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Back in the day, Made in Chelsea used to be all about some of the most affluent people in London, parading about and being all rich. But since then a lot has changed – the old cast members are long gone and some of the newbies aren’t quite as well off as the literal aristocrats and heirs who used to be on the show. Some of the current cast as still obviously rolling in it, for example people like Olivia Bentley, Jamie Laing and Sophie Hermann literally ooze money. But what are all the net worths of the other Made in Chelsea stars?

The cast members reportedly make around £8,000 per season of the show, so they can’t be badly off. Some of the cast members have lots of family money, others have their own businesses and huge Instagram followings which can give them serious return on sponsored deals with brands.

Here are the net worths, that are known, of all of the current Made in Chelsea cast members.

Sam Thompson – £850,000 – £1million

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via Instagram @samthompsonuk

Sam Thompson’s net worth was last fully calculated in 2018, at £850,000. Since then, he’s done numerous brand deals and appeared on lots of TV shows, so his net worth is probably closer to £1million now.

Zara McDermott – £100,000

Made in Chelsea, net worths, current, cast, money, rich, list, fortune, heirs, worth, pay, Zara McDermott

via Instagram @zara_mcdermott

Zara McDermott first became famous after appearing on Love Island. Since then, she’s got up to 1.4million Instagram followers and has said she charges up to £3,000 for a brand to be featured on her page. She’s also signed up to Storm Models, all of which has helped her to build up a healthy net worth.

Jamie Laing – £2million

Made in Chelsea, net worths, current, cast, money, rich, list, fortune, heirs, worth, pay, Jamie Laing

via Instagram @jamielaing

Up until recently, it was believed that Jamie Laing was heir to a huge family fortune, £485million in case you’re wondering, as his grandad created McVitie’s biscuits and literally invented the digestive. However, recently Jamie has said he isn’t even heir to this, as his father Nicholas Laing is said to have sold his share in McVitie’s in the mid 90s. Jamie says he hasn’t seen a penny of the cash and doesn’t even know where it is, he doesn’t even get free biscuits!!

He said instead, his impressive net worth of £2million is purely off his own back, and through his own hard work. He’s been in countless TV shows, was on the last series of Strictly Come Dancing and has a vegan sweet business called Candy Kittens.

Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo – £3million

Made in Chelsea, net worths, current, cast, money, rich, list, fortune, heirs, worth, pay, Sophie Habboo, Habbs

via Instagram @habboosophie

If you follow Habbs on Instagram, you’ll realise she is a big one for sponsored posts. As well as this, she’s said to be from a very rich family. Her father is a director of two London companies and her mum is the director of property management company.

She’s also just launched her own jewellery collection and has an eco swimwear brand with her sister Georgia, called Gi Swim.

Sophie Hermann – £3.5 million

Sophie Hermann

via Instagram @xxsophiehermannxx

If it wasn’t already very clear from the vibe she gives off, Sophie Hermann is mega rich. She’s been in the show for six seasons and is a fashion designer in her own right. However, a lot of her money is old money. Heir to Mustang jeans, Sophie Hermann is the granddaughter of founder Luise Hermann. She’s also stepdaughter of famous German actress Uschi Glas. Fancy.

Ollie Locke – £7million

Ollie Locke

via Instagram @ollielockeworld

Ollie Locke is officially one of the richest names in UK reality TV – placing fifth in the 2020 reality TV rich list. He has a lot of property assests, including the £1.6million London home he is currently living in, which has helped give him the highest of all the net worths of the current Made in Chelsea cast.

Ollie appeared in 2014’s Celebrity Big Brother for a rumoured £100k, and then was paid £200k to go on Celebs Go Dating in 2018. As well as this, Ollie set up gay dating app, Chappy, in 2017 and sold that later in the same year for £1m. He can also charge up to £2,000 for an Instagram post and earned an estimated six figures for his bestselling autobiography, Laid In Chelsea.

Olivia Bentley – £600,000

Made in Chelsea, net worths, current, cast, money, rich, list, fortune, heirs, worth, pay, Olivia Bentley, Liv

via Instagram @oliviabentleyk

Olivia Bentley is another heir-in-question. Some reports say she’s heir to the actual Bentley motors, and is the great-great-great granddaughter of the founder of WO Bentley. She’s claimed that she is, the tabloids said she was lying, and others are convinced the members of the Bentley family she says she is related to didn’t even have children. Who knows. Either way, money is said to be in her family and she’s worth A LOT.

Tiff Watson – £500,000

Made in Chelsea, net worths, current, cast, money, rich, list, fortune, heirs, worth, pay, Tiffany Watson

via Instagram @tiffanyc_watson

Tiff Watson has a lot of money in her family, as the Watson sisters are heirs to their father’s pub business. Their dad Clive owns The Phene pub in Chelsea, and he has founded various other restaurant chains including Tup Inns, City Pub Company and the Capital Pub Company. He sold part of his pub empire to Greene King for an estimated £70million. The Watson money stands at around a £90million fortune –  all waiting for the girls.

Tiff is also the founder of Three Six Five, a vegan accessories brand.

Julius Cowdrey – £1million

via Instagram @jlcowdrey

Julius has just returned to Made in Chelsea, and has a reported net worth of around £1million. Julius has also made some of his money from his work as a singer, songwriter and record producer.

Verity Bowditch – £700,000

via Instagram @veritybowditch

According to Starsoffline, Verity has a net worth of around $1million (£700k). As well as appearing on the show, Verity has her own vegan food brand and runs a virtual pilates studio.

Emily Blackwell – £1million

Emily Blackwell, job

via Instagram @emily.blackwell_

Emily is estimated to be worth around £1million. Emily is a model and is also the director of her own lingerie company, UYC London. Emily also has a large Instagram following and can earn up to £​​880 per post from brands. She’s already collaborated with well-known brands such as The Perfume Shop, Isle of Paradise and Gilly Hicks.

Miles Nazaire – £700,000

via Instagram @milesjnazaire

Miles is thought to be worth around £700,000 from his TV career as well as modelling and social media work. He used to have his own YouTube channel about lifestyle, fitness and food, after he graduated from the Brit School with a degree in Broadcast Digital Communications. He also used have his own music production label called NuffSaid.

James Taylor – over £100,000

Made in Chelsea, net worths, current, cast, money, rich, list, fortune, heirs, worth, pay, James Taylor

via Instagram @jamestaylorldn

James is thought to have made a lot of money since he became a regular Made in Chelsea face. He makes a lot on Instagram and also models.

Tristan Phipps – hundreds of thousands

Made in Chelsea, net worths, current, cast, money, rich, list, fortune, heirs, worth, pay, Tristan Phipps

via Instagram @tristan.phipps

The net worth of Tristan Phipps isn’t exactly known, but it’s fair to say that at the moment he is making some serious bank. He’s been on the show for a while now, so has managed to make a decent amount of money from that, and has built up a substantial Instagram following. He can earn a good couple of hundred pounds per post he does for a brand.

Alex Mytton – £600,000

Alex Mytton, job, money

via Instagram @alexmytton

As well as being on Made in Chelsea, Alex is a DJ and producer and works with gin company Piston Distillery.

Mark-Francis Vandelli – £2million

Made in Chelsea, net worths, current, cast, money, rich, list, fortune, heirs, worth, pay, Mark-Frances Vandelli

via Instagram @markvandelli

We all know that Mark-Francis is possibly one of the poshest people to ever grace this planet, but how much money does he actually have in the bank? Well, Mark-Francis Vandelli Orlov-Romanovsky is heir to actual Russian royalty. His parents are Russian princess, Diane Boulting-Casserley Vandelli (millionaire socialite and Yves Saint-Laurent model in the ’70s and ’80s) and former Italian industrialist, Marzio Vandelli. He inherited some of his mother’s huge fortune and owns a French antiques business in Paris.

Victoria Baker-Harber – £1.5million

Victoria Baker-Harber

via Instagram @victoriabh

Mega posh Victoria Baker-Harber is back in MIC after having a baby in secret. She comes back to series to show of her little girl, Gaia-Grace, and to ask Mark-Francis to be a godparent. Victoria was educated at the London College of Fashion and also attended Business School. She is a swimwear designer, and is worth £1.5million.

Fredrik Ferrier – hundreds of thousands

Fredrik Ferrier

via Instagram @fredrikferrier

Fredrik’s net worth is another which is a bit of an enigma, a lot like he is. He’s the director and founder of GEIST, an international private art dealership and collection, plus he’s a model and musician.

Ruby Adler – £200k

via Instagram @rubyadler

Ruby is thought to be worth around £200k. She is a modelling agent, working for top Chelsea-based agency Storm. She has over 100k Instagram followers, so also makes a lot of money through branded deals.

We get it now, the net worths of all the Made in Chelsea cast confirm they’re all rich rich.

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