Meet Inga Valentiner: Tiff’s best friend and the newest face on Made in Chelsea

She joins the cast tonight

Tonight sees a new cast member join the group in Made in Chelsea, in the form of Tiffany Watson’s best friend Inga Valentiner.

In the last few seasons we’ve seen a lot of new cast members come and go, but Inga looks like she might actually bring a bit of drama, with a love triangle already playing out with the guys when she arrives.

So, to save you scrolling the internet trying to find out all about her, here’s everything you need to know about Inga, the new girl on Made in Chelsea.

via Instagram @i.valentiner

Inga is from London and has been living in Bali recently

Inga is currently living in London, and has a younger sister called Pia. She is introduced on the show as having lived in Bali for four years, where she lived with a group of girl friends.

Channel 4 announced her joining the show, and said: “A few new faces will also be making appearances this series including Tiff’s stunning friend Inga Valentiner, who has just returned from living in Bali.”

Inga Valentiner, Made in Chelsea, new, cast, Instagram, Bali

via Instagram @i.valentiner

She’s best friends with Tiff Watson

Inga has joined the cast as “Tiff’s best friend”, and Tiffany Watson is who brings her into the house and introduces her to everyone.

But Tiff isn’t the only Made in Chelsea girl who Inga seems to get along with. She’s been tagged in photos on Instagram hanging out in the Cotswolds manor with Sophie Hermann, and Habbs has commented on some of her photos too. Ollie Locke, Olivia Bentley, Paris Smith, Harvey Armstrong and a few other cast members follow her on Instagram. Maeva doesn’t, but are we surprised by that?

Inga Valentiner, Made in Chelsea, new, cast, Instagram, Tiffany Watson, Sophie Hermann

via Instagram @xxsophiehermannxx

And Inga seems to know some of the Made in Chelsea guys already too

By the looks of the teaser for the show, Inga knows a few of the guys from the cast, and it’s going to cause a bit of rivalry among them.

Inga met Julius about a year and a half ago in Bali and they kissed. Inga describes the night as “sweaty and messy” whereas Julius recalls it as “raunchy” and “really fun”. Inga also knows Miles, after meeting him online two years ago. They say they drank wine and spent the night together.

It then looks like two of them are going to be fighting for her affections, and the Made in Chelsea creators have also hinted on Twitter that there could be an Inga love triangle coming up in the series – so let’s get ready for the drama. 👀

She’s an artist

Inga Valentiner, Made in Chelsea, new, cast, Instagram

via Instagram

When she’s not living it up on the other side of the world or hanging out with south west London’s elite, Inga is an artist. She does custom designs and sketches, mainly to put on surfboards and canvases. She has also done some custom tattoo designs, and has an Instagram account to display her art work.

Inga has 3,500 followers on Instagram

Inga Valentiner, Made in Chelsea, new, cast, Instagram

via Instagram @i.valentiner

Inga already has 3.5k followers on Instagram, but the minute people see her on Made in Chelsea that’s set to rise. Inga’s Instagram is a bit of a vibe it has to be said, but I guess that’s easy when you’ve spent years in Bali and are good at art.

She always looks tanned, there are loads of beachy pics and wavy hair selfies, and every photo looks washed in those grainy brown Instagram story filters. You can follow her here. 

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