Can we all just accept that Made in Chelsea stars probably love coke and move on with our lives?

Let them live

Think of the poshest person you know. They have three or four names, they once invited you to their ‘other’ house for the summer, they’re inexplicably tanned year-round. Now think of the last night out you had with that person. What did they do? It was coke, wasn’t it?

Young rich people like coke, because it’s an easy way to have a good night. This is a fact of life, and one that we conveniently forget every time a reality TV star is pictured on the front of The Sun or The Daily Star, hunched over three or four lines of white powder at a shit after-party with DRUG SHAME SHOCKER emblazoned over their grainy photo.

The latest for this treatment is Olivia Bentley, one of Made in Chelsea’s newbies, who was filmed at a party “brazenly” snorting lines of an unconfirmed substance while boasting: “I’m on a TV show so people write shit all the time. I quite like reading the articles.” Another person at the party told The Sun: “There were about 30 people there. Because it was in Chelsea, her stomping ground, she knew most of them.

“But there were people she didn’t know. I was shocked she’d do drugs in front of them.”

Are any of us really though? Most of the people sharing the story with fake-affront have surely opened the wrong door at some point at a party themselves to have it slammed in their faces by a group of possessive cokeheads telling them to fuck off somewhere else and get their own.

Olivia Bentley is 21 years old. She was at a party in her own neighbourhood, with people she probably considered friends. I’m not saying the stuff she said wasn’t cringe, or that she wasn’t a little bit OTT (she could have at least gone to the bathroom), but someone being a dick at a party is fodder for bitchy WhatsApp group chat debriefs the next day, it’s hardly front page news.

Before Olivia it was Spencer and his roid-addiction, and before that it was a similar tale to Olivia, with Spenny pictured by The Sun snorting lines of coke off a DVD case. Every time it happens we collectively roll our eyes and pretend to believe them, and then we all go back to watching after we’ve tskd lightly at them, pretending to think that their hungover brunches where they say they can’t remember the night before is all because of too much Prosecco and nothing else.

Let’s be honest, MIC stars are dancing monkeys, there to entertain us mere mortals who will never be part of the slightly-cringe West London set. Nobody watches Made In Chelsea because they want to participate in faux-moral outrage, they do it because they like escapism and light entertainment. We could all enjoy that a lot more if we accept that their showdowns and boat parties and lowkey angst are probably fuelled by more than champagne, and that’s fine tbh.

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