Looking back at the most scandalous Made in Chelsea dramas, on and off screen



On and off screen drama seems to follow the privileged bronzed Made in Chelsea set everywhere. And since the show began over eight years ago a lot of scandalous behaviour has gone down. Cheating, arrests, drugs and fights, and that’s just Jamie Laing.

Who could forget when Victoria called Cheska a “fat fucking turkey”. When Millie slapped Spencer and shouted: “this is what you’ve fucking done to her.” When Spencer delivered this iconic line: “it’s fucking hard to respect you when you allow me to cheat on you.”

There’s been many a scandal over the years and we’ve compiled a list of the most dramatic moments to ever happen on the streets of SW3.

So settle in for a deep dive into the world of cheating, fails and full on shade.

Made In Chelsea Cast Scandal

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Spencer Matthews cheating on nearly every single girlfriend

There’s been a lot cheating through Made In Chelsea’s history, it’s essentially all the show is about and it all started with Spencer Matthews.

Spencer cheated on Louise Thompson, Steph Pratt, Lucy Watson and Lauren Hutton. Who could forget when he shouted at Louise by the Thames: “It’s fucking hard to respect you when you allow me to cheat on you.”

Alex and Spencer’s ORGY

In season seven back in 2014 Binky and Alex broke up because he cheated on her. This was obviously very sad but the real drama came a few weeks later when Binky discovered Alex had an orgy with Spencer and a number of women. He was supposed to be winning her back but thought ‘ah fuck that’ and had an orgy. Binky found out in the pub and confronted him and Spencer and slapped Alex. ICONIC.

Made in Chelsea scandal

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Jamie Laing toxic nightmare relationships with Frankie and Habbs

Honestly don’t know where to start with these car crashes of relationships. Jamie and Frankie were a constant cycle of cheating on each other (mainly Jamie) and getting back together and an endless supply of tears (mainly Frankie). A notable moment from their disaster relationship is when Jamie got with a girl on a ski trip and then went and slept with Frankie straight after. One of the random off screen moments of cheating was when Frankie kissed Dan Edgar from Towie. So rogue. She also went after Alex Mytton.

Jamie and Habbs are shockingly still together. They began dating last year, but whilst preparing for his Strictly appearance it came out Jamie had cheated on her with Rosie Mae. But they stayed together. It THEN came out during the recent Argentina trip Jamie had sent a girl on Instagram a flame emoji and Habbs got really upset. But shockingly or not really they’re still together.

When Louise Thompson did the most cliché thing and started shagging her personal trainer whilst still with Alik

Alik and Louise started dating all the way back in 2014 after the New York series of Made in Chelsea. He even moved over to London for her. Cute. But she started shagging Ryan while she was still with Alik. Then Steph Pratt tweeted this legendary tweet: “ugh no she was shagging her trainer since March…” confirming the entire affair.


Sam Thompson and Tiff Watson’s incessant cheating on each other – never forget when he fucked Mimi

Sam Thompson and Tiff Watson are almost as painful as Jamie and Frankie. They were stuck in a never ending cycle of cheating. First Sam kissed someone else on HER BIRTHDAY and Tiff rightfully dumped him.

They eventually got back together and in 2017 Tiff went on a trip to Hong Kong where she met a guy and in an incredibly awkward moment Sam was gushing about her family Tiff said: “So can we talk about how much your dad loved me?”

To which Tiff savagely responded: “I became close with someone else, I kissed someone.” He then dumped her.

They got back together but it didn’t last long and who could forget when he hooked up with Mimi. Sam literally kissed Mimi while Tiff was on FaceTime to the girls saying she was going to marry him. Classic.

Feuds and Betrayals

When Millie toasted to “friendship” after finding out about Hugo and Rosie

This was an iconic moment of British Television. Millie took to the stage at the end of the season two finale Gatsby party to toast to Rosie’s friendship after she discovered Rosie and Hugo had slept together. Millie and Rosie were best friends and Rosie completely lied to Millie about the affair.

Millie took the mic and announced to the whole crowd: “A second toast to my best friend Rosie for hooking up with Hugo Taylor when we were together and lying about it. Here’s to friendship.”

She followed this up by calling Rosie ‘disgusting’.

When Alex kissed Jamie’s ex Tara Keeney during the New York series 

In 2014 the New York series kicked off with a shocking revelation. Alex had got with Jamie’s ex and the ‘love of his life’ Tara Keeney.

Jamie learned from Spencer there were rumours Alex and Tara had kissed. Binky was in Central Park meeting up with Alex, Jamie then rocked up and confronted Alex about the allegations. Their argument was legendary in how pathetic it was. A lot of back and forth and both of them essentially revealing what shitty human beings they could be. With Alex making a million excuses and Jamie talking about how many times he’s lied for Alex.

Jamie leaves nearly in tears saying: “it’s fucking Tara.”

Oh and Binky interjected she thought Alex was a piece of ‘shit’.

When Victoria called Cheska a “fucking fat turkey”

Omg arguably the BEST moment from Made in Chelsea. This legendary line came up around the festive dinner table as Cheska and Lucy’s feud with Victoria and Sophie reached breaking point.

In the Christmas episode of season six, the girls started their insult match at the Bluebird Ice skating rink. Victoria naturally kicked off the disses by critiquing Cheska’s winter wardrobe saying: “You have ear muffs on like you’re working in a radio control tower.” And tbf she had a point. They were awful.

Victoria also went in on Lucy asking:”Why are you talking like you’re some hood rat ?!”

Lucy savagely responded: “Why are you dressed like a prostitute? You’re dressed like a really expensive prostitute!”

Victoria cooly replied: “Well at least I’m not a fucking cheap one!”

Their feud continued over the Christmas table with Victoria kicking it off saying the cheeseboard smelt as:  “bad as Lucy’s breath.”

Lucy then replied: “Do you even know what cheese tastes like? I don’t ever see you eat ever, you’re an anorexic.”

They then threw various insults until Victoria ended the argument with: “Stop opening your fucking fat mouth you fucking fat turkey!”

When Millie had enough of Spencer’s cheating on Louise and full on slapped him

At the end of season four, Millie had had quite enough of Spencer’s cheating on Louise.  The whole gang were together at a bar and Francis let Millie and Rosie know Spencer was seeing his ex girlfriend Funda. But because he was too chicken to say anything Francis felt the girls should tell Louise.

In an incredibly awkward moment Rosie and Millie went up to Spencer and Louise and confronted him. Rosie cringley said: “I think you owe Louise the truth.”

Classic Spencer denied the whole thing to the point of blaming it on the girls and Millie delivers the iconic slap and line: “this is what you’ve fucking done to her.”

Victoria vs Pro. Green

This was quite a rogue feud that obvs happened off camera, as Pro Green only appeared once on Made in Chelsea, in a very awkward scene dropping Millie off at a party.

Anyway. Back in the day when Millie was with Professor Green, following a scene where Victoria was bitching about Millie, Pro Green tweeted: “Did I just see a horse say it’d slap Millie?”

Victoria then replied: “I’m so offended by your eloquent manner. Sorry, do you need a dictionary for that?”

Pro Green commented: “You have a foul mouth and you have a foul mouth. That might take you a while to work of course being of the underclass I’d need a dictionary to understand a word which does not in any way apply to you. Amazing retort, incredible.”

Victoria made two more savage tweets: “Whoever is ignorant enough to think I could ever possibly be jealous of some girl who’s f****d half of London… Is WRONG!”

“It’s surprising you know what a horse looks like @professorgreen Not many of those roaming the hackney estates darling!”

She did eventually apologise.

When Cheska and Binky found Kimberley’s ex and she legit looked like she’d seen a ghost

Whilst we can all agree Made In Chelsea is 99 per cent staged, this moment Kimberley looked completely shell shocked and it made for great TV.

In season three Cheska and Binky found out Kimberley had been seeing Richard whilst still with her boyfriend Diego.

Cheska invites Diego to the highland fling they’re all going to and Kimberley looks stunned when her ex shows up. Like honestly about to faint in shock.

Diego then goes on about how she left him and how heartbroken he was. But the best bit about this moment is her pure shock.

made in chelsea scandalous

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All the ‘suspicious’ white powder

Liv Bentley was suspended from MIC 

After a video surfaced of Liv snorting a ‘suspicious’  white powder, she was suspended from the show. A spokesperson for Made in Chelsea at the time said: “Olivia has been suspended from the show pending an investigation.”

But less than a year later she was allowed back on the show.

made in chelsea scandalous

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Louise, Jamie and Binky spotted with ‘suspicious’ white powder (there’s a theme going on here) 

Back in the day when the cast did the New York summer series in 2014, Louise, Jamie and Binky posted a picture that included a table in front of them with a rolled up bank note and a line of white powder.

The picture was quickly removed, but not before going all over Twitter.

However Sam then got in on the action, claiming that is was his photo and his copyright and his lawyers demanded all copies of the picture be destroyed.

Louise said: “None of  us were aware of any drug-taking  at the party, never mind being involved. Had I had any knowledge that the photo had something in it which looked like drugs, I would obviously have never tweeted it.”

A spokesperson for Binky said: “Alexandra had absolutely nothing to do with drug-taking.”

Spencer leaving I’m A Celeb after three days for taking steroids 

Spencer had to leave the jungle in rather embarrassing fashion, after admitting to the producers that he was taking a ‘steroid based medication’  and didn’t want to go cold turkey on TV and so had to requested to carry on with the course of drugs.

The producers decided it wouldn’t be safe for him to stay and so he had to leave the show.

made in chelsea scandalous

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Posh people saying and doing stupid shit

Charlie Mills making a rape joke

Charlie came under fire for posting a video to his Instagram story where he said: “This is our sexy bitch who we are going to fucking rape tonight.”

His delightful comment was made about a girl he was in a taxi with.

He apologised afterwards and said to the MailOnline :”I made a truly tasteless comment. What I said was unacceptable, and I sincerely apologise for the offence caused by my childish and insensitive remark.”

He added: “Also, it was obviously a drunken comment. I have enormous respect for all women.”

made in chelsea scandalous

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Ryan Libbey using a terrorist act to promote clothing 

Ryan took to Instagram to send what he thought was a heartfelt message about the 2017 London bridge terror attack.

In the post he wrote: “My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the attacks on our capital last night. These acts of terror are disgusting and I can’t comprehend how any human out there has the capability to cause such damage, upset and pain to a nation, a city, a person, a family, a child, to a beautiful world.

“We should all stand together, show strength, and look after one another. Hold those closet to you a little closer and stay safe.”

Whilst his words were lovely, he used a picture of himself posing and tagged all the brands he was wearing. Prompting a LOT of people to get pissed off and claiming he was using the tragedy as a form of promotion.

He later apologised in an Instagram video and said: “I just wanted to apologise efficiently for what was a clumsy post on my Instagram over the weekend I really didn’t mean to cause upset or offence. Quite simply it was a clumsy choice of photo from myself and I shouldn’t have tagged any brands.”

Melissa Tattam claiming a size 10 is large

Melissa appeared on Heart radio to promote her bikini range. She was questioned by interviewers as to the sizing of the products where it was pointed out she has a size 10 labelled as a large.

Melissa’s questionable response was: “The sizing? It’s just the way that I did it.

“I started off the range as a petite range because I’m a very small and I wanted to cater to that.

“There are lots of other brands that cater to larger sizes.”

made in chelsea scandalous

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The interviewer then asked her: “Can you see how people would look at that and maybe feel offended or be bigger than they are?

“I would say 8-10 is a small.”

Melissa replied with: “To me a size 4 or a 6 is an extra small, do you know what I mean?

“I was a very small company to start with so I couldn’t make a lot of sizes.” Her bikinis are also sold at £160.

Louise Thompson calling her book body positive 

Louise decided to move past her bed and bar hopping past and to focus on fitness and making her career as an influencer. She announced she was bringing a book out about her journey and promised loads of helpful tips for readers to transform their bodies. The initial title was ‘Body Positive’.

She received loads of backlash about the title as many claimed it went against the whole meaning of the body positivity movement.

The book never came out with the title and was subsequently changed to ‘Live Well with Louise’.

Charlie Mills arrested for drunk driving after he called the police ON HIMSELF

Two years ago banker Charlie was banned from driving for 18 months after calling the police on HIMSELF as he’d downed four gin and tonics and then fell out of his Range Rover. Yes, that is the poshest sentence I’ve ever written.

He rang 101 and then when the police turned up he said: “I fell out of the car with my phone and I really fucking hurt my head there. I called your 101 people.”

He was also fined £1,100 and had to pay an £110 victim surcharge and £85 in costs.

Jamie arrested on a train for talking too loudly

All the way back in 2014 Jamie was arrested on the Leeds to London train after refusing to stop talking in the quiet carriage.

The British transport police boarded the train at Peterborough station. Jamie refused to give any of his details and was subsequently taken to a nearby police station for questioning.

He was allowed back on the train and given a police caution at Kings Cross station. Jamie tweeted after the arrest it was: “one of the worst I’ve had, but you can only appreciate the good when you’ve experienced the bad.”

made in chelsea scandalous

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