cast, ages, how old, age, Melissa Tattam

via Instagram @melissatattam

Melissa joined the show in season 15, when she was 20-years-old. She had been dating fellow Made in Chelsea star Harry Baron, for three years, but recently she posted on Instagram saying she is single. The pair had their own clothing brand, Ambience The Label, together.

Sophie Habboo

Age: 28

Made in Chelsea, cast, ages, how old, age, Sophie Habboo

via Instagram @habboosophie

Sophie “Habbs” Habboo was born in October 1993 and joined Made in Chelsea when she was 23. Habbs was born in Warwickshire and went to Newcastle University.

Jamie Laing

Age: 33

Made in Chelsea, cast, ages, how old, age, Jamie Laing

via Instagram @jamielaing

For a long time, Jamie Laing has been the face of Made in Chelsea. But he’s recently announced he has left the show after 10 years. He said: “It’s a classic statement but I am stepping back 100 per cent. I love that show but also I’m 32 [at the time of the interview]. With a reality show you’ve got to really throw yourself into it and whatever I do I want to do it to my best ability and put my all into it and at the moment I can’t do that and I have other things I need to do.”

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