Introducing the filthy rich parents of the Made in Chelsea cast

You can finally put a face to all the ‘mummies and daddies’

Every time I sit and watch Made In Chelsea, I can't help but think to myself – how are these people just spending every day in coffee shops and going out for food? Do they not have jobs to go to? How are they so rich? What have their parents done to give them these lifestyles? But hold on, who are the parents of The Made In Chelsea cast?

If I had a pound for every time Louise Thompson referred to her mummy, or for each time someone told me Liv is the heir to Bentley Motors, I'd probably be able to afford an apartment in Chelsea too. Here are the parents of Made in Chelsea, and how they made their millions.

Karen Thompson

Parent of: Sam and Louise Thompson

Karen looks a LOT like Louise, and just like her daughter, spends a lot of time out for food and travelling the world. On one of Karen's Instagram posts, Louise commented "are you in France?" like it's normal for your mum to just to pop to France without you knowing.

Brigadier Rick Libbey

Parent of: Ryan Libbey

Rick Libbey is the dad of Louise Thompson's fiancé, Ryan Libbey. He is the most senior Army officer in Wales, making his official title Brigadier Rick Libbey. Ryan also has two brothers: Gareth and Adam. They work at KPMG and Bishopsgate Financial respectively and Ryan lives with Adam and a friend in Battersea, London.

Kevin and Kate Bentley

Parents of: Liv Bentley

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Olivia's parents on the show

Olivia's parents made a brief appearance on the show back in series 15 to discuss the make or break in Liv and Digby's relationship – they were pretty brutal.

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Who enjoyed tonight’s episode of Made in Chelsea ???

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The tabloids have come after Liv in the past, claiming she lied about being related to the founder of Bentley Motors. However she has confirmed she is the great-great-granddaughter of the founder. So money obviously runs in the family – Bentley Motors sold for £430 million.

Fiona Lygo and Clive Watson

Parents of: Lucy and Tiff Watson

Clive Watson, dad to Lucy Watson and Tiff Watson, is the reason the family are so rich. The Watson money (about £90 million of it) comes mainly from their father selling his pubs to Greene King.

In the late 1990s, he co-founded Tup Inns before making Capital Pub Company in 2001, he become their CEO in 2008. He sold Capital to Greene King for £70 million in 2011, and in 2012 set up City Pub Company with David Brice and John Roberts.

He is another MIC parent that has made a brief appearance on the show in the past.

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Clive on the show

Nicola Toffolo and Gary Bennett

Parents of: Georgia "Toff" Toffolo

Toff has taken to Instagram before to say how close she is with her mum Nicola. One of her Instagram picture captions reads: "Happy Mother’s day Mama thank you for being my partner in crime and making me die with laughter every day. Mother’s Day breakfast is served in my hotel room! I’m lucky to have so many ladies in my life who look after me too so thank you ? love u".

She isn't actually from a posh background, despite what her name would suggest, as her father Gary sells scrap metal for a living.

Nicholas Laing and Penny Baines

Parents of: Jamie Laing

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Just my parents killing it in the 80’s

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Jamie's great-grandfather was the founder of the McVities biscuit brand, so the money obviously runs in the family. Jamie also has two siblings, Alexander Laing and Emily Laing.

Patrique Habboo and Sarah Wigley

Parents of: Sophie "Habbs" Habboo

Sophie's dad, Patrique, is a company director of two London based businesses. Her mum Sarah is an ambassador for Protocol Health and Wellbeing – a nutrition, skincare and cosmetics brand that offer luxury products to “keep you looking great from the inside out”. She is also director of a property management company.

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Christmas shopping with madre ❤️

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Both of her parents have Instagram, her dad's Instagram profile picture is of himself and Sophie.

Sarah Wigley is another MIC parent that has appeared on the show before.

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Sarah and Habbs on the show

Georgina and Nigel Mackintosh

Parents of: Millie Mackintosh

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Like father like daughter ❤️

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Millie's great-great-grandfather was the self-proclaimed Toffee King – a Victorian entrepreneur who created Mackintosh’s, one of Britain’s best-loved companies. Her great-grandfather and his brother then invented Quality Street chocolate. Money has been in the family for a long time.

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Feeling refreshed after a family weekend ❤️

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Nigel and Georgina live in a £1.4million house in Bath and Millie describes her mum as "too glam for words".

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Muma mackintosh too glam for words ❤️

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Ross Dunlop and Sarah Rutherford

Parents of: Caggie Dunlop

Caggie says her mum Sarah is her "best friend" and her "everything", they're very close. Her family have lived in Fulham in a £1.3 million house, but that hasn't come without hard work. Her mother is a doctor and her father is a businessman.

The Taylors

Parents of: Hugo Taylor

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Sunday lunch with the family! ?

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Hugo is one of the wealthiest of the original MIC cast, making his money through his sunglasses company Taylor Morris, which he co-founded in 2013.

But this isn't his only source of money, Hugo's father is a Queen's Counsel, earning well over £250k a year – which would pay for the luxury house they have in Dubai. Hugo's mother works for the auction house Christies's.

John and Sarah Locke

Parents of: Ollie Locke

Ollie's social media is full of posts about his family, in particular his sister and his mum Sarah. Sarah is a former BBC Radio Solent DJ.

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