Where are the irrelevant Made in Chelsea cast now?

Nicola is married and Mimi has moved to The Bahamas


Made In Chelsea has seen a LOT of cast members since the show began in 2011. Some truly iconic: Millie Mackintosh, Spencer Matthews, Ollie Locke – need I say more.

But there’s also been a lot of forgettable cast members. Like, remember Amber Atherton? No you probably don’t, but she’s doing incredibly well since leaving the show after two seasons.

There’s a whole host of them that could be considered irrelevant. Maybe they went on a date with someone, or had a little bit of beef with one of the secondary characters. The thing is, no one really remembers their name.

However, they’ve still done pretty well out of their Made In Chelsea stint. Some have launched DJ careers and others have gone on First Dates (but no, not the celebrity one).

This is what the irrelevant Made In Chelsea cast members are up to now:

Agne Motiejunaite

via E4 Chelsea

Agne was the seriously fit intern Francis hired in season one. Obviously a Made In Chelsea internship is far different to the usual one of fetching tea and generally being ignored. Both Francis, aka her boss, and Fredrik were trying to get with Agne but she left after season one.

Now she’s married and has done some modelling in the last nine years including South African FHM and a campaign for Vision Express. Doesn’t get much cooler than that.

via Instagram @agnem_

Her Instagram is full of bougie travel pics of Italy, Dubai and the French Riviera.

Amber Atherton

via Instagram @amberatherton

Amber was literally on Made In Chelsea to promote her jewellery business “My Flash Trash”. Her only vaguely interesting story line was when she went on a date with Hugo, but that was probably enough as she spent from 8am to midnight working on her jewellery brand.

Since leaving Made In Chelsea, Amber worked on her jewellery brand, before selling it for a casual £2 million. She then founded the marketing platform company Zyper.

via Instagram @amberatherton

Amber was named one of Forbes 30 under 30 in 2016. Her Instagram is full of travel pics, business stuff and the occasional brunch with Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny in Harry Potter.

Funda Onal

Spencer dated and lived with Funda whilst being in love with Caggie. Spencer eventually broke up with Funda and she hasn’t really done much since.

She’s married to Scott Sullivan, who has dated both Katie Price and Caggie. Such a random mix of women. Funda and Scott have had a child together.

via Instagram @jameshaskell

Her Instagram is now private but according to her bio she’s become a bit yoga and wellness obsessed. Oh and she also hangs out with I’m a Celeb’s James Haskell from time to time.

Chloe Green

via Instagram @chloegreen5

Remember when Chloe Green was on Made In Chelsea and she was going out with Ollie Locke? And they both had the same hair. Wild.

Chloe left Made In Chelsea after her breakup with Ollie. Since departing Chloe has been busy living her bougie lifestyle and getting into a relationship with the “hot felon” Jeremy Meeks.

via Instagram @chloegreen5

The pair have split up but have a son Jayden who was born in May two years ago.

Kimberley Garner

via Instagram @kimberleygarner

Kimberley has always been mega fit and now she’s even fitter. She started off Made In Chelsea saying she was a virgin and caused a lot of drama with Binky, Cheska and Richard Dinan. However she was axed from the show after allegedly getting into a fight with fellow cast member Harriet Loder.

Since Made In Chelsea she’s been working on her swimwear brand Kimberley London and travelling the globe. Not jealous at all.

via Instagram @kimberleygarner

Natalie Joel

via Instagram @nataliejoel1

Oh sweet Natalie Joel who dated Hugo after he and Millie broke up. She was there for him at the end of the I’m A Celeb bridge and then they broke up.

Since she left Made In Chelsea she’s stayed mates with Lauren Hutton, who dated Spencer, clearly being jilted exes is a great friendship builder.

via Instagram @nataliejoel1

Natalie has been very quiet on Instagram in the last few years so not really sure what she’s up to.

Ashley James

via Instagram @ashleylouisejames

Ashley joined Made In Chelsea and went on a few dates with some of the Chelsea boys before being in a relationship with Ollie Locke. They broke up and Ashley left the show.

Since departing Ashley has clutched onto the Made In Chelsea fame and made a pretty decent career out of it.

She’s a DJ, has a logo T-shirt brand and is an influencer. She occasionally appears on panels for the Jeremy Vine show and Good Morning Britain. She also went on Celebrity Big Brother and dated Ginuwine for three months. Ashely also reportedly had a fling with David Walliams. Rogue I know.

Ashley has also dated Matt Richardson, who claimed she was always cheating on him.

via Instagram @ashleylouisejames

She’s now dating Tommy Andrews who works in tech. Ashley has been dating Tommy since October 2019 and he’s bought her a Cartier Trinity ring to represent their future together.

Ashley recent gave birth to their first child together a boy called Alfie.

Sam Cussins

via Instagram @samcussins

Sam Cussins was fit ok. He literally did nothing on Made In Chelsea apart from pie Cheska and look hot.

He stills hangs out with Stevie, looks like he goes on nice trips and according to his LinkedIn he’s working in Global Sport Sponsorship for booking.com. That’s it really.

via Instagram @samcussins

Fran Newman-Young

via Instagram @fran_newmanyoung

Fran’s main role in Made In Chelsea was helping Binky during her Alex Mytton break up, she was quite irrelevant and even so boring the producers allegedly sent her and Cheska home from New York as they weren’t entertaining enough. Savage.

Fran is now working in marketing for Daybreaker, a company who specialises in morning dance parties. She is naturally also an influencer, has a blog and apparently writes for Huffington Post. Although her last piece for the site was in 2017.

Fran has been with her boyfriend Peter Clarke for over four years and they recently got engaged on holiday. Her Instagram is very aesthetic and full of travel pics.

via Instagram @fran_newmanyoung

Olivia Newman-Young

via Instagram @olivianewmanyoung

Like her sister Olivia joined the show in 2013. Olivia’s only interesting storyline was her beef with Lucy Watson.

Now Olivia is working as a makeup artist and an influencer. Her most high profile client seems to be Nadine Coyle, as Olivia shares lots of behind the scenes pics of Nadine.

She also appeared on First Dates, (not the celeb one) in 2018. She was looking for an ‘Essex’ guy and ended up on a date with a guy who has a phobia of butter.

Richard Dinan

via Instagram @richarddinan

Richard really didn’t act like he wanted to be part of this show. But he hired Binky to be his assistant which was quite jokes, dated Kimberly, and Toff tried to have a relationship with him but he was too focused on his science.

Since leaving Made In Chelsea Richard has been working really hard on nuclear fusion, he’s even written a book about it.  Still has time to ski though.

via Instagram @richarddinan

Josh Shepherd

Josh joined Made In Chelsea and soon got into a relationship with Steph Pratt. Their relationship seemed like a legit pairing rather than just another reality coupling up. However they broke up in 2015 after he savagely dumped her out of the blue.

He left Made In Chelsea and judging by his Instagram bio picture it looks like he’s married to a woman with dark hair.

Um, also Josh is now a dad? According to his Instagram bio he is “Dad, Husband, bit of this bit of that”. Fair enough.

Lauren Frazer Hutton

Lauren was one of Spencer’s many girlfriends and was actually with him for more than a year, which is more than most of his exes can say.

Since leaving Made In Chelsea, Lauren set up a brand with Natalie Joel and reportedly dated Leonardo DiCaprio.

Nicola Hughes

via Instagram @nicolamhughes

Nicola was with Alex Mytton for what felt like ages before they eventually broke up. She left Made In Chelsea and said she felt “traumatised by the reality TV situation.” So she’s become an influencer instead.

Her Instagram is full of fashion and travel pictures. Nicola is now married to Charlie George having tied the knot in August 2021.

via Instagram @nicolamhughes

Emma Walsh

via Instagram @missemmawalsh

If you don’t remember Emma Walsh, she was in a love triangle with Spencer and Ollie. What a time to be alive.

Emma is a model and car fanatic. She’s presented radio shows and is a PT. Now that is a busy post-Made In Chelsea schedule.

via Instagram @missemmawalsh

Sam Harney

via Instagram @samharney

So Harney is the definition of an irrelevant Made In Chelsea cast member, all he did was fail to ask Steph Pratt out and was mates with JP.

Anyway since he left, he’s launched a fitness class app and a CBD oil for athletes.

Akin Solanke-Caulker

via Instagram @akin

Akin made headlines for being Made In Chelsea’s first black cast member but he was only on the show for two series.

Since leaving the show he’s carried on working for a sports agent and is now the company’s group CEO. He also looks like he hangs out with the rest of the old MIC cast like Sam Thompson and sports stars like Adam Peatty occasionally.

Julius Cowdrey

If you don’t remember Julius, he was the fit blonde guy going out with equally fit blonde Ella and was obsessed with his career as a ‘musician’. Well they’ve split up since they left Made In Chelsea and Julius is focusing on his music.

via Instagram @jlcowdrey

He even went on The Voice and NONE of the judges turned around for him. But they did say he had a nice voice. He’s released some music on YouTube.

Julius has recently returned to the show where he’s been stirring up drama and failing to hit on Sophie Hermann.

Daisy Robins

via Instagram @daisyrobins

Daisy did just two seasons on Made In Chelsea, during which time she made some great facial expressions and dated Charlie Mills.

Since leaving Made In Chelsea, Daisy has been on Ex On The Beach and had a fling with Lewis Bloor from TOWIE. I love a reality TV crossover.

She’s currently a radio presenter for a show in the Costa Del Sol, in Spain.

via Instagram @daisyrobins

Ella Wills

via Instagram @ellanicolawills

Ex-Edinburgh student Ella put her studies on hold to join Made In Chelsea. She dated Julius when on the show, but has since left and the pair have broken up.

Ella just looks like she’s been having a great time since leaving Made In Chelsea. Her Instagram is full of travel pics, she most recently went skiing.

via Instagram @ellanicolawills

Mimi Bouchard

Mimi definitely caused a stir when she had her short time on Made In Chelsea. Remember when she slept with Sam and had major beef with Tiffany over the whole veganism thing? Good times.

via Instagram @mimibouchard

Since leaving Made In Chelsea, Mimi has been focusing on her lifestyle website Mimibee and selling £28 body transformation plans. She also has a podcast about nearly everything under the sun.

Mimi is still in a relationship with the guy Ben she met on Made In Chelsea and they’ve randomly moved to The Bahamas.

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