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Who is Sophie Habboo? The Made In Chelsea star and Newcastle Uni grad

She loved Waitrose obvs


Sophie Habboo joined Made in Chelsea last year with fellow Newcastle grad Clemmie Cuthbertson. 'Habbs', as she's known on the show, graduated from Newcastle in 2015 with a degree in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies.

A Chelsea golden girl, she's hit it off with Alex Mytton and her Instagram is TO DIE FOR. Having traded in the Toon for London town, we decided to catch up with Sophie and see what advice she has for us students.

What is being on MIC actually like!?

It's really fun!! At times I guess you naturally think 'oh maybe I don't want to let the whole world know about that', but in general it's such a laugh and we just have fun doing it!

And having your whole life filmed?

I settled in really quickly and once you get used to the cameras it's really just like going for brunch with your friends and having a genuine chat – you completely forget they are there.

Did you know any of the cast members previously?

I didn't really know any of them other than Frankie, so I guess that was what I was most nervous about, but I get on with everyone really well which makes all the difference.

How much of the filming is your real day to day life?

It's pretty much all what you see – we just get mic'd up and then the cameras roll – quite dangerous because you do really forget they're there!

Are you allowed to drink on set!?

Yes, you can drink on set which again is dangerous territory!

What reaction did you receive from your presence in the last series?

Really good feedback! I try stay away from Twitter because who wants to see negative comments, but all in all had such a great response which I'm so happy with!

Shag, Marry, Avoid: Jamie, Alex Mytton and Sam Thompson.

Haha, I would have to shag Myt, marry Jamie (purely for the endless amounts of sweets) and avoid Sammy T.

What are you up to at the moment when you're not filming for MIC?

I am filming quite a lot at the moment but other than that I see my friends a lot and have lots of events lined up for next couple of weeks!

You now have a huge Instagram following, just short of 40k followers – how do you take the perfect Instagram shot?

With great difficulty haha. Luckily my friend is a really good photographer and it helps when you have a good camera! But it's definitely not as easy as it looks!

How do you stay in shape?

I don't actually like the gym just because I hate the 10 minute walk in the FREEZING weather to get there, so I very lazily do a 20 min HIIT four or five times a week in my house! Body coach is my go to! I also try and eat really clean and healthily, just more so for a positive mind set and if I eat badly I feel sluggish.

We know you studied Media, Communications and Cultural Studies at Newcastle. What was your favourite thing about Newcastle as a student?

I mean what is not to love about Newcastle! Best three years ever. Jesmond was my favourite and the fact you couldn't go a minute without bumping into someone you know! I miss Blanc Tuesdays and just being able to go to Waitrose in your pyjamas!

Describe your uni experience in three words…

Crazy, AMAZING, challenging.

Which city do you prefer London or Newcastle?

That's very hard. I love them both but for different reasons. The locals and relaxed way of living in Newcastle and how friendly everyone is I miss, but London is my home and I am never bored of it, every day there's a fun new cool place to go and hang out/see.

Were you friends with fellow Newcastle grad and cast member Clemmie at Newcastle?

Yes me and Clemmie were in the same friendship group!

What do you miss most about the Toon?

I miss Jesmond most and living with my best friends in a house.

What was your fave night out in Newcastle?

Fave night out was Club Trop in freshers, but in third year it was definitely Feral!

Favourite bar?

Favourite bar would have to be Blanc just because you always knew you would see someone in there!

Where is your best Newcastle hang out spot?

We used to all hang out at each other's houses! My best friends had a huge balcony so we used to all sit out there with bean bags and have BBQs there.

Which halls were you in?

I was in Castle Leazes.

What level in the Robbo did you sit on and why!?

I sat on the second floor in second year and third floor on third year in the little private glasses area – just because that's where all my friends sat! Should have probably sat on my own and would have got a lot more work done haha.

Do you have any advice for students still studying at Newcastle?

My advice is – don't take any minute for granted! It's the only time in your life you'll be able to live with all your friends and be able to go out without that many responsibilities! It flies by and you miss it so much when you leave! But also take your work seriously – third year was my favourite year but also my most stressful and challenging. You have to remember you're there for a reason and going to lectures and keeping up to date on work is so important or it will all pile up and third year will be so scary! Find the right balance!

Finally – all important question…where and how did you drink your trebles?

We used to have a bar called Chase – not sure if it's still around or Mimos. I used to have lemonade and loads of lime cordial (grim) and I would sip it with great difficulty through a straw because I feel like you can't taste it as much with a straw! I definitely don't miss the trebles they were disgusting haha.

Answers from Sophie Habboo, staring in Made in Chelsea, represented by KMPR Publicity.

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