Jamie Laing has said he isn’t even the heir to the McVitie’s fortune

He says it was a ‘nice in’ to Made in Chelsea

Everything you know to be true may in fact be a lie, because Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing has just admitted he’s not even the heir to the McVitie’s fortune.

The family fortune, which is £485million in case you’re wondering, is from Jamie’s great-grandfather Sir Alexander Grant, who began the company. In 1982, Grant literally invented the digestive biscuit. But Jamie has now said he won’t get a look-in on the money. He told The Mirror: “I’m not heir to anything. People always talk about this, I don’t know where this has come from.

“I think at the beginning of Made in Chelsea, it was all about affluent people and it was a nice story for them. It is true my great-grandfather started McVitie’s, so it was a nice ‘in’.”

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Jamie’s father Nicholas Laing is said to have sold his share in McVitie’s in the mid 90s, and Jamie says he hasn’t seen a penny of the cash and doesn’t even know where it is. He added: “We sold the company a long time ago, but I don’t know where that money went. I haven’t seen any of it. It’s pretty upsetting. I’m hoping one day I find it. I don’t even get free biscuits.”

He said instead, his impressive net worth of £2million is purely off his own back, and through his own hard work. He’s been in countless TV shows, is currently starring in Strictly Come Dancing and has a vegetarian sweet business called Candy Kittens.

He added: “I’ve just got what I earn. Nothing else.”

Everything is a lie.

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